NuGet - Package Management System for DotNet Platform

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NuGet is a developer focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development. It automates package installation and its dependencies.



Related Projects

BingMapsRESTToolkit - This is a portable class library which makes it easy to access the Bing Maps REST services from

This is a portable .NET class library which provides a set of tools that make it easy to access the Bing Maps REST services in .NET based apps. Take a look at the Getting Started documentation.The Bing Maps REST Services Toolkit is available as a NuGet package. If using Visual Studio, open the nuget package manager, select the Browse tab and search for "Bing Maps REST". This should reduce the list of results enough to find the "BingMapsRESTToolkit" package. The owner of the package is bingmaps and the author is Microsoft.

azure-sdk-for-media-services-extensions - Extension library to azure-sdk-for-media-services

A NuGet package that contains a set of extension methods and helpers for the Windows Azure Media Services .NET SDK.Install the WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Extensions Nuget package by running Install-Package WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Extensions in the Package Manager Console.


Installation============To install, use nuget package manager:```PowerShellPM> Install-Package Aylien.TextApi```See the [Developers Guide]( for additional documentation.Example=======```csusing Aylien.TextApi;using System;namespace ConsoleApplication{ class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Client client = new Client("YourApplicationID", "YourApplicationKey"); Sentiment sentiment = client.Sentiment(text: "John

yarn - Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management

Yarn is fast, reliable, and secure dependency management. Yarn caches every package it has downloaded, so it never needs to download the same package again. It also does almost everything concurrently to maximize resource utilization. This means even faster installs.

Glide - Package Management for Golang

Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool. Manage your vendor and vendored packages with ease. Glide is a tool for managing the vendor directory within a Go package. This feature, first introduced in Go 1.5, allows each package to have a vendor directory containing dependent packages for the project. These vendor packages can be installed by a tool (e.g. glide), similar to go get or they can be vendored and distributed with the package.

nu-yum - Yum commands for NuGet - .Net Package Manager

Yum commands for NuGet - .Net Package Manager

dotpeek-nupeek - This plugin for dotPeek adds support for loading NuGet packages from any package repository with dotPeek

This plugin for dotPeek adds support for loading NuGet packages from any package repository with dotPeek. It supports dotPeek 1.0 and 1.1.Using this plugin, we can search for a NuGet package we want to load and decompile using dotPeek. We can download packages from the official NuGet gallery as well as any other NuGet repository out there such as your TeamCity server. The Open NuGet packages.config menu item loads all packages from a packages.config file and downloads them from the NuGet repositories specified on your system.

NuGet Package Explorer

NuGet Package Explorer is a ClickOnce application which allows creating and exploring NuGet packages easily. After installing it, you can double click on a .nupkg file to view the package content. You can also load packages directly from the official NuGet feed.

Chocolatey - Like apt-get but for windows

Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with windows in mind. For those unfamiliar with apt/debian, think about chocolatey as a global silent installer for applications and tools. It can also do configuration tasks and anything that you can do with PowerShell.

OSCC MAMPU Product Installation Script

OSCC MAMPU Product Installation Script is a compilation of scripts that can be integrated with package Managers, e.g. RPM Package Manager , Debian Software Package, etc. to produce a robust and feature rich installer to address specific problems.

NuGet Package Explorer - ILSpy Extension

This extension to NuGet Package Explorer allows you to quickly open dll's from the package into ILSpy, without the need to extract the package, go into explorer, and open it up manually.


Adds PowerShell commands to the NuGet Package Manager Console that help find and eliminate "NuGet Drift".


Sidewinder provides a simple framework to deploy runtime application updates via a NuGet package. Bundle your update or new application components into a NuGet package, upload it to a NuGet feed (official, MyGet or your own) and Sidewinder will detect it, download it and unpac...

Nuget Package Creation and Publishing Wizard

simplifies the creation and publishing of an nuget package

NuGet.Analyze - NuGet extension that provides repository analysis of NuGet package dependencies

NuGet extension that provides repository analysis of NuGet package dependencies

JFrog - Artifact Repository Manager

JFrog is an universal Artifact Repository Manager on the market, JFrog Artifactory fully supports software packages created by any language or technology. As a local proxy to the outside world, Artifactory guarantees consistent access to the components needed by your build tools. Remote artifacts are cached locally for reuse, so that you don’t have to download them over and over again. Automate all aspects of artifact management using a powerful REST API.

package-restore - This is a project which will make working with NuGet package restore easier.

This is a project which will make working with NuGet package restore easier.

vsts-nuget-sample - Sample for getting started with VSTS Package Management

This is a sample repo that demonstrates a simple bootstrap flow for initializing a dev environment with nuget.exe and the AuthHelper.The bootstrap flow described above is made possible by a set of scripts which are wrapped up in a NuGet package as well: Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.NuGet.Bootstrap. If you're interested in using this flow in your codebase, you can leverage this package to install the bootstrap scripts. Get started with that documentation.