OpenSync - synchronization framework for PDA

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The OpenSync project provides synchronization framework. OpenSync's main and most practical goal is to create a solution to synchronize PIM (Personal Information Management - addressbook contacts, calendar events and tasks, personal notes, etc) data between mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant), desktop computer PIM tools and services.



Related Projects

libopensync-plugin-moto - OpenSync plugin for syncing to a Motorola mobile phone

OpenSync plugin for syncing to a Motorola mobile phone

GO Contact Sync Mod

Sync Outlook contacts and notes with Google


PHPSyncML is a PHP SyncML Libary / Server for syncing your contacts, calendars, timetables from your PDA, mobile, desktop via the SyncML protocol. Syncml is the latest and greatest in synchronization. You can sync our desktop or your PDA to a groupware s


An implementation of Microsoft.Synchronization.ClientServices.OfflineSyncProvider using Perst4.NET written in C# / Silverlight for Windows Phone. Lets you use McObject's embedded object database Perst as an offline storage for Microsoft Sync Framework Toolkit.


J2ME application that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and the built-in calendar of a mobile phone (cell phone), BlackBerry or PDA

Sync Toolkit Windows 8 WinRT Windows Phone 8

This project is the WinRT implementation of the Sync Framework Toolkit to enabled synchronization with WinRT and SQLite.


Multi-Map(Google,Yahoo,Microsoft,OpenStreetMap, NOAA/BSB Charts,self-calibrated raster) location-based GPS app for Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphone. Use your mobile phone and the web to collect and share geo-ref content (photos,text).

wp7-simple-sync - a simple autoit gui tool for importing pdf or other files to your wp7 mobile phone

a simple autoit gui tool for importing pdf or other files to your wp7 mobile phone

Bango Windows Phone 7 Application Analytics SDK

Bango application analytics is an analytics solution for mobile applications. This SDK provides a framework you can use in your application to add analytics capabilities to your mobile applications. It's developed in C#.NET (4.0) and targets the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

OpenMobster - Open Source Mobile Cloud Platform

OpenMobster, is an open source Enterprise Backend for Mobile Apps. It provides a bi-directional data synchronization service for mobile apps to synchronize their locally stored database with Enterprise services in the Cloud such as server apps, CRM, ERP, etc. It supports a platform-agnostic Cloud-initiated Push Notification System. It has framework for creating end-to-end Location Aware Apps.

PDA Navigation

Simple Navigation Tool for your PocketPC with GPS Support, contains a compass rose, GPX tracking, sun rise and set calculation for Windows Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 with .Net Compact Framework 2. Export to LOC, GPX, KML; !!! No route planner !!

fernsprecher - This is a arduino framework for Mobile Phone communication based on serial lines

This is a arduino framework for Mobile Phone communication based on serial lines

Midgard - Content Management Framework

Midgard is a persistent storage framework built for the replicated world. It enables developers build applications that have their data in sync between the desktop, mobile devices and web services. It also allows for easy sharing of data between users. Midgard does this all by building on top of technologies like GLib, libgda and D-Bus. It provides developers with object-oriented programming interfaces for C, PHP and Python.


Bean matching puzzle/battle game. Beans Evil. Match Beans. Destroy Beans. Save World. This is a Java implementation of a popular puzzle game type, and code for implementing similar games, on desktop, PDA, mobile phone etc.


A GUI and new interface for windows mobile PDA pocket pc or smart phone. Its main objective is to allow for an intuitive beautiful sliding interface with big buttons and no need for using a stylus.


Play Go on your java enabled mobile phone (or PDA) and write game protocols without carrying a laptop around. quot;mgoquot; is a small, easy-to-use J2ME application featuring: boards from 19x19 to 9x9, load/save games, keep scores (captures/territory), replay.


KABLOG for J2ME is a photoblogging / moblogging / blogging application for your mobile phone, PDA, or other J2ME-compatible device. Supports posting of images as well as standard HTML blog entries.


imchk is a small Perl script which allows the user to access his/her AOL Instant Messenger messages from a mobile device such as a cell phone such or a PDA, using WAP and WML.

GPS Tracker for Windows Mobile

Project Description: GPS Tracker is using Windows Mobile 5.0 device (PDA) for collecting GPS data. PDA sends GPS coordinates using Web services to server and saves data to SQL Server 2005. GPS Data can be visualized as new layer on Virtual Earth. Application can be used for ex...