Pipeline Style Programming in C#. Inspired by F#.

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Add F# pipelining like capabilities to your C# code and increase your functional programming experience. Can be ported to be used in Java too.




Related Projects

pipeline - Functional operators for Swift

Functional operators for Swift

sweetjs-pipeline - Naturally expressive functional composition

Naturally expressive functional composition


EuCAP is a web based tool and pipeline to that facilitates the submission of functional and structural community annotation to a genome annotation project.


Aqueduct is a framework for analyzing large data sets by composing small functional building blocks into complex pipeline graphs that are processed as streams.

samsara - Reactive layout for user interfaces

SamsaraJS is a functional reactive library for animating layout. It provides a language for positioning, orienting and sizing DOM elements and animating these properties over time. Everything in SamsaraJS — from the user input to the rendering pipeline — is a stream. Building a user interface becomes the art of composing streams.


Metagenomic functional annotation pipeline, used within the Human Microbiome Project


Smach is an open-source Scala library designed to support creation of functional, composable, streamable and recoverable state machines. Smach state machines can be composed together to form larger state machines or connected together to form a processing pipeline plan that can be run to produce a final value. Smach state machines also support a generic error recovery system (by way of the Halted state) that may be used to report errors encountered during processing by any composed or connected


Autopiper is a pipeline synthesis tool that understands high-level constructs and allows for automatic pipelining and automatic inference of low-level microarchitectural 'plumbing' in RTL (Verilog). It has well-defined semantics that allow for easier reasoning about digital systems at the level of functional state, and allow leeway for formal transforms to produce correct high-performance implementations.Autopiper is a research project -- this may or may not work! -- and is intended for now more as a developed-in-the-open toy than a serious tool.


In this tutorial you will deploy a fully-functional implementation of the automated image building pipeline described in the Automated Image Builds with Jenkins, Packer, and Kubernetes solution paper.If you follow these instructions exactly, you will deploy (2) g1-small GCE instances and a network load balancer, all resources that are billed for. It is very important that you follow the instructions to turn down the cluster if you do not want to continue to be billed for these resources. This calculator quote provides an estimate of the monthly cost of the resources provisioned in this example.

perl-Pipeline - Pipeline - generic pipeline interface

Pipeline - generic pipeline interface

ios-twitter-image-pipeline - Twitter Image Pipeline is a robust and performant image loading and caching framework for iOS clients

The Twitter Image Pipeline is a streamlined framework for fetching and storing images in an application. The high level concept is that all requests to fetch or store an image go through an image pipeline which encapsulates the work of checking the in memory caches and an on disk cache before retrieving the image from over the network as well as keeping the caches both up to date and pruned.Twitter Image Pipeline came to fruition as numerous needs rose out of Twitter for iOS use cases. The system for image loading prior to TIP was fragile and inefficient with some severe edge cases. Designing a new framework from the ground up to holistically approach the need for loading images was the best route and led to TIP.

BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard

A project meant to ease to development of pipeline components used within a BizTalk Server environment. Supports both C# and VB.NET

pipeline - Compose I/O pipeline

Pipeline allows you to compose a pipeline of io.Reader or io.Writer, allowing you to process data easily.

pipeline - Application Security Automation Pipeline

Pipeline is a framework for running a series of tools. Generally, it is intended as a backbone for automating a security analysis pipeline of tools.

terraform - A foolproof asset pipeline (built for the Harp Asset Pipeline Framework).

A foolproof asset pipeline (built for the Harp Asset Pipeline Framework).

PipelineParser - Experimental pipeline parser for GStreamer like pipeline sintax.

Experimental pipeline parser for GStreamer like pipeline sintax.

conduit-threadpool - async pipeline execution, threadpool backed pipeline execution

async pipeline execution, threadpool backed pipeline execution

jenkins-os - Groovy pipeline jobs that build and test Container Linux with Jenkins

The Jenkins jobs that build and test Container Linux are implemented as Pipeline projects. The Groovy code that defines these jobs, the initialization procedure, and utility library functions is found here.Each Container Linux build starts from the os/manifest job with a manifest defined in a Git repository. Jenkins takes one of these manifests, possibly modifies it for development builds, and uploads the final version to a Git repository of build manifests.


pipeline is a tool to help with quick iteration on complex shell pipelines.Pipe some data into pipeline, and edit your pipeline while watching the output in real time. When you're satisfied, hit return to have its output piped to the next stage. Or, hit ctrl-c or escape to cancel and exit 1 with no output.

pipeline - League\Pipeline

This package provides a pipeline pattern implementation.The pipeline pattern allows you to easily compose sequential stages by chaining stages.