Contacts Manager for Office Communicator

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Centrally manage OCS Contacts and Groups for a single user or for a selected group of users performing these tasks: - Wipe contacts and groups - Create/Delete Contact Groups - Add/Move/Delete Contacts in groups - Exports Contact List to XML templates, - Load Contacts & G...



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Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget


The Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget is Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that includes functionality to track your Favorite 5 contacts, have the gadget track the Top 5 contacts you communicate with, check your voicemail, and interact with your contacts directly from the ...

Rendering presence within IBM Lotus Connections using Microsoft OCS Name Control


This project documents and demonstrates using the Microsoft Communicator clients name control, how to provide presence awareness within a IBM Lotus Connections iWidget and Business card.

OCS R2 WebChat


This Code only for OCS R2 only. For above from OCS R2 you can use Ajax Ocs and you can find it on msdn website.


  •    Javascript

Intranet Agenda and contacts list. You can distribute your contacts in buildings, sections and units. Each user can maintain contacts and groups themselves. No administrator required. Also multiples agendas (ala Google Calendar) can be set for users.

Office Communicator SDK Wrapper


The Office Communicator SDK Wrapper project encapsulates the functionality provided in the Office Communicator 2007 SDK into a convenient wrapper class. If you've built applications that use the Office Communicator 2007 SDK, you've probably realized that you ended up duplica...

Parlano MindAlign to Microsoft OCS Group Chat Gateway & Migration Tools


A community effort led by Grey Convergence to develop and support tools to enable migration from Parlano MindAlign 6.5 to Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) Group Chat which will be released as part of the OCS 2007 R2 release. The initial tools will be a gateway to ...

Monster Communicator

  •    Java

Monster Communicator - an innovatory java communicator with lots of nice, never seen in other communicators, features like virtual blackboard. Supports Gadu-gadu, Tlen, Jabber. ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Skype will come in future too. Go see screenshots.

Office Communicator Logger

  •    VBNET

Office Communicator Logger is a standalone Windows application which monitors Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 conversation windows in order to automatically save, organize, and provide access to conversation history.

Microsoft OCS Assessment Tool

  •    C

First ever security assessment tool developed for Microsoft Office Communication Server R1/R2. OAT is designed to check security posture of MS OCS deployments.

Protocol plugin for Office 365/Lync/OCS

  •    C

Please make sure to read this page: A third-party Pidgin/Adium/Miranda/Telepathy plugin for the extended version of SIP/SIMPLE used by various products: * Microsoft Office 365 * Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) * Microsoft Lync Server * Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS 2007/2007 R2) * Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS 2003/2005) * Reuters Messaging

OCS Inventory NG

  •    PHP

Do you know all devices connected to your IT network ? Do you know which software or hardware component is installed on a computer ? Are you able to deploy softwares or configuration scripts on your computers ? No, then Try OCS Inventory NG...


  •    Javascript

Open source alternative to Dropbox and Box for the enterprise



A client-server chat program allowing users to have a list of contacts with whom they can chat either individually or in groups. Will support sending files and emoticons. Developed in C# using WPF, MVVM and WCF.


  •    Javascript

The Recorder is a Web-based information system designed for small nonprofits, such as school clubs, churches, and other congregations. It records data on members, guests, contacts, groups, pledges, contributions, and other elements.

Synrc Contacts


Synrc Contacts is available to public community Sync engine. Focused on synchronization of contact Information from different sync sources: Windows Contacts, Outlook, NOKIA Phones, GMAIL, Windows Live, Yahoo!. It supports contacts loading and updating from/to sync source.

ETH Lecture Communicator

  •    Java

ETH Lecture Communicator is a tool to improve the interaction in the classroom. The software enables the instructor to create and carry out in-class online-assessments and facilitates organized and instant two-way communication for big classes.

Galaxy Communicator

  •    C

Galaxy Communicator is an open source architecture for the plug and play construction of dialogue systems. Please visit the lt;a href=quot;;gt;Project Home Pagelt;/agt; for Software and Documentation.

jitsi-android - Jitsi for Android is an Android port of the Jitsi project: The most feature-rich communicator with support for encrypted audio/video, chat and presence over SIP and XMPP

  •    Java

The development of Jitsi for Android has been stopped in early 2015. Issues and Pull Requests will not be addressed. Jitsi for Android is an Android port of the Jitsi project: The most feature-rich communicator with support for encrypted audio/video, chat and presence over SIP and XMPP.

System Center Cross Platform Solutions


System Center Cross Platform Solutions are open source add-ons for System Center products to enable management of heterogeneous enterprise infrastructures. Current solutions include support for managing Linux and UNIX operating systems using System Center 2012 Operations Manag...

PHP Turbulence

  •    Javascript

PHP Turbulence is a suite of PHP scripts that work together in unison. They do not require one another to be present, but work perfect together. The intent of the project is to eliminate the need to download a PHP message board, PHP news, PHP user manag