tankbattle - Java坦克大战游戏,基于Spring Boot,JDK8,Swing组件开发,有一些Bug,还在持续更新完善中...

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TankBattle Game is released under the MIT license.






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springboot-cloud - :two_men_holding_hands: springboot + springcloud build micro service

  •    Java

:two_men_holding_hands: springboot + springcloud build micro service

springboot-seckill - :racehorse:基于Springboot高并发商品限时秒杀系统

  •    Java


springboot-learning-example - spring boot 实践学习案例,是 spring boot 初学者及核心技术巩固的最佳实践。

  •    Java

Spring Boot 2.0 最大的热点肯定是 Web Flux。我这边也就开始操刀了...

VBlog - V部落,Vue+SpringBoot实现的多用户博客管理平台!

  •    Vue


vhr - 微人事是一个前后端分离的人力资源管理系统,项目采用SpringBoot+Vue开发。

  •    Javascript


Blade - Lightning fast and elegant MVC framework for Java8

  •    Java

Blade is a pursuit of simple, efficient Web framework, so that Java web development even more powerful, both in performance and flexibility. The design is simple, easy to understand and doesn't introduce many layers between you and the standard library. The goal of this project is that the users should be able to understand the whole framework in a single day. It supports RESTful style routing interface. It has no invasive interceptors and provides the writing of DSL grammar.

awesome-java8 - Curated list of useful, if not amazing, resources that take advantage of Java 8 and "Modern Java" thinking


A truly curated list of useful, if not amazingly awesome, tools, libraries, frameworks, and other resources that take advantage of (or even require) Java 8 features, such as Lambdas, or have a more modern approach to writing Java code. Those that require Java 8 are marked with an 🎱 emoji (for "eight ball" or sometimes "billiards"). If you want a larger list of Java resources not specific to Java 8, check out Awesome Java.

droidkaigi2016 - DroidKaigi 2016 official Android conference app in Tokyo.

  •    Java

DroidKaigi is a conference tailored for developers on 18th and 19th February 2016. This project uses Java8 and retrolambda. If you haven't set up Java8 yet, install it from here, and set env JAVA_HOME or JAVA8_HOME.

autobahn-java - WebSocket & WAMP in Java for Android and Java 8

  •    Java

Client library providing WAMP on Java 8 (Netty) and Android, plus (secure) WebSocket for Android. running on Android and Netty/Java8/JVM.

Java8-CheatSheet - A Java 8+ Cheat Sheet for functional programming


A lambda expression cannot stand alone in Java, it need to be associated to a functional interface.

The DJ Project

  •    Java

The DJ Project is a set of tools to improve Java capabilities on the Desktop. The DJ Native Swing sub-project, among other things, allows integrating a Web Browser, Flash Player, HTML editor, or VLC-based player in Swing applications. DJ Native Swing code: https://github.com/Chrriis/DJ-Native-Swing DJ Sweet code: https://github.com/Chrriis/DJ-Sweet DJ Swing Suite code: https://github.com/Chrriis/DJ-Swing-Suite


  •    Java

XML related tools: xsddoc (documentation tool for W3C XML Schema), xsddoc maven plugin, swing: JXTable (JTable with frozen columns)

JVx - Enterprise Application Framework

  •    Java

Develop professional database applications, highly performant with little source code. JVx is a full-stack application framework to create multi tier applications with Single Sourcing for different technologies (Swing, Vaadin, JavaFX, Pivot, ...). Nightly builds are available: https://dev.sibvisions.com/jvx.nightly/ Maven snapshots are available: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots