uwsgi-sloth - Realtime uwsgi log file analyzer, slow requests analyzer.

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uwsgi-sloth is a realtime uwsgi log analyer, designed for helping optimization of uwsgi app's performance. It can both generates a static report file or analyze your log file in realtime(demo).




Related Projects

uwsgi-nginx-flask-docker - Docker image with uWSGI and Nginx for Flask applications in Python running in a single container

  •    Shell

Docker image with uWSGI and Nginx for Flask web applications in Python 3.6, Python 3.5 and Python 2.7 running in a single container. Optionally using Alpine Linux. This Docker image allows you to create Flask web applications in Python that run with uWSGI and Nginx in a single container.

uwsgi-docs - Official uWSGI docs, examples, tutorials, tips and tricks

  •    Python

The uWSGI project aims at developing a full stack for building hosting services. Application servers (for various programming languages and protocols), proxies, process managers and monitors are all implemented using a common api and a common configuration style.

uwsgitop - uWSGI top-like app

  •    Python

uwsgitop is a top-like command that uses the uWSGI Stats Server to monitor your uwsgi application. To display async core statistics (e.g. when using gevent) or to switch between core statistics display mode, press a. To refresh the screen super fast press f, and to quit, press q.

pyflame - Pyflame: A Ptracing Profiler For Python

  •    C++

Pyflame is a high performance profiling tool that generates flame graphs for Python. Pyflame is implemented in C++, and uses the Linux ptrace(2) system call to collect profiling information. It can take snapshots of the Python call stack without explicit instrumentation, meaning you can profile a program without modifying its source code. Pyflame is capable of profiling embedded Python interpreters like uWSGI. It fully supports profiling multi-threaded Python programs.Pyflame usually introduces significantly less overhead than the builtin profile (or cProfile) modules, and emits richer profiling data. The profiling overhead is low enough that you can use it to profile live processes in production.

ngx_cache_purge - nginx module which adds ability to purge content from FastCGI, proxy, SCGI and uWSGI caches

  •    C

ngx_cache_purge is nginx module which adds ability to purge content from FastCGI, proxy, SCGI and uWSGI caches. Work on the original patch was fully funded by yo.se.


  •    C

nginx module which adds ability to purge content from FastCGI, proxy, SCGI and uWSGI caches.

django-react-blog - Simple blog built with Django and React/Redux, deployed with Docker, and served with nginx/uwsgi

  •    Javascript

I have built this project by following these two awesome React courses, I highly recommend them to anybody who wants to learn React! This Django REST Framework course really helped me to build the backend, and this course was incredibly helpful for learning Docker.I have tried to extensively comment the code, so you could easily understand what's going on, and apply it to your own projects.

Cherokee - Fastest Web Server

  •    Python

Cherokee is a very fast, flexible and easy to configure Web Server. It supports the widespread technologies like FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, uWSGI, SSI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections, Virtual hosts, Authentication, on the fly encoding, Load Balancing, Apache compatible log files, Data Base Balancing, Reverse HTTP Proxy, Traffic Shaper, Video Streaming and much more.

pyregex - pyregex is a Python Regular Expression Online Tester

  •    CoffeeScript

PyRegex is an online Regular Expression tester for python dialect. It will start both uWSGI server and grunt. This will watch the filesystem for changes in the source folders and regenerate the client-side target files as needed.

py-frameworks-bench - Another benchmark for some python frameworks

  •    Python

There are some benchmarks for popular python frameworks. The goal of the project is not tests for deployment (like uwsgi vs gunicorn and etc) but instead tests the frameworks itself.

ngx_zeromq - ZeroMQ transport for nginx

  •    C

ngx_zeromq is a transport module which allows nginx to use ZeroMQ message-oriented transport layer when communicating with upstream servers. It's level 7 protocol agnostic, which means that it can be used with any well-behaving upstream modules (proxy, fastcgi, uwsgi, scgi, etc.).

cutelyst - A C++ Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework

  •    C++

A Web Framework built on top of Qt, using the simple and elegant approach of Catalyst (Perl) framework. Qt's meta object system is what powers the core of Cutelyst, it allows for introspecting controller's methods signatures and generate matching actions that can be invoked later.

django-websocket-redis - Websockets for Django applications using Redis as message queue

  •    Python

Detailed documentation on ReadTheDocs. This module implements websockets on top of Django without requiring any additional framework. For messaging it uses the Redis datastore and in a production environment, it is intended to work under uWSGI and behind NGiNX or Apache version 2.4.5 or later.

referrer-spam-blocker - Apache, Nginx, IIS, uWSGI, Caddy & Varnish blacklist + Google Analytics segments to prevent referrer spam traffic 👾

  •    VCL

.htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running Apache. This file is usually found in the root “public_html” folder of your website. The .htaccess file uses two modules to prevent referral spam, mod_rewrite and mod_setenvif. Decide which method is most suitable with your Apache server configuration. This file is Apache 2.4 ready, where mod_authz_host got deprecated. The web.config file is located in the root directory of your Windows Server web application.

hendrix - A python web server focused on async and offbeat network traffic

  •    Python

A Python web server that makes async and offbeat network traffic easy, fun, and fast. hendrix is a tool for handling bytes-on-the-wire to and from your python web application. In this sense, it is similar to mod_wsgi, uWSGI, and gunicorn.

sloth - Sloth is a tool for labeling image and video data for computer vision research.

  •    Python

sloth is a tool for labeling image and video data for computer vision research. The documentation can be found at http://sloth.readthedocs.org/ .

Sloth Online RPG

  •    Java

Sloth Online RPG is a 2D fully graphical online game engine. It features rich tile based maps with layers, fully customizable characters and a completely interactive environment. Also included are resources such as map editors, sprites, tiles, and more.