composer-private-repository - composer私有仓库建设

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satis - Simple static Composer repository generator

  •    PHP

Simple static Composer repository generator. Read the more detailed instructions in the documentation.

recipes - Symfony Recipes Repository

  •    PHP

Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin. This repository contains "official" recipes for Composer packages endorsed by the Symfony Core Team. For contributed recipes, see the contrib repository.

proposal-private-fields - A Private Fields Proposal for ECMAScript

  •    HTML

Please see that repository for current status. The rest of this repository is left up as a historical archive. The old readme is available here, but will not be kept up to date. Similarly, while the FAQ in this repository will continue to exist as is, it will not be updated; its canonical location incluing any updates is in the class fields repository.

composer-sample-networks - Sample business network definitions for Composer

  •    Javascript

You must install Lerna to build this multi-package repository. You can then work with the packages under packages/ on a per-package basis as any normal node.js package.

talisman - By hooking into the pre-push hook provided by Git, Talisman validates the outgoing changeset for things that look suspicious - such as authorization tokens and private keys

  •    Go

Talisman is a tool to validate code changes that are to be pushed out of a local Git repository on a developer's workstation. By hooking into the pre-push hook provided by Git, it validates the outgoing changeset for things that look suspicious - such as potential SSH keys, authorization tokens, private keys etc. The aim is for this tool to do this through a variety of means including file names and file content. We hope to have it be an effective check to prevent potentially harmful security mistakes from happening due to secrets which get accidentally checked in to a repository.

recipes-contrib - Symfony Contrib Recipes Repositories

  •    PHP

Symfony recipes allow the automation of Composer packages configuration via the Symfony Flex Composer plugin. For more information about contributing a recipe, read the documentation on the main repository.

wpackagist - WordPress Packagist — manage your plugins with Composer

  •    PHP

This is the repository for which allows WordPress plugins and themes to be managed along with other dependencies using Composer. More info and usage instructions at or follow us on Twitter @wpackagist.

grumphp - A PHP code-quality tool

  •    PHP

Sick and tired of defending code quality over and over again? GrumPHP will do it for you! This composer plugin will register some git hooks in your package repository. When somebody commits changes, GrumPHP will run some tests on the committed code. If the tests fail, you won't be able to commit your changes. This handy tool will not only improve your codebase, it will also teach your co-workers to write better code following the best practices you've determined as a team. GrumPHP has a set of common tasks built-in. You will be able to use GrumPHP with a minimum of configuration.

git-secret - :busts_in_silhouette: A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository.

  •    Shell

git-secret is a bash tool which stores private data inside a git repo. git-secret encrypts tracked files with public keys for users whom you trust using gpg, allowing permitted users to access encrypted data using their secret keys. With git-secret, changes to access rights are made easy and private-public key issues are handled for you. Passwords do not need to be changed with git-secret when someone's permission is revoked - just remove their key from the keychain using git secret killperson, and re-encrypt the files, and they won't be able to decrypt secrets anymore. It also supports apt and yum. You can also use make if you want to. See the installation section for the details.

composer-merge-plugin - Merge one or more additional composer.json files at Composer runtime

  •    PHP

Merge multiple composer.json files at Composer runtime.Composer Merge Plugin is intended to allow easier dependency management for applications which ship a composer.json file and expect some deployments to install additional Composer managed libraries. It does this by allowing the application's top level composer.json file to provide a list of optional additional configuration files. When Composer is run it will parse these files and merge their configuration settings into the base configuration. This combined configuration will then be used when downloading additional libraries and generating the autoloader.

composer-changelogs - :notebook: Display better summary after Composer update

  •    PHP

composer-changelogs is a plugin for Composer. It displays some texts after each Composer update to nicely summarize the modified packages with links to release and compare urls. Just copy it in your commit body and you get a nice description.

gruik - Gruik ! An open-source markdown note-taking web app. [ABANDONED PROJECT]

  •    PHP

It's a free & open-source note-taking service. A space where you can store notes, tutorials, code snippets... by writing them in markdown and then keep them private or public. Well, the best way to look for libs we use is to search in the composer file, and the bower file.

git-crypt - Transparent file encryption in git

  •    C++

git-crypt enables transparent encryption and decryption of files in a git repository. Files which you choose to protect are encrypted when committed, and decrypted when checked out. git-crypt lets you freely share a repository containing a mix of public and private content. git-crypt gracefully degrades, so developers without the secret key can still clone and commit to a repository with encrypted files. This lets you store your secret material (such as keys or passwords) in the same repository as your code, without requiring you to lock down your entire repository. git-crypt was written by Andrew Ayer ( For more information, see

Skopeo - Work with remote images registries - retrieving information, images, signing content

  •    Go

skopeo is a command line utility that performs various operations on container images and image repositories. skopeo can work with OCI images as well as the original Docker v2 images. Skopeo works with API V2 container image registries such as and registries, private registries, local directories and local OCI-layout directories.

studio - A workbench for developing Composer packages.

  •    PHP

Develop your Composer libraries with style. This package makes it easy to develop Composer packages while using them.

composer-patches - Simple patches plugin for Composer

  •    PHP

Simple patches plugin for Composer. Applies a patch from a local or remote file to any package required with composer. Instead of a patches key in your root composer.json, use a patches-file key.

codeigniter-composer-installer - Installs the offical CodeIgniter 3 (or 4) with secure folder structure via Composer

  •    PHP

This package installs the offical CodeIgniter (version 3.1.*) with secure folder structure via Composer. Note: If you want to install CodeIgniter4 (under development), see

ParameterHandler - Composer script handling your ignored parameter file

  •    PHP

This tool allows you to manage your ignored parameters when running a composer install or update. It works when storing the parameters in a Yaml file under a single top-level key (named parameters by default). Other keys are copied without change. The app/config/parameters.yml will then be created or updated by the composer script, to match the structure of the dist file app/config/parameters.yml.dist by asking you the missing parameters.

pickle - PHP Extension installer

  •    PHP

Pickle installs PHP extensions easily on all platforms. Pickle is a new PHP extension installer. It is based on Composer and the plan is to get Composer to fully support it. See for the Composer part of the discussions.