PMU Connection Tester

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Verifies that the data stream from a synchrophasor measurement device is being received. Supports most all streaming synchrophasor data protocols.



Related Projects

The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

The openPDC is a complete Phasor Data Concentrator designed to sort, process and archive streaming time-series data in real-time.

iPDC - Free Phasor Data Concentrator

iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator based on IEEEC37.118 synchrophasor standard. It also has Database Server for iPDC and PMU Simulator modules.


OpenPMU is a platform for the research, development and education of Synchrophasor technology.

fnet - FNET port for chibios

FNET port for chibios

libPhasor: Phasor library for engineering

Library that exposes a phasor class. It overloads the basic operators so computations could be done on the phasor objects. Useful to students and engineers. Based off my Matlab class and ported to C#. I hope it will be found useful by others in the engineering community.

BPA - BPA - Better Programming Assistance

BPA - Better Programming Assistance

Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU

The GridTrak Open Source SynchroPhasor PMU Project provides resources that enable you to build your own SynchroPhasor sensor for use with the openPDC project, research, development, or electric grid observation.

pmu - Python PMU location algorithm

Python PMU location algorithm

gkrellm-pmu - PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

PMU Plugin for Gkrellm 2.0

pmu-tools - Intel PMU profiling tools

Intel PMU profiling tools

FNET - Embedded TCP/IP Stack

The FNET TCP/IP stack is a free, open source, dual TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 Stack for building an embedded communication software on 32bit MCUs.

Synchrophasor Analytics

Synchrophasor Analytics is a front end data processing and conditioning for downstream phasor based applications and an extension for development and analysis.

jphasor - Phasor Diagram Creator

Phasor Diagram Creator

Business Process Automation (BPA)

BPA is a project initiative to develop an ERP which will integrate with work flow of an organization. It is build on the concept that all business process is initiated through a request and it is processed in organizational hierarchy.

BPASafe - My sister's Girl Scouts project on BPA (content by her, design by me)

My sister's Girl Scouts project on BPA (content by her, design by me)

10Bit - BPA Project

BPA Project

bpafb - bpa facebook app

bpa facebook app

rdtn - A DTN Bundle Protocol Agent (BPA) implemented in Ruby

A DTN Bundle Protocol Agent (BPA) implemented in Ruby