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remote_syslog tails one or more log files and sends syslog messages to a remote central syslog server. It generates packets itself, ignoring the system syslog daemon, so its configuration doesn't affect system-wide logging. This code is tested with the hosted log management service Papertrail and should work for transmitting to any syslog server.



Related Projects

LogTrail - Log Viewer plugin for Kibana

  •    Javascript

LogTrail is a plugin for Kibana to view, analyze, search and tail log events from multiple hosts in realtime with devops friendly interface inspired by Papertrail.


  •    Perl

Syslog2 is an syslogd's realtime parser and event handler. Event is a message from some service. It uses much simplified plugin system to add event handlers. Syslog2 written in Perl. Handlers are placed in 'syslog2-handlers' package.

metriks - An experimental library to instrument ruby

  •    Ruby

This is an experiment in making a threadsafe, low impact library to measure aspects of your ruby. The library is very much a work-in-progress. It is being developed as I find needs while developing Papertrail.

paper_trail - Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.

  •    Ruby

Track changes to your models, for auditing or versioning. See how a model looked at any stage in its lifecycle, revert it to any version, or restore it after it has been destroyed. Add PaperTrail to your Gemfile.

nxlog - Multi platform Log management

  •    C

nxlog is a modular, multi-threaded, high-performance log management solution with multi-platform support. In concept it is similar to syslog-ng or rsyslog but is not limited to unix/syslog only. It can collect logs from files in various formats, receive logs from the network remotely over UDP, TCP or TLS/SSL . It supports platform specific sources such as the Windows Eventlog, Linux kernel logs, Android logs, local syslog etc.


  •    C

A multi-platform universal log collector and forwarder

Modular Syslog

  •    C

A replacement to traditional syslog daemons. Including cryptographic log protection, mysql, postgresql. Supported on Linux, BSD, Irix, Solaris and AIX.


  •    C

LaunchMON is a software infrastructure that enables HPC run-time tools to co-locate tool daemons with a parallel job. Its API allows a tool to identify all the remote processes of a job and to scalably launch daemons into the relevant nodes.


  •    Ruby

Lightweight Ruby daemon for reading local files and emitting remote syslog (without using local syslog daemon)

lua-resty-logger-socket - Raw-socket-based Logger Library for Nginx (based on ngx_lua)

  •    Perl

This library is still experimental and under early development. This is aimed to replace Nginx's standard ngx_http_log_module to push access logs to a remote server via an nonblocking socket. A common remote log server supporting sockets is syslog-ng.

syslog-ng - syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and output methods: syslog, unstructured text, queueing, SQL & NoSQL

  •    C

syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL and NoSQL alike), and more. For a brief introduction to configuring the syslog-ng application, see the quickstart guide.

liblogfaf - A library that logs messages using non-blocking UDP datagrams.

  •    C

liblogfaf (faf stands for fire-and-forget) is a dynamic library that is designed to be LD_PRELOAD-ed while starting a process that uses openlog() & syslog() functions to send syslog messages. It overrides logging functions to make log messages sent as UDP datagrams instead of getting written to /dev/log (which can block). This is useful for processes that call syslog() as part of their main execution flow and can therefore be easily broken when /dev/log buffer gets full, for example when the process that is expected to read from it (usually system syslog daemon like rsyslog or syslog-ng) stops doing that.Please note that liblogfaf should not be used in an environment where reliable log message delivery is required.

ekanite - The Syslog server with built-in search

  •    Go

For detailed look at the goals, design, and implementation of this project, check out these blog posts. Ekanite is a high-performance syslog server with built-in text search. Its goal is to do a couple of things, and do them well -- accept log messages over the network, and make it easy to search the messages. What it lacks in feature, it makes up for in focus. Built in Go, it has no external dependencies, which makes deployment easy.

Dry - A Docker container manager for the terminal

  •    Go

Dry is a terminal application to manage Docker. It shows information about Containers, Images and Networks, and, if running a Docker Swarm, it also shows all kinds of information about the state of the Swarm cluster. It can connect to both local or remote Docker daemons. Besides showing information, it can be used to manage Docker. Most of the commands that the official Docker CLI has, are available in dry with the same behaviour.

Epylog - a Syslog parser

  •    Python

Epylog is a syslog parser which runs periodically, looks at your logs, processes some of the entries in order to present them in a more comprehensible format, and then mails you the output. It is written specifically for large network clusters where a lot of machines (around 50 and upwards) log to the same loghost using syslog or syslog-ng.


  •    Java

Distributed Syslog collector and viewer system with reliable Syslog msgs over tcp, and query with reg ex. using PERL. Supports IETF syslog and syslog relay, JAVA/JINI based, uses postgreSQL, JBOSS. Chain of custody raw to db data link. UTF8, D, F , UK

Band Saw

  •    Python

Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNOME. It allows the user to setup filters that define which messages should generate alerts. Combined with syslog's remote logging functionality it provides a scalable and easily deployed monitoring solution.

flowgger - A fast data collector in Rust

  •    Rust

Flowgger is a fast, simple and lightweight data collector written in Rust. It reads log entries over a given protocol, extracts them, decodes them using a given format, re-encodes them into a different format, and asynchronously pushes the result into a remote data store.

Free Windows Network User Accounting

  •    Perl

FWNUA (Free Windows Network User Accounting) runs silently in a Windows login script and collects data about user logins. It allows more freedom in standardized computer naming. FWNUA keeps track of the workstations so you don't have to! FWNUA now supports syslog and Splunk! A fork of the current 3.0 version can now be downloaded. Look for the fwnua - syslog in the files list. Use Splunk or your own syslog server with data mining tools to create a robust user tracking system.

Event Log to SysLog

  •    CSharp

el2sl mean Event Lot to SysLog. This program start as windows service and send windows event logs to syslog server over network. Source code avialable on github: