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PET@runtime provides additional components to PET, especially for supporting PET outcomes at project execution time in several tools, e.g. Word or TFS.



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Convert Ms Word Table to Sql Table

This utility would help convert Ms word 2007 Tables to Sql tables. Add this macro to any word docx document and Run the macro. We get a text file containing all the tables which follow the naming convention converted into sql DDL statements. You just need to follow some naming

Word Content Control Toolkit

The Word Content Control Toolkit was designed to make mapping Content Controls to Custom XML as simple as a drag and drop. This is a standalone tool (not a Word addin!) that opens any Word OpenXML document and lists all of the content controls. Then you just pick which Cus

Literaturrecherche für Microsoft Word

Erweiterung der Quellenverwaltung von Microsoft Word (ab Version 2007) um die Literaturrecherche über eine Bibliotheksdatenbank.

bbl - Access the [digitally] written Word: gem install word; word --help

Access the [digitally] written Word: gem install word; word --help

AbiWord - Word Processing Program

AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. It allows you to collaborate with multiple people on one document at the same time. It runs virtually on any operating system with a minimum of time spent on porting.

Team for Word

A componsant Word to create documents based on TFS WorkItem. Registration model, change management, updating WI TFS from Word.

Source Code Word Cloud Generator

Generate word cloud form your code to see what your code is about and what it does. A word cloud is a set of randomly arranged keywords, variable and class names etc. used in your code. The size and the color of each word expresses it's usage frequency. Rarely used words are s...

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and Excel 2010

AutoHistory for Word 2007, Word 2010 and NEW Excel 2010 provides a local history for documents. You can view and restore each version you've ever saved. Creates automaically backups on every save.

XML Mapping Task Pane for Word 2007/2010

The XML Mapping Task Pane for Word can be used to build templates that utilize content controls and XML mapping in Word 2007/2010. You can use the task pane to add XML parts to Word documents, view a part's XML structure, and drag and drop XML nodes into the document to cr...

Word Xml Comparer

The Word XML Comparer is an excellent tool for learning OpenXML by making interactive changes to Word documents and then examining the changes Word makes to the XML.

Word-jumble - Word jumble for a given string using Python and pychant as English word dictionary

Word jumble for a given string using Python and pychant as English word dictionary

word-pair-recognition - Guess which word in peripheral vision is an English word

Guess which word in peripheral vision is an English word

Word-Search-Builder - A C# word search generator for creating simple or complex word searches.

A C# word search generator for creating simple or complex word searches.

word-tools - word-tools - Microsoft Word ????? xyzzy ????

word-tools - Microsoft Word ????? xyzzy ????


A simple Sinatra app that allows users to check if a word is a valid scrabble word. It searches a database filled with the latest official Scrabble word list of 178691 words and their point values. You can browse words by letter, add or remove words and upload a word list from a .txt file.

word-odds - Odds of drawing a word in a well-known word game.

Odds of drawing a word in a well-known word game.

Hangman - A tutorial demonstrating how to train a neural network to play hangman using CNTK

In the classic children's game of Hangman, a player's objective is to identify a hidden word of which only the number of letters is originally revealed. In each round, the player guesses a letter of the alphabet: if it's present in the word, all instances are revealed; otherwise one of the hangman's body parts is drawn in on a gibbet. The game ends in a win if the word is entirely revealed by correct guesses, and ends in loss if the hangman's body is completely revealed instead. To assist the player, a visible record of all guessed letters is typically maintained.For this project, we trained a neural network to play Hangman by appropriately guessing letters in a partially or fully obscured word. The network receives as input a representation of the word (total number of characters, the identity of any revealed letters) as well as a list of which letters have been guessed so far. It returns a guess for the letter that should be picked next. This repo shows our method for training the network with Microsoft's Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) and validating its performance on a withheld test set, as well as operationalizing the model for gameplay on an Azure Web App.

DocDiff: Compare text word by word

NOTICE: DocDiff's development has moved to . 0.4.0 (2011-02-23) was the last release from DocDiff compares two files and shows the difference. It can compare files word by word, char by char, or line by line. It has several output formats such as HTML, tty, Manued, or user-defined markup.

docx2tex: Word 2007 to TeX

Docx2tex is a small command line tool that uses standard technologies to help users of Word 2007 to publish publications where typography is relevant or only papers produced by TeX are accepted. Behind the scenes, docx2tex uses common technologies to interpret Word 2007 OOXML ...

Wiki Word Importer

The Wiki Word Importer can translate a Word document to the MediaWiki format, converting shapes and images, and automatically insert it into the MySQL database in one easy step. It can be configured to scan a directory and import multiple docs.