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Vue.js Meta Framework to create complex, fast & universal web applications quickly. Learn more at


@babel/core : ^7.0.0
@nuxtjs/babel-preset-app : ^0.5.0
@nuxtjs/friendly-errors-webpack-plugin : ^2.0.2
@nuxtjs/opencollective : ^0.1.0
@nuxtjs/youch : ^4.2.3
babel-loader : ^8.0.0
cache-loader : ^1.2.2
caniuse-lite : ^1.0.30000878
chalk : ^2.4.1
chokidar : ^2.0.4
compression : ^1.7.3
connect : ^3.6.5
consola : ^1.4.3
css-loader : 0.28.11
cssnano : ^4.0.5
debug : ^3.1.0
esm : ^3.0.80
etag : ^1.8.1
file-loader : ^2.0.0
fresh : ^0.5.2
fs-extra : ^7.0.0
glob : ^7.1.2
hash-sum : ^1.0.2
html-minifier : ^3.5.19
html-webpack-plugin : ^3.2.0
ip : ^1.1.5
launch-editor-middleware : ^2.2.1
lodash : ^4.17.10
lru-cache : ^4.1.3
memory-fs : ^0.4.1
mini-css-extract-plugin : ^0.4.2
minimist : ^1.2.0
pify : ^4.0.0
postcss : ^6.0.22
postcss-import : ^11.1.0
postcss-import-resolver : ^1.1.0
postcss-loader : ^2.1.5
postcss-preset-env : ^5.1.0
postcss-url : ^7.3.2
semver : ^5.5.1
serialize-javascript : ^1.5.0
serve-static : ^1.13.2
server-destroy : ^1.0.1
std-env : ^1.3.1
style-resources-loader : ^1.2.1
thread-loader : ^1.2.0
time-fix-plugin : ^2.0.3
uglifyjs-webpack-plugin : ^1.3.0
upath : ^1.1.0
url-loader : ^1.1.1
vue : ^2.5.17
vue-loader : ^15.4.0
vue-meta : ^1.5.3
vue-no-ssr : ^0.2.2
vue-router : ^3.0.1
vue-server-renderer : ^2.5.17
vue-template-compiler : ^2.5.17
vuex : ^3.0.1
webpack : ^4.17.1
webpack-bundle-analyzer : ^2.13.1
webpack-dev-middleware : ^3.2.0
webpack-hot-middleware : ^2.22.3
webpack-node-externals : ^1.7.2
webpackbar : ^2.6.3



Related Projects

VueCnodeJS - Vue2.x 初/中级项目,CnodeJS社区重构。(Vue.js Junior Project, Rewrite )预览(DEMO):

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nuxt-type - Small demo showing custom page animations with a fake typography site

  •    Vue

Small demo showing custom page animations in Vue 2 with a fake typography site, currently using a custom build of Nuxt, pre 1.0.0beta release. Using GreenSock for the animations, including SplitText. Nuxt.js is a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications. It presets all the configuration needed to make your development of a Vue.js Application Server Rendered more enjoyable.

sample-vue-shop - A sample shop that shows how to manage payments with Vue, Stripe, and Serverless Functions

  •    Vue

This small demo shows how to accept payments with stripe with Vue.js using a serverless function. It's actually not that bad to set up! The shop also shows how a number of concepts work in Vue. Server side rendering and routing is done with Nuxt.js. Centralized state management with Vuex for product details. Of note, using computed properties, .sync, CSS Grid, and transition-group.

intro-to-vue - Workshop Materials for my Introduction to Vue.js Workshop

  •    Vue

This repo houses the materials and resources for the Introduction to Vue.js. Most of the materials for the course are outlined below, but there are also directories housed here of very basic examples of some of the techniques we will cover so that students don't have to spend a lot of time researching in order to get started. It is recommended that students use CodePen to create work for the duration of the course, as we'll use preprocessors like SCSS as well as Babel for ES6, and resources like Vue.js, both prod and dev versions, codepen makes it easy to do so without time devoted to setup. If you like, you can also scroll to the CodePen collection section and fork one of the existing pens in those collections, they are comprehensive. There are more true-to-life build process examples, in the VueCLI, Nuxt, and Vuex Resource Sections. It's encouraged to watch the lecture to learn how to set up the builds yourself, though. For sections covering Nuxt, we will be using the directories listed in the Nuxt section below as well as their directories, prefixed with nuxt- here.

vue-ssr-starter-kit - Vue 2

  •    Javascript

A Vue.js project with vue 2.0, vue-router and vuex starter kit for server side rendering.

ream - 🚀 Framework for building universal web app and static website in Vue.js (beta)

  •    Javascript

And that's it, run ream dev and have fun playing with your app at http://localhost:4000. ream © egoist, Released under the MIT License. Authored and maintained by egoist with help from contributors (list).

nuxt-bnhcp - nuxt、SSR、vue、mysql、redis、nginx、 NUXT(实战项目)

  •    Vue

nuxt、SSR、vue、mysql、redis、nginx、 NUXT(实战项目)

page-transitions-travelapp - Travel App, Native-like Page Transitions

  •    Vue

This demo shows an example of how to acheive native-like page transitions on the web. There's much to be improved here- it's not meant to be a full-fledged web application, just a quick demo to show how this kind of implementation could theoretically work. These concepts can and should be expressed differently in your own application, the sky's the limit here! This is created with Nuxt and Vue. For detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the Nuxt.js docs.

vue-wordpress-pwa - An offline-first SPA using Vue

  •    Javascript

This is the code for the FullStackWeekly website. You can use it as a starter pack for your WordPress site as well. Since WordPress can expose a REST API, this project uses Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, Vue-resource & Progressive Web App techniques to create an offline-first web client.

laravel-nuxt - A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template.

  •    PHP

A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template. You can access your application at http://localhost:3000.

vue-examples - Collection of Vue examples for beginner front end developers

  •    Javascript

Collection of Vue.js reference examples for teaching and learning Vue. These examples assume NO experience of front end by the reader. I myself had more experience as a backend engineer and found most front end examples required too much familiarity of HTML, Javascript and the front end stack. I journaled these examples to help myself and others. The early examples 1-15, are intentionally simple while the remainder start using VUE cli and NUXT which are more sophisticated patterns (they generate complex starting projects) that it is helpful to build up to. VUE cli is what an experienced front end developer may use if they are unfamiliar with Vue and Nuxt would be used by an intermediate Vue Front End engineer as it provides more benefits as well as more complexity.

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