Path Length Checker

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Path Length Checker is a stand-alone app that allows you to specify a root directory, and it gives you back a list of all paths (i.e. files and directories) in that root directory and their lengths. It includes features such as pattern matching and min/max length constraints, ...



Related Projects

XNA Bezier Path Lighting

  •    CSharp

Bezier Path Lighting provides a new way to light virtual worlds in XNA. This new lighting approach employs Bezier Curves to create lights with "length", unlike traditional point or spot lights. This project is written in C# for XNA, but can be applied to other graphics libraries.



CopyLocation shell extension makes it easier for Windows users to copy file names to the clipboard. Copying of parts of the path like folder name, file name, short (8.3) path or UNC path is also supported. It's developed in C++ for x86 or x64 architecture.

File System Controls in WPF (Folder Picker and Auto Complete TextBox)


This project contains WPF controls that are useful for working with the File System. Currently there is only an auto complete path (like address bar of Windows Explorer) control and a folder pick control (folder TreeView). Both can be used to pick a folder or use UNC path

pgRouting - Extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality

  •    C

pgRouting extends the PostGIS / PostgreSQL geospatial database to provide geospatial routing functionality. Data and attributes can be modified by many clients, like QGIS through JDBC, ODBC, or directly using Pl/pgSQL. The clients can either be PCs or mobile devices. Data changes can be reflected instantaneously through the routing engine. There is no need for precalculation. The “cost” parameter can be dynamically calculated through SQL and its value can come from multiple fields or tables.

SublimeFixMacPath - A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to set the PATH correctly on OS X

  •    Python

On OS X, Sublime Text has its PATH set by launchctl, not by your shell1. Commands like make run by Sublime Text are then unable to find non-system binaries, including those installed by homebrew and MacPorts. Fix Mac Path is a simple plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3 which sets Sublime Text's PATH to that reported by your shell. Now, if you add homebrew's /usr/local/bin directory to your PATH in .bash_profile (or whatever other way you set your shell's PATH,) Sublime Text will inherit that PATH.

Copy Path


This is a Windows Explorer shell extension that will allow you to right click on a drive or file system object and copy the path of the file to the clipbpoard. If the drive is a mapped drive or the file system object exits on a mapped drive it will resolve the full UNC path.

Quivers and Path Algebras


This is a project for developing a GAP package for doing computations with finite dimensional quotients of path algebras, and finitely generated modules over such algebras. The system design of QPA was initiated by E. Green, L. Heath and C. Struble. The current version of the QPA package has the basic features for creating a program that can do a variety of computations for finite dimensional qoutients of path algebras. In particular, it has data structures for quivers, quotients of path a

pasition - Path Transition with little JS code, render to anywhere - 轻量级Path过渡库,渲染到任何地方

  •    Javascript

you can get the path from attr d of svg path element. This content is released under the MIT License.

node-app-root-path - Determine the root path to your project

  •    Javascript

Please Note: Due to the very limited scope of this module, I do not anticipate needing to make very many changes to it. Expect long stretches of zero updates—that does not mean that the module is outdated. This simple module helps you access your application's root path from anywhere in the application without resorting to relative paths like require("../../path").



NDepend.Helpers.FilePathDirectory is a library that handles common path operations such as absolute/relative conversion, validity, rebasing, normalization, browsing...

yocto-gl - Yocto/GL: Tiny C++ Libraries for Data-Driven Physically-based Graphics

  •    C++

Yocto/GL is a collection of small C++17 libraries for building physically-based graphics algorithms released under the MIT license. Yocto/GL is written in a deliberatly data-oriented style for ease of development and use. Yocto/GL is split into two small libraries to make code navigation easier. See each header file for documentation. Here are some test images rendered with the path tracer. More images are included in the project site.

Full Folder Path In SharePoint 2010 Library Breadcrumb


A delegate contro for SharePoint 2010 that modifies OOTB doc.library/list breadcrumb to set a full path to the current folder instead of the truncated original.

XAML & SVG Path Compressor


Path Compressor is a simple tool for shortening XAML and SVG Vector Path Data, which helps to reduce the size of XAML and SVG documents containing many or long paths. Feed it some XAML/SVG or a string of Path Data and it will give you back a shortened version.

critical-path-css-tools - Tools to prioritize above-the-fold (critical-path) CSS


The following is a list of tools to help generate, inline and report on critical-path CSS. Async loading should be used to fetch the rest of your site-wide styles after you've inlined your critical-path CSS.

Bash Environment Variable Manager

  •    Perl

pathmgr is a script that helps manage environment variables in bash. Persistently edit variables with commands like 'path edit APP_HOME'. Change vars used in your path and then reload with 'path load PATH'. And there is more...

l1-path-finder - 🗺 Fast path planning for 2D grids

  •    Javascript

A fast path planner for grids. The input to the library is in the form of an ndarray. For more information on this data type, check out the SciJS project.

paths - Build and edit SVGs in the browser

  •    Javascript

Paths is an SVG path element editor intended to demonstrate the path syntax in an interactive interface. Compared to other SVG elements, the path command syntax can look intimidating. This app is intended to help users understand how the commands work and how to get started with coding and manipulating paths. The path element is used to create complex shapes based on a series of commands. Each command begins with a letter and is followed by numbers representing x/y coordinates according to the SVG’s viewBox attribute. Uppercase letters represent absolute coordinate movements, and lowercase letters represent relative movements. For simplicity, the Paths app only supports absolute movements.

PathAnimView - 用于做Path动画的自定义View。 I have a path.I have a view. (Oh~),Path(Anim)View.

  •    Java

I have a path.I have a view. (Oh~),Path(Anim)View. Now i have a pic.I have a view. Oh~,Path(Anim)View.

AnimatedPathView - An animated path view following the methods in a blog post from Romain Guy

  •    Java

An animated path view following the methods in a blog post from Romain Guy here: Per the blog post, I will be adding SVG support soon. Example: This will create a path that will draw a border around the top half of the screen and an X through the middle of it.

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