Analysis Services Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer

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Parent/Child dimensions, wherein each member references the ID of its parent member rather than being specified on a specific level of a hierarchy, are often a cause for poor performance in Analysis Services databases. One way of dealing with this is to convert a poorly perfor...



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SSAS Query Log Decoder & Analyzer

The Crisp description for the project will be "CUBE FOR CUBE". This is an end-to-end BI solution for analyzing the Query log created by SSAS Server. The Query Log data is loaded into a dimensional model and a cube is built on top of it for analysis of cube usage.

BIDS Helper

A Visual Studio add-in with features that extend and enhance business intelligence development functionality in SQL Server 2005, 2008, and 2008 R2 BI Development Studio (BIDS) and SQL Server 2012 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

SSAS Profiler Trace Collector with Scheduling Facility

AS Profiler Scheduler is a tool that will enable Scheduling of SQL AS Tracing using predefined Profiler Templates. For tracking different issues there are different templates.


SSAS AMO DB is a database version of AMO which helps to view the metadata stored in the SSAS cube. The Metadata will be loaded into a SQL Server database from the SSAS cube using AMO using SSIS package. From that database user can generate reports for the SSAS metadata. A da...

Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project

A set of stored procedures for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Microsoft SQL Server Community Samples: Analysis Services

This project contains SQL Server Analysis Services samples contributed by Microsoft outside of the regular release cycle, MVPs, and other members of the community.


NBi is a testing framework (add-on to NUnit) for Microsoft Business Intelligence platform and Data Access.

SSAS Entity Framework Provider community FAQ and online support documentation

This project is for SSAS Entity Framework Provider community FAQ and other community online support documentation (see Documentation tab > FAQ). SSAS Entity Framework Provider enables you to use LINQ and Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework to query SQL Server Analysis Servic...

SSAS Operations Templates

SSAS Operations Templates includes SSIS packages, scripts and code samples for automating maintenance of SSAS in a production environment. Includes operations such as backup the current state of cube designs in production, scripting paritition creation, etc.

Manage SSAS Partitions with SSIS Script Task

Manage SSAS Partitions using the SSIS Script Task. Awesome!

Drilltrough and filtering on SSAS-cubes in SSRS

We will describe a technique to create Reporting services (SSRS) reports that use Analysis services (SSAS) cubes as data sources, have a very intuitive interface and take full advantage of SSAS performance optimization features.


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SSAS Metadata Reports

SSRS 2012 Reports using DMVs through OLEDB connectivity to deliver SSAS Metadata

Sql Server Analysis Services Utils

SQL Server Analysis Services Utilities. The initial code just contains a form to get your dimensions and paritions and process them (although it is not async - something that would be cool to add though!). Figured it would be good to start a project to get any and all SSAS AMO...

BI Architecture and Design Guide

This release is an outcome of an exploratory project done by the P&P group (Microsoft) to understand the BI Landscape, Challenges and Common Solutions. The Architecture and Design Guidelines for BI Applications provides prescriptive guidance on how to overcome architectural ...

DataConnectors - Data Connector SDK and samples for Power Query and Power BI

Data Connectors for Power BI enables users to connect to and access data from your application, service, or data source, providing them with rich business intelligence and robust analytics over multiple data sources. By integrating seamlessly into the Power Query connectivity experience in Power BI Desktop, Data Connectors make it easy for power users to query, shape and mashup data from your app to build reports and dashboards that meet the needs of their organization.Data Connectors are created using the M language. This is the same language used by the Power Query user experience found in Power BI Desktop and Excel 2016. Extensions allow you to define new functions for the M language, and can be used to enable connectivity to new data sources. While this document will focus on defining new connectors, much of the same process applies to defining general purpose M functions. Extensions can vary in complexity, from simple wrappers that essentially just provide "branding" over existing data source functions, to rich connectors that support Direct Query.

sap-bi-users-importer - This script allows to bulk import users into SAP BI

This script allows to bulk import users into SAP BI