brew-php-switcher - Brew PHP switcher is a simple shell script to switch your apache and CLI quickly between major versions of PHP

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Brew PHP switcher is a simple script to switch your Apache and CLI configs quickly between major versions of PHP. If you support multiple products/projects that are built using either brand new or old legacy PHP functionality and you find it a pain to change config files continually this will make the whole process just one command.



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brew - :beer::penguin: The Homebrew package manager for Linux

  •    Ruby

Linuxbrew is a fork of Homebrew, the macOS package manager, for Linux. It can be installed in your home directory and does not require root access. The same package manager can be used on both your Linux server and your Mac laptop. Installing a modern version of glibc and gcc in your home directory on an old distribution of Linux takes five minutes.

brew - 🍺 The missing package manager for macOS

  •    Ruby

Features, usage and installation instructions are summarised on the homepage. Terminology (e.g. the difference between a Cellar, Tap, Cask and so forth) is explained here. brew help, man brew or check our documentation.

homebrew-core - 🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS

  •    Ruby

Core formulae for the Homebrew package manager. Just brew install <formula>. This is the default tap for Homebrew and is installed by default.

homebrew-emacs-plus - Emacs Plus formulae for the Homebrew package manager

  •    Ruby

Emacs Plus is GNU Emacs formulae based on emacs formulae. The difference is that some of the options available from emacs formulae are enabled by default in emacs-plus and some new additional options are available for user. With release of Emacs 26.1 many options were removed from the formula, as features behind them are already in released version.



Eventual Project Goals: Web based system for managing brew recipes, inventory, and brew-day tasks. Eventual mobile/desktop applications, cloud sync, and hw.

neko - The Neko Virtual Machine

  •    C

Compiled binaries can be found in the "artifacts" tab of each AppVeyor build.Neko snapshot of the latest master branch can be built using homebrew in a single command: brew install neko --HEAD. It will install required dependencies, build, and install Neko to the system. The binaries can be found at brew --prefix neko.

xhyve - xhyve, a lightweight OS X virtualization solution

  •    C

The xhyve hypervisor is a port of bhyve to OS X. It is built on top of Hypervisor.framework in OS X 10.10 Yosemite and higher, runs entirely in userspace, and has no other dependencies. It can run FreeBSD and vanilla Linux distributions and may gain support for other guest operating systems in the future. The --HEAD in the brew command ensures that you always get the latest changes, even if the homebrew database is not yet updated. If for any reason you don't want that simply do brew install xhyve .

Cakebrew - Manage your Homebrew formulas with style using Cakebrew.

  •    Objective-C

Cakebrew was based on a project by vincentsaluzzo. Although most of the original code has already been modified, his project was the kickstart for what would become Cakebrew, and his commits are still in the working tree. Alternatively, it can be installed via homebrew cask, with brew cask install cakebrew.

homebrew-core - :beers::penguin: Core formulae for the Linuxbrew package manager

  •    Ruby

Core formulae for the Linuxbrew package manager. Just brew install <formula>. This is the default tap for Linuxbrew and is installed by default.

phpbrew - Brew & manage PHP versions in pure PHP at HOME

  •    PHP

Brew & manage PHP versions in pure PHP at HOME


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:rage4: Some foamy head is good in your brew, but you don't want a pour that is all head.

kidsruby - KidsRuby is a Ruby programming environment meant for kids to learn and have fun!

  •    Javascript

Take note that the native compilation of qt (the line Installing qtbindings ( with native extensions) can take several minutes without apparent progress ... You could run top to see cmake and cc1plus effectively in action.You won't be able to use the normal Qt install from homebrew because of some changes with Mavericks. To fix that go here. If you get any problems with cmake then run brew install cmake.

emoji-scavenger-hunt - Emoji Scavenger Hunt is an experiment that leverages the power of neural networks and your phone’s camera to identify the real world versions of the emojis we use every day

  •    TypeScript

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is an experimental web based game that makes use of TensorFlow.js to identify objects seen by your webcam or mobile camera in the browser. We show you emojis 🍌 ⏰ ☕️ 📱 and you have to find those objects in the real world before your timer runs out 🏆 👍. Running yarn prep will use yarn to get the right packages and setup the right folders. If you don't have yarn you can install it via homebrew (for Mac). If you’re already running node/npm with nvm (our recommendation) you can install yarn without node using brew install yarn --without-node.

keypad-layout - Control window layout using Ctrl + Numeric Keypad on macOS

  •    Objective-C

Control window layout using Ctrl + Numeric Keypad on macOS. Press two number keys in a row while holding down Ctrl to select the new window frame on a 3x3 grid. Homebrew users can simply brew cask install keypad-layout. Compiled versions are also available for download from releases.

myyna - Node.js Pinterest Clone Script – Myyna build your own pinterest

  •    Javascript

Homebrew [1] installs binary packages based on published “formulae”. The following commands will update brew to the latest packages and install MongoDB.

kubefwd - Bulk port forwarding Kubernetes services for local development.

  •    Go

Read Kubernetes Port Forwarding for Local Development for background and a detailed guide to kubefwd. kubefwd is a command line utility built to port forward some or all pods within a Kubernetes namespace. kubefwd uses the same port exposed by the service and forwards it from a loopback IP address on your local workstation. kubefwd temporally adds domain entries to your /etc/hosts file with the service names it forwards.

landscaper - Takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster

  •    Go

Landscaper takes a set of Helm Chart references with values (a desired state), and realizes this in a Kubernetes cluster. The intended use case is to have this desired state under version control, and let Landscaper first test and then apply the state as part of the CI/CD stages. Binaries are available here; Docker images here. On macOS using Homebrew, a brew install landscaper should do.

androidtool-mac - One-click screenshots, video recordings, app installation for iOS and Android

  •    Swift

To install using homebrew-cask, run brew cask install androidtool in the terminal. Android Tool outputs both mp4 and an animated gif. The animated gif can be placed in a Google Docs document or an email.

dsvpn - A Dead Simple VPN.

  •    C

On macOS, it can be installed using Homebrew: brew install nnathan/dsvpn/dsvpn.

homebrew-php - PHP formulae repo for Homebrew

  •    Ruby

PHP formulae repo for Homebrew