polyorb-hi-c - PolyORB-HI/C runtime for Ocarina, supports POSIX, RTEMS, Xenomai, XtratuM RTOS

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PolyORB-HI/C is a high-integrity middleware. It provides core middleware constructs, and must be used in conjunction with code generation from AADL models by Ocarina. It is written in C99, and is compatible with the following APIs: RT-POSIX (Linux and OS X), RTEMS, FreeRTOS, Windows, Xenomai and XtratuM.




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MyCCM-HI is a C component framework for critical distributed real time embedded software. It handles inter-component communication, threads (priorities, periods), locks, and mode-based reconfiguration. Web site: http://myccm-hi.sf.net/



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Hi everybody, my name is Felix Geisendörfer and today I'd like to talk about "Faster than C? Parsing Node.js Streams!".Before I get started, I would like to appologize for the "Title Bait". This talk is analyzing the performance of JavaScript vs C-Bindings for MySQL in node.js, but not JavaScript vs. C itself.

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Solution th? nghi?m cho ch??ng trình Dewin, dùng ?? th?c hi?n c? b?n v? h??ng ??i t??ng

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Episodus is an innovative Electronic Health Record (EHR) program. Based on knowledge management technologies, it is made to tell patient's health (hi)story over time and to organize it like a project manager.



The Quantum OS is a text based OS written in C# cosmos. It has somewhat of an artificially intelligent mind. If you type "hi" in the text bar, it will respond, things like that. Anyway, this project is open source and I will have the source code up.

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Hi there, this is Anurag P.'s public repository which contains most of c++ language examples and many command line(only) applications. Well , please do use the code freely and please distribute the projects as much as possible.

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I'm not aware of folks having published their code for the Netflix Prize. Here's mine. Under the team name "Hi!", I competed alone in college. I did it mostly for fun, and to learn modern machine learning techniques. It was an incredibly valuable, but strenuous, time. Well worth it on all fronts, though. I peaked out at #45 or so, and then dropped out to work on my senior thesis, and came in #145 or so. What I learned in the process was that smarter wasn't always better -- make an algorithm, and then scale it up, and then make a dozen tweaks to it, and then average all of the results together. That's how you climbed the leaderboard. As for the technical nitty-gritty, everything that's speed sensitive is written in Cython, which was the best balance of speed and convenience in 2009. If I were to do it al again, I would use (Numba)[http://github.com/numba/numba].


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Editor of PalmOS 'Tbmp', 'tAIB', and 'abmp' bitmap resources, both single and double density (Hi-Res). Supports reading and writing to native files.

LittleD - A relational database for embedded devices and sensors nodes

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Hi there! You may be interested in a sister project, IonDB - A key-value store for embedded devices. LittleD is a relational database for microprocessor devices, using as little as 1kB of RAM for most queries. LittleD supports SELECT-FROM-WHERE syntax, including inner joins, projections, and selections over arbitrary expressions. LittleD also has support for CREATE TABLE and INSERT statements. Only integers and fixed-width strings are supported at this time. In the future, query pre-compilation, network transmission, network relational operators, aggregation, and improved indexing are hoped to be implemented.