JTAppleCalendar - The Unofficial Apple iOS Swift Calendar View

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A: However you want it to look.




Related Projects

react-native-calendar-events - React Native Module for iOS and Android Calendar Events

  •    Java

A React Native module to help access and save events to iOS and Android calendars. This package assumes that you already have a React Native project or are familiar with React Native. If not, checkout the official documentation for more details about getting started with React Native.

CalendarKit - πŸ“… Fully customizable calendar for iOS

  •    Swift

CalendarKit is a fully customizable calendar library written in Swift. It was designed to look similar to iOS Calendar app out-of-the-box, but allow complete customization when needed. To make modifications easy, CalendarKit is composed of multiple small modules. They can be used together, or on their own. There is no need to do layout, CalendarKit will take care of it. CalendarKit also creates EventViews for you and reuses them.

MBCalendarKit - An open source calendar framework for iOS, with support for customization, IBDesignable, Autolayout, and more

  •    Objective-C

MBCalendarKit is a calendar control written in Objective-C with modern best practices and Swift interoperability in mind. It offers a flexible calendar control, with support for displaying any calendar system supported by NSCalendar. It also includes an API to customize the calendar cells. It also ships with a prebuilt view controller, inspired by the original iOS calendar.

CalendarIOS7 - Calendar component for iOS apps

  •    Objective-C

Calendar iOS is a very simple calendar/date picker component for your iOS apps based on UICollectionView and 2 layouts. If events are availble, cell can be customize to present this state. The calendar view controller can get a array of events. Events have just to implement this protocol.

PMCalendar - Yet another calendar component for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Yet another calendar component for iOS. Compatible with iOS 4.0 (iPhone & iPad) and higher. UI is inspired by ocrickard's OCCalendarController. It's quite good component, but doesn't have some useful features which I wanted to see. Unfortunately OCCalendarController very hard to maintain, so I decided to create my own implementation.

JTCalendar - A customizable calendar view for iOS.

  •    Objective-C

JTCalendar is an easily customizable calendar control for iOS. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile.

CVCalendar - A custom visual calendar for iOS 8+ written in Swift (4.0).

  •    Swift

So let's get started. Warning! Since 1.1.1 version CVCalendar requires an implementation of two protocols CVCalendarViewDelegate and CVCalendarMenuViewDelegate, please implement both. Also note, they both have a method with the same signature which means you need to impement it only once. Take a look at the Demo project for more info.

DSLCalendarView - Simple calendar view for iOS

  •    Objective-C

DSLCalendar view is an iOS control that displays a calendar similar to the system calendar. It allows the user to select a single date or a date range. DSLCalendarMonthSelectorView is the view displayed above the current month. It contains a label showing the current month and year, labels for the days of the week and buttons to allow the user to navigate to the previous or next month.

RSDayFlow - iOS 7+ Calendar (Date Picker) with Infinite Scrolling.

  •    Objective-C

iOS 7 Calendar with Infinite Scrolling. Only need 4 lines of code to set up. Import the class header.

react-native-calendars - React Native Calendar Components πŸ“†

  •    Javascript

This module includes various customizable react native calendar components. The package is both Android and iOS compatible.

Daysquare - πŸ“† An elegant calendar control for iOS.

  •    Objective-C

An elegant calendar control for iOS. Get bored with native silly UIDatePicker? You may have a try on this control. Instead of showing you an awkward wheel, it just presents as a intuitive full-size calendar with a lot of preference properties that you can change.

LotusNotes-Google Calendar Synchronizer

  •    Java

This application synchronizes Lotus Notes Calendar entries with Google Calendar. GCal supports syncing with both iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android devices, so you can now view your Lotus Notes calendar on your mobile device. GCal also allows you to view the calendar using any ical/rss/html compatible viewer. Currently the sync is only one direction: pushing Lotus Notes entries to GCal. All entries manually created in GCal will be ignored (and not copied down to Lotus Notes).

Calendar-PhoneGap-Plugin - :date: Cordova plugin to Create, Change, Delete and Find Events in the native Calendar

  •    Java

Every now and then kind folks ask me how they can give me all their money. Of course I'm happy to receive any amount but I'm just as happy if you simply 'star' this project. This plugin allows you to add events to the Calendar of the mobile device.

CKCalendar - A sleek, easily customized calendar control for iOS.

  •    Objective-C

CKCalendar is a sleek, easily customizable calendar control for iOS. Simply add the header, implementation, and resource files to your project and link against it's framework dependencies: QuartzCore and CoreGraphics. There are a number of delegate methods in the CKCalendarDelegate protocol that make it easy to customize and extend the calendar's behavior.

PDTSimpleCalendar - A simple Calendar / Date Picker for iOS using UICollectionView

  •    Objective-C

PDTSimpleCalendar is a very simple calendar/date picker component for your iOS apps based on UICollectionView. You should read the Release Notes when you upgrade to a newer version.

ABCalendarPicker - Fully configurable iOS calendar UI component with multiple layouts and smooth animations

  •    Objective-C

Fully configurable iOS calendar UI component with multiple layouts and smooth animations.

EPCalendarPicker - Colourful calendar for iOS written in Swift

  •    Swift

Colourful calendar for iOS written in Swift

ios-calendar - Stylable and extensible month calendar view for iPhone

  •    Objective-C

Stylable and extensible month calendar view for iPhone

Koyomi - Simple customizable calendar component in Swift :calendar:

  •    Swift

Open Example/Koyomi.xcworkspace and run Koyomi-Example to see a simple demonstration. If you want to change displayed month, call display(in: MonthType). MonthType is defined by three types.