BetterFoliage - Minecraft mod that alters the appearance of leaves & grass

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Minecraft mod that alters the appearance of leaves & grass



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  •    Java

Compiling EE3 - For those that want the latest unreleased features. Contributing - For those that want to help out.

OpenComputers - Home of the OpenComputers mod for Minecraft.

  •    Scala

OpenComputers is a Minecraft mod that adds programmable computers and robots to the game. The built-in computer implementation uses Lua 5.2 and is fully persistent. This means programs will continue running across reloads. For more information, please see the wiki. Feel invited to visit the community forums or drop by in the IRC channel #oc on This mod is licensed under the MIT license. All assets are public domain, unless otherwise stated; all are free to be distributed as long as the license / source credits are kept. This means you can use this mod in any mod pack as you please. I'd be happy to hear about you using it, though, just out of curiosity.

SpongeForge - A Forge mod that implements SpongeAPI

  •    Java

A Forge implementation of the Sponge API. The following steps will ensure your project is cloned properly.

WorldEdit - An in-game voxel map editor for Minecraft

  •    Java

WorldEdit is Minecraft mod that turns Minecraft into an in-game map editor (sorta, kinda). WorldEdit is open source!, so if you've just learned how to make a button blink, I probably recommend picking up a book on CS algorithms. The project is licensed using the GNU Lesser General Public License license, v3.

ScriptCraft - Write Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

ScriptCraft lets you write Minecraft Mods using Javascript - a programming language that's relatively easy to learn and use. ScriptCraft is a Minecraft Server plugin which means it must be used with a Minecraft server. Once you've downloaded and installed the Minecraft Server, then installed the ScriptCraft Plugin you can write your own Minecraft mods using Javascript. I created ScriptCraft to make it easier for younger programmers to create their own Minecraft Mods. Mods are written using the JavaScript programming language. Once the ScriptCraft mod is installed, you can add your own new Mods by adding JavaScript (.js) files in a directory.

ProjectRed - Extending redstone functionality to FMP

  •    Scala

Project Red is a mod written for Forge Multipart. It brings vastly improved redstone control to Minecraft via compact wiring and integrated logic gates. For anyone wanting a new logic gate. Here's my proposal.



This is an extreme MOD on Minecraft, will be creating a more RPG MMO atmosphere and will require a switching of the actual Jar files as to not mess with Minecraft regular play, and keep people's already imported Mods alone. Built for MineCraft Beta 1.7.3 Currently in pr...

Minecraft-Server-Mod - Server administration mod and API for Minecraft beta multiplayer server

  •    Java

Server administration mod and API for Minecraft beta multiplayer server

TerrainControl - Bukkit plugin version of Biome Terrain Mod - minecraft land generator.

  •    Java

Bukkit plugin version of Biome Terrain Mod - minecraft land generator.

ExtrabiomesXL - The ExtrabiomesXL Minecraft Mod

  •    Java

The ExtrabiomesXL Minecraft Mod

Botania - A magic mod for Minecraft based on nature and plant life.

  •    Java

Welcome to the Botania repository. Botania is a Minecraft mod based on adding natural magic to the game. It's inspired by other magic mods, such as Thaumcraft or Blood Magic.

MCPELauncher - Issue tracker for BlockLauncher, a launcher that patches Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android

  •    Java

BlockLauncher is a custom Minecraft PE launcher that wraps around Minecraft PE and provides texture pack and patch loading support. This program loads from the currently installed copy of Minecraft PE, so it should be compatiable with the mod patching features of PocketTool and QuickPatch.



This project is a launcher for minecraft that loads and updates the BoonCraft mod pack. See for more info on BoonCraft.

ComputerCraft - Programmable Computers for Minecraft

  •    Lua

ComputerCraft is a Minecraft modification which adds programmable Robots and Computers to the world of Minecraft. If you're not familiar with ComputerCraft, visit the Website or the Wiki to find out more. ComputerCraft was originally released in late 2011 by Daniel Ratcliffe. In early 2017, after working on the mod solo for five years, it was decided to release the source code publicly to allow Dan to devote time to other projects. This repository marks the first public release of this source code.

The Modding Table

  •    Java

The Modding table is a free software by CraftYourMod, to craft easily your own Minecraft mod without writing a line of code. Just configure your mod, add blocks/items, export it, compile it and run it ! The Modding table is also Cross Platform, so you can run on every recent OSes. There is also a WYSIWYG crafting recipe editor.

Minecraft Tools


This project includes various .NET-based tools for working with Minecraft, including a speedy map renderer and an easy-to-use mod installer.

Minecraft Server Manager


A MineCraft Server Manager application for Windows. The application is a wrapper for the server that aims to make server management easier! Works with any mod.

Bukkit - The Minecraft Mod API

  •    Java

A Minecraft Server API. We use maven to handle our dependencies.

Mekanism - A mod for Minecraft

  •    Java

Source code. More information can be found on the mod's forum post. Mekanism is a Minecraft add-on featuring high-tech machinery that can be used to create powerful tools, armor, and weapons.