craft-transcoder - Transcode video & audio files to various formats, and provide video thumbnails

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Note: The license fee for this plugin is $59.00 via the Craft Plugin Store. This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.0.0 or later.


@babel/polyfill : ^7.0.0
tailwindcss : ^0.6.6
vue : ^2.5.17
vue-confetti : ^0.4.1



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There are several scripts included in craft-scripts, each of which perform different functions. They all use a shared to function. This should be created on each environment where you wish to run the craft-scripts, and it should be excluded from your git repo via .gitignore. Craft-Scripts works with both Craft 2.x & Craft 3.x, and has built-in support for both mysql as well as postgres databases.

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Transcoder Audio Edition is an audio converter for Linux which can convert from one audio format into another and can extract audio tracks from video files and convert them into audio formats. It uses GTK+ as GUI toolkit and ffmpeg as backend.


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Transcoder is a video converter for Linux using GTK+ as GUI toolkit and ffmpeg as backend.

aws-lambda-ffmpeg - An S3-triggered Amazon Web Services Lambda function that runs your choice of FFmpeg 🎬 commands on a file 🎥 and uploads the outputs to a bucket

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An AWS Lambda Event-driven function that resizes videos and outputs thumbnails using FFmpeg. This function is meant for short-duration videos. If you need to transcode long videos, check out AWS Elastic Transcoder. The different platforms have different naming conventions for their services. To simplify this, listed below is a proposed table of generalized terms that are platform-independent.

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Arista Transcoder

video-transcoding-api - Agnostic API to transcode media assets across different cloud services.

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The HYBRIK_PRESET_PATH is optional and defines the folder presets will be stored in. If not specified, it will default to 'video-transcoding-api-presets'.Please notice that for Elastic Transcoder you don't specify the destination bucket, as it is defined in the Elastic Transcoder Pipeline.

android-transcoder - MP4 video transcode using Android MediaCodec API, pure Java (not LGPL nor patent issue!)

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Hardware accelerated transcoder for Android, written in pure Java. Android does not offer straight forward way to transcode video.

Handbrake - The open source video transcoder

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HandBrake is a tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. It converts video from nearly any format. Handbrake can process most common multimedia files and any DVD or BluRay sources that do not contain any kind of copy protection.

kube-plex - Scalable Plex Media Server on Kubernetes -- dispatch transcode jobs as pods on your cluster!

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kube-plex is a scalable Plex Media Server solution for Kubernetes. It distributes transcode jobs by creating pods in a Kubernetes cluster to perform transcodes, instead of running transcodes on the Plex Media Server instance itself. kube-plex works by replacing the Plex Transcoder program on the main PMS instance with our own little shim. This shim intercepts calls to Plex Transcoder, and creates Kubernetes pods to perform the work instead. These pods use shared persistent volumes to store the results of the transcode (and read your media!).


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Drip is a DVD transcoder for Unix. Main target platform is Linux with a Gnome environment. Drip is a full featured application, with support for subtitles, audio and angle selection and complete control of what part of the DVD should be encoded. Plugin f


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