Spyglass - Simple search results with Solr and EmberJS

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Spyglass provides a simple search interface for Solr using EmberJS. Searchers that return a result from a given Solr url. Result Sets that automatically show the results returned by their searchers, and Facets which toggle search parameters.




Related Projects

Splainer - Solr Sandbox for exploring explain information and tweaking

Splainer is the sandbox that explains your search results for you so you don't have to go digging through explain debug. Splainer is different by being a sandbox. Paste in your Solr URL, query parameters and all. As you work with your query, changing parameters, Splainer shows you parsed and summarized explain information alongside your documents.

Lux - XML Search engine

Lux is an open source XML search engine using Lucene /Solr and Saxon XQuery/XSLT processor. Lux provides XML-aware indexing, an XQuery 1.0 optimizer that rewrites queries to use the indexes, and a function library for interacting with Lucene via XQuery. These capabilities are tightly integrated with Solr, and leverage its application framework in order to deliver a REST service, application server, and supporting tools.

Carrot2 - Search Results Clustering Engine

Carrot2 is an Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine. It could cluster the search results from various sources and generates small collection of documents. Carrot2 offers ready-to-use components for fetching search results from various sources including YahooAPI, GoogleAPI, Bing API, eTools Meta Search, Lucene, SOLR, Google Desktop and more.

Data-SearchEngine-Solr - Release history of Data-SearchEngine-Solr

Release history of Data-SearchEngine-Solr

solr-tools - simple solr tools to manage Solr Cores

simple solr tools to manage Solr Cores

Thoth - Real-time Solr Monitor and Search Analysis Engine

Thoth is a real-time solr monitor and search analysis engine. It's a set of tools that can help you collect, visualize and leverage data coming from your solr search infrastructure.

meresco-solr - Meresco Solr is a set of components and tools to integrate Solr into Meresco.

Meresco Solr is a set of components and tools to integrate Solr into Meresco.

Solr - Blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform

Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic clustering, database integration, and rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling. Solr is highly scalable, providing distributed search and index replication, and it powers the search and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites.

Blacklight - Discovery Interface for any Apache Solr

Blacklight is an open source OPAC (online public access catalog). It is ruby-on-rails based discovery interface (a.k.a. “next-generation catalog”) especially optimized for heterogeneous collections. It could be used as a library catalog, as a front end for a digital repository, or as a single-search interface to aggregate digital content that would otherwise be siloed. Blacklight uses Solr, an enterprise-scale index for its search engine.

hive-solr - Code to index Hive tables to Solr and Solr indexes to Hive

This project includes tools to build a Hive SerDe to index Hive tables to Solr.Index Hive table data to Solr.


Tools for reading data from Solr as a Spark RDD and indexing objects from Spark into Solr using SolrJ.

oai-solr-tools - Webapp that supports the OAI-PMH protocol driven by a Solr index

Webapp that supports the OAI-PMH protocol driven by a Solr index

splainer-search - Angular JS Solr and Elasticsearch Diagnostic Search Services

Splainer Search is an Angular Solr and Elasticsearch Search library focussed on relevance diagnostics. It's used in relevancy tuning tools Quepid and Splainer. Its available for anyone to use (see license).Splainer search utilizes a JSONP wrapper for communication with Solr. Elasticsearch communicates clearly with simple HTTP and JSON. All fields are explained and highligted. A friendly interface is provided to specify the arguments in terms of a Javascript object. See below for basic examples.

Constellio - Enterprise Search engine

Constellio Open Source Enterprise Search is based on Apache Solr and using Google Search Appliances connectors architecture, it allows, with a single click, to find all relevant content in your organization (Web, email, ECM, CRM etc.).

Hue - The open source Apache Hadoop UI

Hue is a Web application for interacting with Apache Hadoop. It supports a FileBrowser for accessing HDFS, JobBrowser for accessing MapReduce jobs (MR1/MR2-YARN), Job Designer for creating MapReduce/Streaming/Java jobs, HBase Browser for exploring and modifying HBase tables and data, Oozie App for submitting and scheduling workflows and bundles, A Pig/HBase/Sqoop2 shell, Beeswax application for executing Hive queries, Search app for querying Solr and Solr Cloud.

hadoop-solr - Code to index HDFS to Solr using MapReduce

This project includes tools to build a Hadoop job jar that can index documents from HDFS to Solr.Uses MapReduce to process large content sets.

Strus - Full text Search Engine in C++

The open source project strus provides a collection of C++ (C++98) libraries and command line tools for building a full-text search engine. The strus search engine can be build using any key value store database that provides an upper bound seek function for the stored key/value pairs. Currently there exists an implementation based on the LevelDB library.