Lessons in PivotViewer

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The Silverlight PivotViewer is a great control with a great deal of potential. However, there are a lot of questions on how to use and customize the PivotViewer. This project will attempt to answer those questions by providing a series of lessons on the PivotViewer.




Related Projects

LobsterPot HTML5 PivotViewer

The LobsterPot HTML5 PivotViewer is a cross browser, cross platform version of the Silverlight PivotViewer control produced by Microsoft. The control has been written as jQuery plug-in and utilises features available in HTML5.

pivotviewer.py - Tools to create PivotViewer collections in Python.

Tools to create PivotViewer collections in Python.


The Pivotviewer Module for Drupal allows users to include a Silverlight PivotViewer control in their content pages like Articles and Basic Pages

DeepZoom Pivot Constructor

Library to make building DeepZoom images and PivotViewer collections simpler.

Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

This sample code shows how you can host Silverlight Pivot Viewer in Windows Azure Web Role. You just need to create Pivot Viewer CXML and folders using PivitViewer control and use this sample code to host it inside the Windows Azure Web Role.

Pivot Viewer for SharePoint

Pivot Viewer for sharepoint est une solution SharePoint qui permet de rendre les items d'une liste dans le controle Pivot Viewer Silverlight. Pour cela il suffit juste de selectionner la liste que vous voulez rendre dans le Silverlight Pivot Viewer