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Pinyin4j is a Java library supporting convertion between Chinese characters and most popular Pinyin systems. Moreover, the output format of pinyin could be customized. Pinyin4j.Net using C # language development.



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PyLucene - Python extension for accessing Java Lucene

PyLucene is a Python extension for accessing Java Lucene. Its goal is to allow you to use Lucene's text indexing and searching capabilities from Python. It is API compatible with the latest version of Java Lucene, PyLucene is not a Lucene port but a Python wrapper around Java Lucene. PyLucene embeds a Java VM with Lucene into a Python process.

Ferret - The extensible information retrieval library for ruby.

Ferret is an information retrieval library in the same vein as Apache Lucene. Originally it was a full port of Lucene but it now uses it's own file format and indexing algorithm although it is still very similar in many ways to Lucene. Everything you can do in Lucene you should be able to do in Ferret.

totoro-lucene-plug - totoro???lucene??..?????demo.?totoro?lucene??


lucene-gosen - an improved version of lucene-gosen(

an improved version of lucene-gosen(

Lucene.Net - Lucene port in CSharp

ucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users. The Lucene search library is based on an inverted index.

Solr/Lucene on Azure

This project hosts Solr/Lucene in Windows Azure using multi-instance replication for index-serving and single-instance for index generation with a persistent index mounted in Azure storage. Typical scenarios could be a commercial and publisher sites that need to scale the traffic with increasing query volume and need to index maximum 16 TB of data and require couple of index updates per day.

CLucene - Lucene C Port

CLucene is a port of the very popular Java Lucene text search engine API. CLucene aims to be a good alternative to Java Lucene when performance really matters or if you want to stick to good old C++. CLucene is faster than Lucene as it is written in C++, meaning it is being compiled into machine code, has no background GC operations, and requires no any extra setup procedures.

lucene-bm25f - BM25F demo with lucene using BlendedTermQuery and a custom similarity

BM25F demo with lucene using BlendedTermQuery and a custom similarity.From Lucene hack days in London/Lucene Rev. See Diego Ceccarelle direct implementation of BM25.

Lqt - Lucene Query Tool

Lucene Query Tool (lqt) is a command line tool for executing Lucene queries and formatting the results. It can record queries and results in bug reports, emails, etc. without the need for screenshots.

Lucene Persistence Engine for Evaluant Universal Storage Services (EUSS)

Lucene Persistence Engine is an addin to Euss (Evaluant Universal Storage Services) adding indexing capabilities to it.

LINQ to Lucene

Providing a custom LINQ solution for the Lucene Information Retrieval System, commonly referred to as a search-engine.

aboutLucene_4 - lucene sample codes for lucene 4.X

lucene sample codes for lucene 4.X

LucenePlusPlus - C++ port of the popular Java Lucene library

Lucene++ is an up to date C++ port of the popular Java Lucene library, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine.

Spatial Solr Plugin for Lucene and Solr

With the continuous efforts of adjusting search results to focused target audieces, there's an increasing demand for incorporating geographical location information into the standard search functionality. Spatial Solr Plugin (SSP) is a free, standalone plug-in which enables Geo / Location Based Search, and is built on top of the open source projects Apache Solr and Apache Lucene.

Lucere - A .NET search engine based on Lucene

Lucere is a .NET search engine based on the best-in-breed Java library Lucene. Lucere is a complete rewrite which is optimized for the .Net environment. It's developed in the C# programming language.

full-text search engine framework project based on lucene

The purpose of this project is to develop a full-text search framework on top of lucene.


Originally just Utility classes for easier storage of beans in Lucene and now growing into a general Lucene-Utility