DotNetNuke Persian Packages

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Kayako Persian Localization

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DNN Content Builder

This project is no longer active at Sourceforge. Please, go to in order to download DNN Content Builder WCMS for DotNetNuke PA and get directions of how to download the source.

DNN Social Login Module

GCR Login Module is a login module for dotnetnuke site developed by gcrinfotech ( can be login in site using facebook ,twitter , linked in . Module can be download from here as well For ...

DotNetNuke Farsi

persian dnn


Full featured Farsi (Persian) calendar Winform controls for .net framework 2.0+. It contains some persian related components such as persian calendar, persian date picker and persian date picker cell to used with DataGridView.

go-persian-calendar - The implementation of the Persian (Solar Hijri) Calendar in Go (golang)

Go Persian Calendar v0.3 provides functionality for conversion among Persian (Solar Hijri) and Gregorian calendars. A Julian calendar is used as an interface for all conversions. The package name is ptime and it is compatible with the package time. All months are available with both Iranian and Dari Persian names. This source code is licensed under MIT license that can be found in the LICENSE file.First install Go SDK and set up your GOPATH, then use the following command to install ptime.

persian-twitter - A WebExtension which improves Twitter & TweetDeck user experience for Persian users

This is a WebExtension that improves user experience of Twitter and TweetDeck for Persian users.The extension is a standard WebExtension and is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox.

C# Dotnetnuke Module development Template for Visual Studio 2010

C# DNN Module Development template for Visual Studio 2010 Get a head-start on DNN Module development. Whether you're a pro or just starting with Dotnetnuke development, you'd find DNNModule template helpful in many ways. Works on any version of VS2010. C#only.Coded for DNN 5.0+


The Downloads Module produces a list of Downloads from a directory with links for the download (depending on the user's browser settings). See reference:


An open source dotnetnuke module for presenting weather, collected from the yahoo weather services.

Persian Engine (Black Kitten)

Persian Engine (Black Kitten) currently under development by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows.

Silverlight 4 & 5 Persian DatePicker

Silverlight 4 already supports right to left languages such as Persian/Arabic/Hebrew but it lacks .NET Framework's Persian calendar support. So I've decided to create a new open source project to add these missing features. Thanks to Microsoft, Now Silverlight 5 supports .NET...

Persian WPF Toolkit

If you're looking for a completely native look and feel for calendars in your WPF projects which supports Persian calendar besides the Gregorian and etc, you'll love this library. This is just the WPFToolkit project which changed to support persian calendar.

Persian Type Tutor

Persian Type Tutor helps you learn to type correctly and fast in both Persian and English language

DNN Content Localization Tools

Dotnetnuke Content Localization Tools makes it easier for site administrators to update there muli-language dnn website.

GP Hosting DotNetNuke Header Extender

This module allows you to work around the 150 character limitation of DotnetNuke. Just add the module to the page, edit the module and let the magic begin.

DNN Chat

DNN Chat is a basic module used for live chat on your DNN site.

DNN Bookmark

DNN Bookmarks is a DNN module that aggregates the most popular social bookmarking tools and also allows you to bookmark your DNN web site

DNN Azure Accelerator

DNN Azure Accelerator is a project to publish the famous DNN Content Management System (formerly DotNetNuke) on the Windows Azure Platform as a Cloud Service.

DotNetNuke.Authentication.LiveID for DotNetNuke 5.1.1 (DNN 5.1.1)

DotNetNuke.Authentication.LiveID.dll DotNetNuke 5.1.1 LiveID does not log off DNN 5.1.1 LiveID does not sign off DNN LiveID issue