omnisharp-roslyn - OmniSharp based on roslyn workspaces

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OmniSharp-Roslyn is a .NET development platform based on Roslyn workspaces. It provides project dependencies and language syntax to various IDE and plugins. OmniSharp-Roslyn is built with the .NET Core SDK on Windows and Mono on OSX/Linux. It targets the net461 target framework. OmniSharp requires mono (>=5.2.0) if it is run on a platform other than Windows.



Related Projects

omnisharp-emacs - Troll coworkers - use Emacs at work for csharp!

  •    Emacs

omnisharp-emacs is a port of the awesome omnisharp-roslyn server to the Emacs text editor. It provides IDE-like features for editing files in C# solutions in Emacs, provided by an OmniSharp server instance that works in the background. Note that C# syntax highlighting and indenting is provided by csharp-mode which is a dependency of this package. See Configuration section below on how to enable omnisharp-mode via the csharp-mode hook.

omnisharp-server - HTTP wrapper around NRefactory allowing C# editor plugins to be written in any language

  •    CSharp

#Notice This project is being replaced with OmniSharp Roslyn. I'll still accept PRs for this project, but please note that all development has stopped here. HTTP wrapper around [NRefactory] ( allowing C# editor plugins to be written for any editor in any language.

omnisharp-vscode - Official C# support for Visual Studio Code (powered by OmniSharp)

  •    TypeScript

The C# extension is powered by OmniSharp. See our change log for more detail.

omnisharp-atom - Omnisharp support for the atom editor

  •    TypeScript

Please ensure you've got Mono 4.0.1 or later installed if you're on OS X/Linux. Or .NET 4.5.1 on Windows. If you want to work on a DNX application then you will also need to have dnvm installed. Please refer to the instructions detailed in the aspnet/home repository.

omnisharp-vim - Vim omnicompletion (intellisense) and more for c#

  •    Vim

OmniSharp-vim is a plugin for Vim to provide IDE like abilities for C#. OmniSharp works on Windows, and on Linux and OS X with Mono. - Code for, which hosts the ASP.NET Community Stand-up

  •    CSharp

Code for the ASP.NET Community Stand-up site.This project now requires Visual Studio 2017 RC build 15.0.0-RC.3+26127.0 or higher, or if using the .NET CLI with VS Code or an OmniSharp enabled editor, .NET Core SDK 1.0 RC3 build 004530 or higher.

roslyn - The

  •    CSharp

Roslyn provides open-source C# and Visual Basic compilers with rich code analysis APIs. It enables building code analysis tools with the same APIs that are used by Visual Studio.Discussion about the transition of language design to the new repos is at


  •    CSharp

This repository contains a number of Roslyn diagnostic analyzers initially developed to help flesh out the design and implementation of the static analysis APIs. They have been migrated from the main dotnet/roslyn repository in order to continue and speed their further development.Pre-release builds are available on MyGet gallery:

dotnet-script - Run C# scripts from the .NET CLI.

  •    CSharp

Run C# scripts from the .NET CLI. The only thing we need to install is .Net Core 2.0+ SDK. dotnet-script supports both .NET Core 2.1 and .NET Core 2.0. Depending on the currently active .NET Core SDK, dotnet-script will run either as netcoreapp2.1 or as netcoreapp2.0. You can use global.json file to control that.

omnisharp-sublime - C# IDE Plugin for Sublime Text 3

  •    Python

OmnisharpSublime is a plugin for ST3 to provide a C# development environment. It communicates with OmniSharpServer by nosami for IDE functions. Move to ST3 plugin directory in console.

PeachPie - The open-source PHP compiler to .NET

  •    CSharp

PeachPie is a modern PHP compiler based on the Microsoft Roslyn compiler platform and drawing from our popular Phalanger project. It allows PHP to be executed within the .NET framework, thereby opening the door for PHP developers into the world of .NET – and vice versa. The project allows for hybrid applications, where parts are written in C# and others in PHP. The parts will be entirely compatible and can communicate seamlessly, all within the .NET framework.

Roslyn Simplified


Wrapper around the Roslyn C# Syntax-API. (85%) Wrapper around the Roslyn C# Semantic-API. (15%) Interactive Generator (5%)

RoslynPad - A cross-platform C# editor based on Roslyn and AvalonEdit

  •    CSharp

RoslynPad is also available as NuGet packages which allow you to use Roslyn services and the editor in your own apps.RoslynPad.Roslyn* package versions will correspond to Roslyn's.

Roslynator - A collection of 500+ analyzers, refactorings and fixes for C#, powered by Roslyn.

  •    CSharp

Although Roslynator products are free of charge, any donation is welcome and supports further development. Currently VS Code does not support distribution of Roslyn-based tools in an extension. Also it does not support analyzers at all. Please read the tutorial how to install refactorings and code fixes for CS diagnostics.

Roslyn and C#-Derived Languages


Roslyn and C#-Derived Languages(for example: Axum)

codeformatter - Tool that uses Roslyn to automatically rewrite the source to follow our coding styles

  •    CSharp

CodeFormatter is a tool that uses Roslyn to automatically rewrite the source to follow our coding styles, which are documented here.In order to build or run this tool you will need to have Microsoft Build Tools 2015 installed. This comes as a part of Visual Studio 2015.

scriptcs - Write C# apps with a text editor, nuget and the power of Roslyn!

  •    CSharp

scriptcs makes it easy to write and execute C# with a simple text editor.While Visual Studio, and other IDEs, are powerful tools, they can sometimes hinder productivity more than they promote it. You don’t always need, or want, the overhead of a creating a new solution or project. Sometimes you want to just type away in your favorite text editor.

code-cracker - An analyzer library for C# and VB that uses Roslyn to produce refactorings, code analysis, and other niceties

  •    CSharp

An analyzer library for C# and VB that uses Roslyn to produce refactorings, code analysis, and other niceties. Check the official project site on There you will find information on how to contribute, our task board, definition of done, definition of ready, etc.

NsDepCop - Namespace dependency checker tool for C#

  •    CSharp

NsDepCop is a static analysis tool that lets you enforce namespace dependency rules in your C# projects. Integrates with MSBuild 4 and Visual Studio 2012.

C# compiler improvements


This project is a proof of concept which demonstrate how to improve a compiler using Roslyn.