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T4 object-to-object mapper generator for C#.



Related Projects

OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator

OMS.Ice is an in-process T4 text template generator. It can be used to parse T4 text templates and to generate textual output at runtime. The OMS.Ice - T4 Text Template Generator has no dependencies to Visual Studio and can be deployed with our application.

Boilerplate Generator

The Boilerplate Generator, or "boilen", is a simple T4 Template file for generating boilerplate property, interface, and constructor code. Supports WPF/Silverlight dependency properties, as well as mutable/immutable/constant .NET properties, INotifyPropertyChanged, etc.


Added support for new functionalities (e.g. support for empty list / null list, references to list types and so on) and T4 TypeModel Generator

CodePlanner - A code generator tool for Visual Studio based on T4 & Powershell.

A code generator tool for Visual Studio based on T4 & Powershell.

OR.NET - .NET O/R Mapper /Code Generator

.NET O/R Mapper amp; Code Generator. Simple GUI creates a robust data layer supporting CRUD, transactions, foreign-key amp; mapping table relationships, strongly typed queries, SPROCS... in pure C#. Easiest O/R Mapper out there. Generate your code in minutes.

DAL Generator using Database Application Block 5 and T4 Template

T4 Template code for generating Data access layer. Database application block 5 for making CRUD Operations. User can make operations with data access layer through a repository object for abstractions. Database Application Block 5 have given automatic data mapping feature thro...

.NET settings class generator T4 templates

A couple of T4 templates to generate a Settings class for your .NET project. Allows you to define your application settings in an XML file and have a class generated which will handle loading and saving settings in the DB, while maintaining a thread-safe in-memory cache.

Entity framework T4 NHibernate mapping generator

This project contains T4 templates to create POCOs + NHibernate mappings from an Entity Framework Model (.edmx).

async-generator - T4 template to generate async methods wrapping existing APM

T4 template to generate async methods wrapping existing APM

squeryl2scalikejdbc - Scalikejdbc mapper generator from Squeryl case classes

Scalikejdbc mapper generator from Squeryl case classes

mokos - Generator domain/repository/mapper php classes from database.

Generator domain/repository/mapper php classes from database.


Various utilities and stuff I wrote and collected through the years. Includes an object relational mapper and modules for Postscript generation in pure Python.

Smart Code Generator

Smart Code Generator is a code generate tool by T4 Templates. Development Environment Visual Studio 2010 .Net Framework 4.0 WPF C# Run Environment Windows .Net Framework 4.0

Razor Generator

A VS single file generator for the ASP.NET Razor View Engine

Kracken Generator and Architecture Tool for Visual Studio 2012

Welcome to Kracken a suite of tools for creating code from Architecture models. This program is the pet project of Tracy Rooks.


T4 Templates for generating view models, and views for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone using T4 Toolbox and MVVM Light

T4 Toolbox

T4 Toolbox is a set of ready-to-use code generators and T4 extensions for Visual Studio. Quickly build powerful C# or VB templates that generate multiple output files or simply use existing templates for LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework and more.


t4talk is the source repository for all samples of the T4 team blog. T4 is a flexible code generation tool that can reduce development time and maintenance cost. T4 is easy to adopt in any project and in any stage of product development.

TFDP - T4 For Database Projects

TFDP brings T4 template transformation to database projects in Visual Studio 2010. It supports regular T4 template transformation (e.g. "on save" transformation) as well as model driven transformation.