PickList (Dual Listbox) ASP.NET WebControl

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Renders two listboxes side-by-side with buttons between them form moving options from one listbox to the other. Other names for this type of control include dual listbox and double listbox.




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CSS Friendly Control Adapters

The CSS Friendly Control Adapters kit (for ASP.Net 2.0) provides pre-built control adapters that you can easily use to generate CSS-friendly markup from some of the more commonly used ASP.NET controls.

Windows Phone 7 Silverlight ListBox with CheckBox Control

A Windows Phone 7 ListBox control, providing CheckBoxes for item selection when in "Choose State" and no CheckBoxes in "Normal State", like the built-in Email app, with nice transition. To switch between states, set the "IsInChooseState" property. The control inherits ListBox.

Animated panel

Animated Panel is a WPF control that supports animation of its content on resize. Can be used in item controls (ListBox for example) as ItemsPanelTemplate.

CRM 2011 TreeView for Dependent Picklist

This utility will allow CRM Customizer to configure Dependent Picklist items which will be shown as TreeView control on CRM form.

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight

Xceed Ultimate ListBox for Silverlight makes it easier for Silverlight developers to deliver apps with smooth-scrolling, always-responsive listbox controls. Makes use of advanced data virtualization techniques to stream content instead of having to load it all into the listbox...

ASP.NET Mutually Exclusive Listboxes Extender

A .NET 2.0+ implementation of mutually exclusive listboxes using ASP.NET's AJAX Control Toolkit. In other words, a UI with two or more listboxes where items can be moved between them using buttons.

jDualListBox - jDualListBox is jQuery plug-in to create dual listbox controls

jDualListBox is jQuery plug-in to create dual listbox controls

SGB Controls

SGB Controls is a set of standard .net controls that include a number of enhancements to make life easier for the developer. These controls include a number of enhancements over the standard controls and introduce a number of new controls not yet shipped with the .net framk...


jQuery UI Plugin which leverages the jquery ui menu control, styled with your existing jquery ui theme, features hover highlighting, click and double click. This plugin will not be officially released until jQuery UI version 1.9 is released (which includes the menu as an officially supported widget).

Silverlight 4 Custom AutoComplete with ListBox

A composite control that encapsulates SL4 Autocomplete and Listbox. This composite control allows the user to type and find an item in the autocomplete control. Upon keypress "Enter" or "Return" that list item will be trans to the list control.

ScalableTextElement for Silverlight

ScalableTextElement is a component for Silverlight. It includes controls that contain text : - ComboBox - TextBlock - TextBox - ListBox - RadioButton - CheckBox - Button The font size is automatically chosen depending on the size of the control.

turnstile - A ListBox Control for Windows Phone 7.5 with built-in support for the Turnstile effect

A ListBox Control for Windows Phone 7.5 with built-in support for the Turnstile effect

FlickBehavior - Flick Behavior – Using a SL Listbox control as you do on WP7

Flick Behavior – Using a SL Listbox control as you do on WP7

Silverlight DateSelector

DateSelector Custom Control. Silverlight custom control where dates can be selected. It's easy to use and user friendly.


YYControls extend controls e.g. GridView TreeView Label ListBox DropDownList

Slow Large ListControl in UpdatePanel fix

There is a bad design issue in the way UpdatePanels postback asynchronously select elements, making them very slow when the page contains large ListBox or DropDownList controls. This adapter fixes the problem.

Ajax Server Controls

Building the equivalent serverside controls in AJAX, based on the Microsoft AJAX Library. featured controls are: listview control datapager control dropdownlist control objectdatasource control

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Picklist XML Generator

A small to tool which Generates CRM 4.0 Picklist Customization XML. This tool allows you to cut and paste a comma separated list of values and descriptions into a text box and then generate a set of XML picklist options which can be pasted into your Customization.xml file.

IconizedButton Control Set

ASP.NET WebForms IconizedButton Custom Control Set. Replaces the dull Button/LinkButton/HyperLink controls with styling and left and right aligned icons (via FamFamFam icon set). Contains built-in control styles/skins. Available customized user-configured styles/skins via CSS.

impish - An angular.js wrapper for the awesome blueimp photo gallery

// The tag name, Id, element or querySelector of the slides container: slidesContainer: 'div', // The tag name, Id, element or querySelector of the title element: titleElement: 'h3', // The class to add when the gallery is visible: displayClass: 'blueimp-gallery-display', // The class to add when the gallery controls are visible: controlsClass: 'blueimp-gallery-controls', // The class to add when the gallery only displays one element: singleClass: 'blueimp-gallery-