Open Door Logistics Studio - Intelligient software for Vechile routing and Territory mangement

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Open Door Logistics Studio is an easy-to-use standalone open source desktop application for performing (a) analysis of your customer locations, (b) sales territory design and mapping and (c) vehicle fleet routing & scheduling - all using an Excel spreadsheet. It supports Territory design, Territory mapping, Vehicle routing & scheduling.

Its features include:

  • Manage geographic customer data
    • Geocode your customer data held within an Excel based on address or postcode.
    • View your customers in a map and export maps to PDF or Word.
  • Perform territory design and territory management for sales or delivery territories based on sales, workload, or other key statistics.
    • Design territories visually by simply 'painting' them on the map using your mouse.
    • Sophisticated territory mapping allows you to colour and shade your territories. Your territory map can be tailored to your requirements.
    • Automatically optimise territories using a powerful algorithm.
    • Generate sophisticated PDF reports containing maps of your territories and detailed breakdowns of their key statistics.
  • Plan routes for your fleet of vehicles
    • Automatically schedule an efficient set of vehicle routes to serve delivery points.
    • Model routes using real road networks, provided by the Graphhopper project.
    • Edit vehicle routes and see how your changes effect the route shape and key statistics.
    • View tabular breakdowns of key statistics - e.g. total mileage and drivetime.
    • View the routes in an interactive map.
    • Analyse time usage using a Gantt chart control.
    • Generate detailed reports and export them to pdf or other formats (see example).
  • Run SQL-like queries and updates directly on data held in an Excel spreadsheet.



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