rest.js - GitHub REST API client for Node.js

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Install with npm install @octokit/rest.Note: authenticate is synchronous because it only sets the credentials for the following requests.


before-after-hook : ^1.1.0
debug : ^3.1.0
dotenv : ^4.0.0
https-proxy-agent : ^2.1.0
is-stream : ^1.1.0
lodash : ^4.17.4
proxy-from-env : ^1.0.0
url-template : ^2.0.8



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octokit.objc - GitHub API client for Objective-C

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OctoKit is a Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework for interacting with the GitHub API, built using AFNetworking, Mantle, and ReactiveCocoa.However, you don't need a deep understanding of RAC to use OctoKit. There are just a few basic operations to be aware of.

Monkey - Monkey is a GitHub third party client for iOS,to show the rank of coders and repositories.

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Monkey is a GitHub third party client,Monkey is a program ape. Monkey for GitHub is my first on-line App,open source project.Welcome to download through two-dimensional code.

octokit.rb - Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API

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Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API.Upgrading? Check the Upgrade Guide before bumping to a new major version. - A GitHub API client library for .NET

  •    CSharp

Octokit is a client library targeting .NET 4.5 and above that provides an easy way to interact with the GitHub API.Get public info on a specific user.


  •    Ruby

Simple Ruby wrapper for the GitHub v3 API


  •    Python is a comprehensive, actively developed and extraordinarily stable wrapper around the GitHub API (v3). See HISTORY.rst for any "breaking" changes.

automatic-api - A list of software that turns your database into a REST/GraphQL API

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The following is a list of tools that automatically expose a REST, GraphQL, or another kind of API for your database, as well as databases with a built-in HTTP API. GitHub stats updated 2018-07-17. The commit count and the latest commit date are for the default branch (usually master).

js-cookie - A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling browser cookies

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If you're viewing this at, you're reading the documentation for the master branch. View documentation for the latest release. Do not include the script directly from GitHub ( The file is being served as text/plain and as such being blocked in Internet Explorer on Windows 7 for instance (because of the wrong MIME type). Bottom line: GitHub is not a CDN.

rest - REST API generator with Node.js, Express and Mongoose

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📹 Watch this video for an overview on how to use generator-rest and deploy your project to Heroku. If you find this useful, please don't forget to star ⭐️ the repo, as this will help to promote the project. Follow me on Twitter and GitHub to keep updated about this project and others.

azure-rest-api-specs - The source for REST API specifications for Microsoft Azure.

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This repository is the canonical source for REST API specifications for Microsoft Azure.If you're a spec author looking for information about all of of the repositories and steps in the pipeline, go to the adx-documentation-pr repository. Make sure to join the Github Azure organization to get access to that repo.

php-github-api - A simple PHP GitHub API client, Object Oriented, tested and documented. For 5.5+.

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A simple Object Oriented wrapper for GitHub API, written with PHP5. Uses GitHub API v3 & supports GitHub API v4. The object API (v3) is very similar to the RESTful API.

github-viewer - GitHub Viewer.

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An example application that connects to the GitHub REST API and displays users from organizations. Users can then be clicked to retrieve their repositories. Finally, a repository can be clicked and recent commits displayed. To run locally you will need to install Node.js and grunt.

github - Ruby interface to GitHub API

  •    Ruby

A Ruby client for the official GitHub API. Supports all the API methods. It's built in a modular way. You can either instantiate the whole API wrapper or use parts of it i.e. if working solely with repositories is your main concern. Intuitive query methods allow you easily call API endpoints.

identicon.js - GitHub-style identicons as PNGs or SVGs in JS

  •    Javascript

GitHub-style identicons as PNGs or SVGs in JS. This little library will produce the same shape and (nearly) the same color as GitHub when given the same hash value. Supports PNG and SVG output formats. Note that GitHub uses an internal database identifier for the hash, so you can't simply md5 the username and get the same result. The creative visual design is borrowed from Jason Long of Git and GitHub fame.

git-hub - Do GitHub operations from the `git` command

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The hub subcommand for git, allows you to perform many of the operations made available by GitHub's v3 REST API, from the git commandline command. You can fork, create, delete and modify repositories. You can get information about users, repositories and issues. You can star, watch and follow things, and find out who else is doing the same. The API is quite extensive. With this command you can do many of your day to day GitHub actions without needing a web browser.

enhanced-github - :rocket: Chrome extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard

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Note: For private repos(Issue #6), Github Access Token is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to add your Github Access Token. Since this extension fetches data using Github public v3 API for showing file size and download_url, it consumes free quota which is very less Github API Rate Limiting.

Bebop - Simple discussion board / forum web application.

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Bebop is a simple discussion board / forum web application.Create a new empty database (MySQL оr PostgreSQL) that will be used as a data store and a database user with all privileges granted on this database.

github - The github API for Haskell

  •    Haskell

The Github API v3 for Haskell. Some functions are missing; these are functions where the Github API did not work as expected. The full Github API is in beta and constantly improving.

open-event-webapp - Open Event Web App Generator http://opev-webgen-dev

  •    Javascript

The web generator application can generate event websites by getting data from event JSON files and binary media files, that are stored in a compressed zip file. You can also access the application through a REST API. Websites that are generated by the "web app generator" can be uploaded to any web location, e.g. on Github pages or any server (e.g. via ftp). The component that is generated from the web app is the event website. Several sample event sites using the sample from the open-event repo were generated, showcased on the main index page and added to this repo as a Github Pages site. You can have a look at showcase page on We also have a custom domain at to which the former link is redirected.

gfms - Github Flavored Markdown Server (GFMS)

  •    Javascript

You can now use the option -a to tell GFMS to render your documents via the Github Markdown Rendering API. For simplicity, the public access is used, which is limited to 60 requests per hour per an IP address. If the mode -a is not specified, GFMS will render your doc via Github API only when you manually reload it in the browser (and on the first load). This way you are less likely ot hit the hourly API limit, because you will only use the API to check for correctness occasionally. Use -n to disable this feature.