bandcamp-ripper - :musical_note: Rips MP3 files from Bandcamp album URL's

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You put in a Bandcamp album URL. This spits out MP3 files. For example...



Related Projects

SoundScrape - SoundCloud (and Bandcamp and Mixcloud) downloader in Python.

  •    Python

SoundScrape makes it super easy to download artists from SoundCloud (and Bandcamp and MixCloud) - even those which don't have download links! It automatically creates ID3 tags as well (including album art), which is handy. And you're done! Hooray! Files are stored as mp3s in the format Artist name - Track title.mp3.

bandcamp-dl - Simple python script to download Bandcamp albums

  •    Python

bandcamp-dl is a small command-line app to download audio from It requires the Python interpreter, version 3.4+ and is not platform specific. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it how ever you like. The default template is: %{artist}/%{album}/%{track} - %{title}.

CDDA Ripper XP

  •    C++

CDDA Ripper XP is an audio CD ripper program that provides support for NT/2000/XP natively (ASPI manager is optional). It supports WAV-MP3-OGG-FLAC-ACM codec encoding and can be used to rip multiple CDs. It uses newest encoders like LAME and Ogg/Vorbis.

spotifyripper - small ripper script for spotify (rips playlists to mp3 and includes ID3 tags and album covers)

  •    Python

small ripper script for spotify (rips playlists to mp3 and includes ID3 tags and album covers)

cdstatus: CD diagnostics amp; audio ripping

  •    C

cdstatus is a CD Drive and CDROM analyzer and ripper. It can display lots of disc info. It can rip music cd's to your hard drive as mp3, mp2, ogg, or wav all without intermediate files, right from the command line, with full CDDB and ID3 tag support

Free Music Downloader


The most lightweight mp3 downloader compatible with Windows. Download millions free music mp3 files. Free MP3 Music Downloader for Windows by BoozedProgrammer

whipper - Python CD-DA ripper preferring accuracy over speed

  •    Python

Whipper is a Python 3 (3.6+) CD-DA ripper based on the morituri project (CDDA ripper for *nix systems aiming for accuracy over speed). It started just as a fork of morituri - which development seems to have halted - merging old ignored pull requests, improving it with bugfixes and new features. Nowadays whipper's codebase diverges significantly from morituri's one. Whipper is currently developed and tested only on Linux distributions but may work fine on other *nix OSes too.

VG-Ripper & PG-Ripper


VG-Ripper is a Utility that Downloads (Rips) all Images posted on the ViperGirls Forums, and PG-Ripper on all VB (vBulletin) Forums.

CD Rider

  •    C++

The CD Rider is a CD Ripper/CD Player and Audio Encoder program. It can directly read the audio from your music CD-roms and store it on your hard drive in either WAV, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format. Support free CDDB service.

MPyRe - Music Python Ripper

  •    Python

Mpyre is a Python front-end to cdparanoia and lame mp3, musepack, ogg vorbis and flac encoders, that includes id3 and apev2 tagging.


  •    C

MP3 ripper for CD to MP3 conversions with interface support for Portable MP3 players.


  •    Perl

Command-line based ripper of audio CD tracks to either Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3 (MP3) files or to Ogg Vorbis files that requires no user intervention between steps of ripping and encoding.

Imdb Ripper Browser


Browser for Imdb Ripper movie information


  •    Perl

Inquisitor is a very fast amp; save visual Web Picture Site Ripper, Downloader/Grabber, and Offline Browser. quot;Visualquot; means that it works like a normal Browser, but with quot;WYSIWYGquot; (WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet) principle to download all files/images at once. V300613 now works even with quot;Google Image Searchquot; !

ripper-tags - fast, accurate ctags generator for ruby source code using Ripper

  •    Ruby

This parses all *.rb files in the current project, excluding ones in vendor/ directory, and saves tags in Vim format to a file named ./tags.

CDex - A Free Digital Audio CD Extractor

  •    Javascript

CDex is a free Audio CD ripper, extractor and converter for various formats and encoders, e.g. MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, WAV, MP2, Musepack, Ape, VQF and many others. It features advanced jitter correction, ID3v2+v1 tagging, audio normalization, transcoding of compressed audio files, analog input recording and also meta tagging with CDDB and Musicbrainz. CDex has been translated to various languages.

Thoggen DVD Ripper

  •    C

thoggen is a DVD backup program based on GStreamer/Gtk+. It encodes into ogg/theora video files, but additional formats (avi, matroska + mpeg4/xvid/mp2/mp3) are planned for the future. thoggen aims to provide a clean and easy to use interface.



gnormalize is a front end to normalize, ripper, encoder and audio converter. It decodes the files to wave, then normalizes the wave and re-encodes it. gnormalize can also convert audio format between MP3, MPC, OGG, APE and FLAC and change tag properties.


  •    Java

OggCarton is a cross-platform CD ripper, database, and web server for Ogg and MP3 files. Needs no external database or web server! lt;brgt; Linux and Windows require Java 1.4.1 (or later) installed. Java is included with Mac OS X.

ripme - Downloads albums in bulk

  •    Java

RipMe is an album ripper for various websites. Runs on your computer. Requires Java 8. Download ripme.jar from the latest release.

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