php-ref - php-ref - PHP 7 extension that adds Soft and Weak references support to PHP

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I'm moving away from PHP world and all my PHP projects going to be abandoned too. Abandoning this project too as I have no intent to continue working on it unless there would be strong request from community and commercial interest. No more updates or documentation will be made. If someone is interested, feels free to contact me using email specified in my GitHub profile. This extension adds Soft Reference and Weak References to PHP 7 and may serve as a ground for other data structures that require advanced referencing model.



Related Projects

Caffeine - A high performance caching library for Java 8

  •    Java

Caffeine is a high performance, near optimal caching library based on Java 8. It provides an in-memory cache using a Google Guava inspired API.

MAZeroingWeakRef - Zeroing weak references for retain/release Objective-C

  •    Objective-C

MAZeroingWeakRef is a library for using zeroing weak references in retain/release Cocoa and Cocoa Touch code. These are references which do not keep an object alive, and which automatically become nil once the object is destroyed. MAZeroingWeakRef does not work under Cocoa garbage collection. The built-in __weak specifier exists for that, although it is used somewhat differently.

Essentials - General purpose utilities and hash functions for Android and Java (aka java-common)

  •    Java

Essentials are a collection of general-purpose classes we found useful in many occasions. This project is bare bones compared to a rich menu offered by Guava or Apache Commons. Essentials is not a framework, it's rather a small set of utilities to make Java standard approaches more convenient or more efficient.


  •    PHP

MyPHPBib is a web application for managing bibliographic references. It can import references in several formats (e.g., EndNote and RIS), as well as importing references directly from PubMed. MyPHPBib is written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database.

org-ref - org-mode modules for citations, cross-references, bibliographies in org-mode and useful bibtex tools to go with it

  •    Emacs

Introduction to org-ref on YouTube. Here are some annotated images of basic insertion of citations in org-mode.

awesome-android-complete-reference - Awesome Android references for everything like best practices, performance optimization, etc

  •    Java

A curated list of Android Complete References at one place. A complete reference for android developers. Here you can find references about everything you use while Android Development. To the extent possible under law, Amit Shekhar has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

ddia-references - Literature references for “Designing Data-Intensive Applications”


This repository accompanies the book Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann, published by O'Reilly Media. The book contains a large number of references to further reading material for anyone who wants to go into more depth, ranging from books and research papers to blog posts, bug reports and tweets. Many of the references are freely available online.

security-advisories - A database of PHP security advisories

  •    PHP

The PHP Security Advisories Database references known security vulnerabilities in various PHP projects and libraries. This database must not serve as the primary source of information for security issues, it is not authoritative for any referenced software, but it allows to centralize information for convenience and easy consumption. The PHP security advisories database is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.

android-weak-handler - Memory safer implementation of android.os.Handler

  •    Java

Original implementation of Handler always keeps hard reference to handler in queue of execution. Any object in Message or Runnable posted to android.os.Handler will be hard referenced for some time. If you create anonymous Runnable and call to postDelayed with large timeout, that Runnable will be held in memory until timeout passes. Even if your Runnable seems small, it indirectly references owner class, which is usually something as big as Activity or Fragment. You can read more on our blog post.

PLWeakCompatibility - Compatibility stubs to enable use of weak references with ARC on older OSes

  •    Objective-C

Do you like ARC but need to support older OSes? Do you contemplate dropping support for Mac OS X 10.6 or iOS 4 just so you can use __weak? Good news! Now you can use __weak on those older OSes by just dropping a file into your project and adding a couple of compiler flags. PLWeakCompatibility is a set of stubs that implement the Objective-C runtime functions the compiler uses to make __weak work. It automatically calls through to the real runtime functions if they're present (i.e. your app is running on iOS5+ or Mac OS X 10.7+) and uses its own implementation if they're not.

Unused References Scanner


Visual Studio Unused References Scanner enables the developer to search for unused references and intoduce the ability to remove them. It's developed in C#.

Lardite Reference Assistant


Reference Assistant is free, open source tool to remove unused references from C#, F#, VB.NET or VC++/CLI projects in the Visual Studio 2010/11. It's developed in C#.

Reference-Cards - Business card-sized references for Arduino and basic electronics


Business card-sized references for Arduino and basic electronics. I hand these out at workshops along with a couple LEDs and a coin cell in a 3x4" Ziplock bag. By design, these are NOT exhaustive references. 80/20 principle...the most common and essential information in the least space. They're aimed at beginners and the goal wasn't to handle every case, but to plant seeds: "Oh yeah, those resistor stripes mean something" or "Oh yeah, more current needs bigger wire" -- follow-on study then takes place elsewhere. Case in point, 5-band resistors aren't even mentioned, too esoteric for early learning.

pdfx - Extract references (pdf, url, doi, arxiv) and metadata from a PDF; optionally download all referenced PDFs

  •    Python

Extract references (pdf, url, doi, arxiv) and metadata from a PDF. Optionally download all referenced PDFs and check for broken links. You can use the -v flag to output all references instead of just the PDFs.

browser-extension - OctoLinker – Available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera

  •    Javascript

First of all, it's a browser extension. Once installed, it allows you to navigate through projects on efficiently.Most projects consist of many files and third party dependencies. Files are referencing other files and / or dependencies by language specific statements like include or require. Dependencies are most likely declared in a file called manifest e.g. package.json or Gemfile. The OctoLinker browser extensions makes these references clickable. No more copy and search.

Athena Research Assistant

  •    Javascript

Athena is a light-weight PHP amp; MySQL note keeper for teachers and students to keep track of their research projects. It allows to add notes and resource references, and work on multiple projects at once. It's purpose is to keep related data grouped.


  •    PHP

WIKINDX is a single or multi-user Virtual Research Environment (an enhanced on-line bibliography manager) storing searchable references, notes and citations and integrated with a WYSIWYG word processor to author publication-ready articles automatically formatted to chosen citation styles. WIKINDX can be test-driven at:

refbase - Web Reference Database

  •    PHP

refbase is a web-based bibliographic manager which can import and export references in various formats (including BibTeX, Endnote, MODS XML, and OpenOffice). It can make formatted lists of citations and offers powerful searching, rich metadata, and RSS.

npm-kraken-api - NodeJS Client Library for the Kraken ( API

  •    Javascript

Thanks to @tehsenaus and @petermrg for pointing this out. I used the example php implementation at and the python implementation at as references.

Bibus Bibliographic software

  •    Python

Bibus is a bibliographic database. It uses a MySQL or SQLite database to store references. It can directly insert references in and MS Word and generate the bibliographic index.