pnpm - Fast, disk space efficient package manager

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Fast, disk space efficient package manager


@types/byline : ^4.2.31
@types/common-tags : ^1.2.5
@types/load-json-file : ^2.0.5
@types/node : 8.0.26
@types/nopt : ^3.0.29
@types/npm : ^2.0.28
@types/ramda : ^0.24.1
@types/update-notifier : ^1.0.0
byline : ^5.0.0
camelcase : ^4.1.0
common-tags : ^1.4.0
cross-spawn : ^5.0.0
graceful-fs : ^4.1.11
is-ci : ^1.0.10
load-json-file : ^3.0.0
loud-rejection : ^1.6.0
nopt : ^4.0.1
npm : ^5.0.2
path-name : ^1.0.0
pnpm-default-reporter : ^0.9.1
pnpm-file-reporter : ^0.0.1
pnpm-list : ^1.0.0
pnpm-logger : ^0.6.1
ramda : ^0.24.1
supi : ^0.2.20
update-notifier : ^2.1.0



Related Projects

corepack - Zero-runtime-dependency package acting as bridge between Node projects and their package managers

  •    TypeScript

Corepack is a zero-runtime-dependency Node script that acts as a bridge between Node projects and the package managers they are intended to be used with during development. In practical terms, Corepack will let you use Yarn and pnpm without having to install them - just like what currently happens with npm, which is shipped by Node by default. Important: At the moment, Corepack only covers Yarn and pnpm. Given that we have little control on the npm project, we prefer to focus on the Yarn and pnpm use cases. As a result, Corepack doesn't have any effect at all on the way you use npm.

ni - 💡 Use the right package manager

  •    TypeScript

if the corresponding node manager is not present, this command will install it globally along the way. Before it runs, it will detect your yarn.lock / pnpm-lock.yaml / package-lock.json to know current package manager, and runs the corresponding commands.

yarn - Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management

  •    Javascript

Yarn is fast, reliable, and secure dependency management. Yarn caches every package it has downloaded, so it never needs to download the same package again. It also does almost everything concurrently to maximize resource utilization. This means even faster installs.

ultra - JavaScript package manager

  •    TypeScript

🚧 This project still in an early stage of development, for now you should only use it to test it. ULTRA uses the same installation system as PNPM, fetch dependency, download dependency. Without waiting for the rest of the dependencies.

shrinkpack - Fast, resilient, reproducible builds with npm install.

  •    Javascript

Shrinkpack complements the npm shrinkwrap command by maintaining a node_shrinkwrap directory in your project, containing the exact same tarballs that npm install downloads from The rest of the npm install process is exactly the same. The only difference is that no network activity is necessary when installing and building your project. The node_shrinkwrap directory can be ignored in your editor (much like is done with the node_modules directory) but is instead checked into source control.

patch-package - Fix broken node modules with no fuss 📦👌

  •    TypeScript

patch-package lets app authors instantly make and keep fixes to npm dependencies. It's a vital band-aid for those of us living on the bleeding edge. Patches created by patch-package are automatically and gracefully applied when you use npm(>=5) or yarn.

luna - NPM Package manager through a modern UI

  •    Javascript

Luna is a management tool for developers to organize npm packages. You can install, view, update, uninstall your npm global packages or manage your packages from a local directory.

Paket - A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and Git repositories.

  •    F#

A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and git repositories.NuGet does not separate out the concept of transitive dependencies. If you install a package into your project and that package has further dependencies then all transitive packages are included in the packages.config. There is no way to tell which packages are only transitive dependencies.

cli - a package manager for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is just enough info to get you up and running. Much more info will be available via npm help once it's installed.

ied - :package: Like npm, but faster - an alternative package manager for Node

  •    Javascript

An alternative package manager for Node. Concurrent Installations - ied installs sub-dependencies in parallel. This means that the download of a dependency might have been completed before that of its parent or any of its siblings even started.

npm-check-updates - Find newer versions of package dependencies than what your package

  •    Javascript

npm-check-updates upgrades your package.json dependencies to the latest versions, ignoring specified versions. npm-check-updates maintains your existing semantic versioning policies, i.e., it will upgrade your "express": "^4.0.0" dependency to "express": "^5.0.0".

dependency-check - checks which modules you have used in your code and then makes sure they are listed as dependencies in your package

  •    Javascript

the goal of this module is to simply check that all non-relative modules that get require()'d are in package.json, which prevents people from getting 'module not found' errors when they install your module that has missing deps which was accidentally published to NPM (happened to me all the time, hence the impetus to write this module).

linklocal - Install local dependencies as symlinks.

  •    Javascript

linklocal is a development tool that reduces overheads of breaking your application into small packages. It gives you more expressive power than simple files and folders, yet requires far less overhead than versioning and publishing packages to a local private registry.Requires npm 2.0.0 and above in order for npm to recognise local paths as dependencies.

Julia.jl - Curated decibans of Julia language.

  •    Julia

Julia.jl aggregates and curates decibans of knowledge resources for programming in Julia, an all-purpose programming language that addresses the needs of high-performance numerical analysis and computational science. For Base packages, check if the package you seek is listed in the built-in package manager on github, or check METADATA for registered Julia packages, then use the built-in package manager to install it after checking the requirements for respective versions. Pkg3.jl is an alpha next-generation package manager for Julia that creates a Manifest.toml file that records the exact versions of each dependency and their transitive dependencies.

goop - A simple dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler.

  •    Go

A dependency manager for Go (golang), inspired by Bundler. It is different from other dependency managers in that it does not force you to mess with your GOPATH. Run goop install. This will install packages inside a subdirectory called .vendor and create Goopfile.lock, recording exact versions used for each package and its dependencies. Subsequent goop install runs will ignore Goopfile and install the versions specified in Goopfile.lock. You should check this file in to your source version control. It's a good idea to add .vendor to your version control system's ignore settings (e.g. .gitignore).

nodist - [LOOKING FOR A MAINTAINER :) ] Natural node.js and npm version manager for windows.

  •    Javascript

A node.js and npm version manager for the windows folks out there. Inspired by n. And nodenv. Nodist was designed to replace any existing node.js installation, so if node is already installed on your machine, uninstall it first.

luarocks - LuaRocks is the package manager for the Lua programming language.

  •    Lua

A package manager for Lua modules. It allows you to install Lua modules as self-contained packages called rocks, which also contain version dependency information. This information can be used both during installation, so that when one rock is requested all rocks it depends on are installed as well, and also optionally at run time, so that when a module is required, the correct version is loaded. LuaRocks supports both local and remote repositories, and multiple local rocks trees. You can download and install LuaRocks on Unix and Windows.

composer - Dependency Manager for PHP

  •    PHP

Composer helps you declare, manage, and install dependencies of PHP projects. See for more information and documentation.

Poetry: Dependency Management for Python

  •    Python

Poetry helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of Python projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere. poetry is a tool to handle dependency installation as well as building and packaging of Python packages. It only needs one file to do all of that: the new, standardized pyproject.toml.

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