multicycles - aggregates on one map, different "free-floating" bike rental services.

  •        12 aggregates on one map, different "free-floating" bike rental services.



Related Projects

gbfs - Documentation for the General Bikeshare Feed Specification, a standardized data feed for bike share system availability


Documentation for the General Bikeshare Feed Specification, a standardized data feed for bike share system availability. The General Bikeshare Feed Specification, known as GBFS, is the open data standard for bikeshare. GBFS makes real-time data feeds in a uniform format publicly available online, with an emphasis on findability.

bike - Lightweight MySQL admin panel

  •    Javascript

Bike is a lightweight MySQL admin tool. List of features is small but it must be enough for simple management tasks. If you are using some popular CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) - just unpack package into subfolder of your current CMS installation. That's it. Bike will identify what kind of CMS you are using and will take connection parameters from regarding config files.

Cycling Training


A general playground for writing bike specific apps. Using .net micro and windows phone 7 as a bike computer. Analysis of rides Downloading routes etc Hardware using .net micro devices such as netdunio and cobra/emx platforms. This is currently just a dumping grou...

S.F. Bike Map

  •    Java

S.F. Bike Map is an application for finding the optimal bicycling route between the hills of San Francisco, complete with route directions, route maps, address finder, and map editor.


  •    Python

Application for mobile devices which utilizes GPS to provide bike-computer functionality, logging to different formats, interaction with on-line location logging services and map viewing.

GraphHopper - Fast and Open Source Road Routing Engine in Java

  •    Java

GraphHopper is a fast and Open Source road routing engine. It works with OpenStreetMap data. It has additional implementations for A*, Dijkstra and the bidirected versions, Takes care of the road type, the surface, barriers, access restrictions, ferries, Supports Car, Bike, Pedestrian and you can easily create your own or customize existing vehicles and lot more. It is tuned towards road networks with OpenStreetMap data but can be useful for public transport problems as well.


  •    C++

The aim of this project is to develop a 3D mobile navigation app for hikers and cyclists using OpenStreetMap and NASA SRTM data. It's also intended to build a desktop version allowing users to preview a walk or bike ride before they go.


  •    C

A bike information system for cyclists in Berlin and Brandenburg (Germany) with a map view and a routing engine. There's a graphical interface (based on Perl/Tk) as well as an Web interface. Source code may be found at Github:

AVR Bike Light

  •    C

AVR Mega8-controlled current source used for driving Luxeon LED bicycle light



Killer app that allows you to search for your stolen bike.

Pheidippides - Smart Timing Solution


Pheidippides - Smart Timing und Managementsystem für Sportveranstaltungen wie Laufen, Walking oder Radfahren.

Map Grabber

  •    DotNet

Grab maps .... Prepare maps for your holidays, your walking, your bike trips, your geocaching... You can next print them or use them with your GPS! This utility automatically scrolls, captures, assembles and saves maps (or other window content) from a Web page to a JPG file....


  •    C

Bike Computer System for Palm OS. Provides detailed data views, logging to database, trip data estimation, trainer with Top 10 laps, graphical speedometer. Supports km/h and mph units. The wheel sensor is simply connected over RS232 or even IrDA.

CoopCycle - Logistics and delivery platform

  •    PHP

CoopCycle is a self-hosted platform to order meals in your neighborhood and get them delivered by bike couriers. The only difference with proprietary platforms as Deliveroo or UberEats is that this software is reserved to co-ops.The main idea is to decentralize this kind of service and to allow couriers to own the platform they are working for. In each city, couriers are encouraged to organize into co-ops, and to run their very own version of the software.


  •    C

Gpsdrive is a car (bike, ship, plane) navigation system. Displaying your position on a map and a lot of other functions are implemented. It works with vector maps from


  •    Java

Analyze and visualize tours in many variations, which are recorded with a GPS device, bike-, exercise- or ergometer-computer. Some highlights: Tools are available to adjust recorded data, GPS tours can be visualized in customizable maps, ...


  •    C++

MotoGT is a multiplatform top-viewed motorcycle racing game. You can choose beetween 15 bikes and start a professional career. By winning races and championships, you earn experience to improve your bike, and you can also unlock some extra features.

simulacrum - First class syntax support for type classes in Scala

  •    Scala

Type classes rock. Alas, their encoding in Scala requires a lot of boilerplate, which doesn't rock. There is inconsistency between projects, where type classes are encoded differently. There is inconsistency within projects, where object-oriented forwarders (aka. ops, syntax) accidentally differ in exact parameter lists or forwarders are missing where they are expected to be. Even in disciplined teams, the bike-shedding opportunities alone are a source of lost productivity. The Ops trait contains extension methods for a value of type A for which there's a Semigroup[A] instance available. The ToSemigroupOps trait contains an implicit conversion from an A to an Ops[A]. The ToSemigroupOps trait can be mixed in to a class in order to get access to the extension methods. It can also be mixed in to an object, along with other ToXyzOps traits, in order to provide a single mass import object.

bikeshed - :bike: A preprocessor for anyone writing specifications that converts source files into actual specs

  •    HTML

The full Bikeshed documentation is generated by Bikeshed and accessible here. Bikeshed generates "fatal errors" for lots of things that it wants you to fix, but generally recovers gracefully from them anyway. If you're getting a fatal error, but don't have time to fix it and just need a spec right now, you can force Bikeshed to generate anyway with the -f flag, like: bikeshed -f spec.

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