quickstart - Get up and running with Plaid Link and the API in minutes

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This repository accompanies Plaid's quickstart guide.




Related Projects

plaid - An Android app which provides design news & inspiration as well as being an example of implementing material design

  •    Java

Rewriting Plaid using Android Architecture Components, in Kotlin. 👍 Comments and new issues created are welcomed.

ElasticDragDismissLayout - Standard ViewGroups which responds to nested scrolls to create drag-dismissable layouts

  •    Java

Standard ViewGroups which responds to nested scrolls to create drag-dismissable layouts. Original code taken from Plaid and made backwards compatible. In addition, you will probably want to have your new activity have a theme that allows for transparency. See styles.xml for an example.

build-your-own-mint - Build your own personal finance analytics using Plaid, Google Sheets and CircleCI

  •    HTML

All this repo does is talk to Plaid/Google APIs and write tokens to your local file system. If you don't feel safe entering real bank credentials, audit the code yourself to make sure. This project uses Node.js. Run npm install in the repo root to install necessary dependencies.

Android-DragDismissActivity - A smooth, easy-to-implement, drag to dismiss Android Activity.

  •    Java

Another implementation of the drag-to-dismiss Activity pattern. This one is inspired by Nick Butcher's Plaid implementation. The project has a simple API and is a pretty powerful and beautiful implementation of the pattern. This library is used in some of my apps (Talon for Twitter and Pulse SMS). It has been abstracted from Jacob Klinker and I's article-android library, which is an awesome readability style in-app web browser.

Morphing-Material-Dialogs - Material dialog :heart: morphing animation

  •    Java

A library for fab-to-dialog morphing (as in Nick Butcher's Plaid) with Aidan Follestad's Material Dialogs. This library mirror's a subset of afollestad/material-dialogs API.

Mango - 🏀 An Android app for dribbble.com

  •    Kotlin

Mango is an Android application for Dribbble. Inspired by Resplash, Plaid and Protein.Open the Mango/ directory in Android Studio.

formio - The combined Form and API platform for Serverless Applications.

  •    Javascript

Form.io is a revolutionary combined Form and API platform for Serverless applications. This repository serves as the core Form and API engine for https://form.io. This system allows you to build "serverless" data management applications using a simple drag-and-drop form builder interface. These forms can then easily be embedded within your Angular.js and React applications using the <formio> HTML element. Here is a link to a demo of the Form Building and Form Rendering capability that can be hooked into this API platform.

drive-android-quickstart - [MOVED] Quickstart application showing the Google Drive API for Android

  •    Java

This application provides a single activity designed to get you up and running with the Google Drive API for Android.


  •    Javascript

This quickstart is under active development and hasn't yet reached its final form. It may not be fully compatible with current versions of Angular.

script-lab-2017 - [Archived

  •    Javascript

IMPORTANT: A newer version of Script Lab, re-built from the ground up using React in late 2018, is now available at https://github.com/officedev/script-lab. This older 2017 version is now mostly for archival purposes. See this link for more info. Experiment with the Office JavaScript API without ever leaving Excel, Word, or PowerPoint! Get Script Lab for free, from the Office Store.

vip-quickstart - Retired

  •    PHP

Note: VIP Quickstart is deprecated as of March 13, 2017. Support for Quickstart ends April 21, 2017. For new environments, we recommend using Chassis or VVV as detailed in the Local Environment documentation.For full Quickstart documentation, see http://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/quickstart/.

linkinator - 🐿 Scurry around your site and find all those broken links.

  •    TypeScript

A super simple site crawler and broken link checker. Not into the whole node.js or npm thing? You can also download a standalone binary that bundles node, linkinator, and anything else you need. See releases.

perspectiveapi - Perspective is an API that uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation


The Perspective API is part of the Conversation AI research effort that aims to help increase empathy, participation and quality in online conversation at scale. This github repository contains a quickstart guide and the API reference documentation for the Perspective Comment Analyzer API.

broken-link-checker - Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML.

  •    Javascript

Find broken links, missing images, etc in your HTML. Node.js >= 0.10 is required; < 4.0 will need Promise and Object.assign polyfills.

aws-cognito-angular-quickstart - An AngularV4-based QuickStart web app utilizing Amazon Cognito, S3, and DynamoDB (serverless architecture)

  •    TypeScript

This sample application can be deployed to either Elastic Beanstalk or S3. S3 will host this application as a static site while Elastic Beanstalk gives you the capability of adding backend operations to the application.createResources.sh requires your aws cli to be configured for JSON output.

Jirafeau - One Click File Sharing

  •    PHP

Jirafeau is a "one-click-filesharing": Select your file, upload, share a link. That's it.

alexa-assistant - Implementation of the Google Assistant SDK as an Alexa skill

  •    Javascript

The skill is hosted on AWS which is an Amazon service. The usage of this skill is free for many thousands of requests however Amazon still require a credit card incase you start using their services beyond the free limits. Your credit card details stay with Amazon - neither I nor any other developers can access them. If you wish to reproduce the installation instructions hosted on your own website (I really wish you wouldn't as it makes my life very difficult to support and update the skill) then you may do so and link to my Cloudformation template (and consequently the zips on my S3 buckets) provided that there is no monetisation on the page e.g. adverts. If you do wish to have monetisation then you will need to create your own instructions and host your own Cloudformation template and associated zip files.

Kutt - Free Modern URL Shortener

  •    Javascript

Kutt is a modern URL shortener with support for custom domains. Shorten URLs, manage your links and view the click rate statistics.

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