PEAR Framework - reusable PHP components

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PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. It has all categories of components from DB access, security, xml parsing, encryption etc.

Install the PEAR framework using Pyrus, the next-generation PEAR Installer, a revolutionary package management and distribution system that extends the functionality of the PEAR Installer's already advanced functionality. Pyrus is also friendlier to projects outside of PEAR that wish to take advantage of the strengths of PEAR through channels.

A PEAR Channel is a web site that distributes package archives for remote installation by users of Pyrus or the PEAR Installer. In addition to providing the package archives for download, a PEAR Channel must also provide some meta-information that the installer can use to locate the package releases and determine which is the best release to download.

PEAR manages reusable components. It has more than 500 packages and each package includes set of files. Use it as per your need. Each package has API support. Packages are available for following categories Authentication, Benchmarking, Caching, Configuration, Console, Database, Date and Time, Encryption, Event, File Formats, File System, Gtk, Gtk2, HTML, HTTP, Images, Internationalization, Logging, Mail, Math, Networking, Numbers, Streams, Structures, System, Text — Text Tools and Utilities, Validate Web Services, XML.

Most important and popular packages are Captcha, IPV6, Encryption using different algortihms, Payment gateway support for PayPal, XML parsing. All web sites would some home require most of these components. Why to develop all, better reuse.



Related Projects

Core Enterprise PHP

  •    PHP

CEP (Core Enterprise PHP) is an enterprise application framework designed to make the development of modular, component-driven web applications a rapid and well-defined process. CEP extends PEAR, using PEAR packages where ever appropriate.



PEAR provides a lightweight message delivery framework over intermittenttly connected networks. This is an implementation of a paper quot;Mobility entropy and message routing in community-structured delay tolerant networksquot; (ACM AINTEC2008).

Pyrus - PEAR compatible packages

  •    PHP

Pyrus - Various PEAR compatible packages developed and used to increase rapid application development. All packages are designed with possible inclusion into the PEAR repository in mind, and are coded and documented according to PEAR standards.

php - Development repository for the php Chef cookbook

  •    HTML

It installs and configures PHP and the PEAR package management system. Also includes resources for managing PEAR (and PECL) packages, PECL channels, and PHP-FPM pools. PEAR Channels are alternative sources for PEAR packages. This resource provides and easy way to manage these channels.

poopf PHP framework

  •    PHP

poopf -=- Persistent Object Oriented Php Framework -=-=- A minimal set of classes for using database records in MySQL or PostgreSQL, while avoiding the thickness of adodb or pear::db. Also a secure Cookie class for persisting authenticated clients.

PHP MVC like framework

  •    PHP

Having a clean MVC like framework in PHP based on standards like PEAR, Smarty and even Java Struts concepts. OO Code, DB Abstraction, Log, Session, Form handling, Templates, Page caching, I18N, Configuration.

Seagull PHP Application Framework

  •    PHP

Seagull is an OO PHP application framework that has the following design goals: a) independence of data, logic amp; presentation layers; b) extensible component architecture; c) comprehensive error handling; d) integration with PEAR; e) coding standards

MRPHP Application Framework


MRPHP is a quot;framework,quot; if you will, for developing object oriented applications. Sticking to strict coding standards (based on PEAR) and the documentation format of PHPDoc keep this project comprehensive for all general software development using PHP.


  •    PHP

The phpMrtgAdmin is the flexible PHP-based web-tool for monitoring of MRTG-created graphs. Using the PHP this tool uses also some PEAR packages that might be download from the PEAR site. The current release contains all used PEAR packages.


  •    PHP

PEAR::DB::OO is an abstraction layer for accessing database tables in an object oriented paradigm. It is targeted at PHP developers, and is written in PHP. It builds on PEAR's procedural database abstraction layer (PEAR::DB) -- see


  •    PHP

Pear::DbDeploy is a pear package to employ dbdeploy as a database change-management tool. (See



PEAR::Calendar is a PHP library which builds calendar data structures. Users are able to render any output they like (HTML, WML, SOAP, PHP-GTK). The library is officially distributed via the PEAR website:

libheart - PHP Web Application Framework


libheart is a PHP library that handles many basics in writing a web site/application. Using PEAR::DB for database access, Smarty for templating and other leading third-party tools, you can use libheart to quickly provide the basics of a web application.


  •    Javascript

ForwardFW is a PHP framework for web applications. MVC and OOP and use PEAR (MDB). Usage of filters for input and output filtering (FirePHP), configureable templater (SMARTY), different Loggers, multilanguage support (textless templates).

phing - PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a PHP project build system or build tool based on Apache Ant.

  •    PHP

(PH)ing (I)s (N)ot (G)NU make; it's a PHP project build system or build tool based on Apache Ant. You can do anything with it that you could do with a traditional build system like GNU make, and its use of simple XML build files and extensible PHP "task" classes make it an easy-to-use and highly flexible build framework. Features include running PHPUnit tests (including test result and coverage reports), file transformations (e.g. token replacement, XSLT transformation, Smarty template transformations), file system operations, interactive build support, SQL execution, SVN/GIT operations, tools for creating PEAR packages, documentation generation (DocBlox, PhpDocumentor) and much, much more.

TikiPro Web Framework

  •    PHP

### Project Renamed to bitweaver ### CMS with: tiki amp; pear wiki, cms, articles / news, phpBB forum bulletin board, blogs, image photo gallery, file sharing, poll/survey, calendar. tikiwiki upgrade PHP,MySQL,Postgres,Oracle,FireBird on Windows amp; Linux

Group-Office SyncML Plugin

  •    PHP

A plugin for group-office to sync over the SyncML protocol. It uses parts of the horde framework (implements the SyncML protocol), the pear File_IMC package (parse vCard, vCalendar) and the googlecode projekt flaimo-php (build vCard, vCalendar).


  •    PHP

Application Framework for rapid site building, based on PHP/MySQL/Smarty/Pear/xHTML/CSS. CMS Portal included, with modules content, admin, news, etc... Fully customizable templates / styles / themes.

Pirum - The simple PEAR Channel Server Manager

  •    Shell

The simple PEAR Channel Server Manager


  •    PHP

db_2_pdo is a PHP class that allows developers to use Pear::DB along with PDO. Currently, this is not available. If you would like to use SQLITE3 and PHP5, you will need to use PDO, and if you've used PEAR::DB, you will need this class.

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