Sample Web Application using Telerik's OpenAccess ORM

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Sample Web Site Application Project that uses Telerik's OpenAccess ORM for data access.



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Sitefinity Developers, Sitefinity Development Services

Sitefinity is a content management system with a very flexible platform. It can be used for commercial websites, personal blogs and community portals.

Sitefinity Social Widgets Contrib

Sitefinity Social Widget Contrib makes it easier for GiveCamp Charities and other Sitefinity users to pull their social feeds into your site. You'll no longer have to build one off controls. It's developed in a combination of C# and JQuery.

SEVDNUG Sitefinity Data Import Tool

This project contains a tool for Telerik's Sitefinity application. This tools provides the ability to import data from Comma Separated file into any registered Generic Provider.

Sitefinity - Sitefinity Samples

Sitefinity Samples

sitefinity-blogml - BlogML import module for Sitefinity 5.x

BlogML import module for Sitefinity 5.x


The edu.yale.som.sitefinity.autogen .NET solution: * Provides a user control interface to auto generate and configure a hierarchy of pages, their controls, resources (libraries, categories, tags, etc.) within Sitefinity based on an XML config file.

LinqCommerce: An Open Source E-Commerce Module for .NET 3.5 and Sitefinity

Using LINQ, this has many features, such as product reviewing, product recommendations based on your site and, and PayPal integration. This is meant to be a module and exist at part of another project. This project also uses Telerik's RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

EcommerceStoreLocator - A store locator control for Sitefinity Ecommerce

A store locator control for Sitefinity Ecommerce

Restfinity - A Restful WebApi wrapper for Sitefinity

A Restful WebApi wrapper for Sitefinity

FactOffice Add-in for Microsoft Word 2007

This Add-in installs on Microsoft Word 2007 to allow invoice management, based in the spanish XML format facturae. It creates a new Ribbon entry with dedicated electronic invoice options. The resulting system complies with the European Directives 2006/112/CE and 1999/93/CE.

CodeDOM generator for Sitefinity resources

Playing around with CodeDOM - the goal is to make a VS plugin that helps creating SF resources.


jQuery Content Placeholder Labels for Sitefinity 4.x