Non-Unique Key Dictionary

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A dictionary that does not require unique keys for values.



Related Projects

Dictionary Additions Management System

Dictionary Additions Management System (DAMS), a collection of open source translation dictionaries. These files are compatible with the Open Translation Engine (OTE). For more info, see


The BeanMap library provides a collection of Map classes which map a set of one or more keys to a single value. BeanMap may seem only to be a replacement for Dictionary<,> as it provides the same API, but it provides additional API for time saving code patterns.


A project aiming to build drag and drop replacements for .Net collections offerring higher or equivalent performance and significantly lower memory requirements. The project's first deliverables will be a StringDictionary<T> which is a drag and drop replacement for Dictionary<...


Array/Dictionary and Ranges in ruby have an `each` method that accepts a block as a parameter and calls this block passing the value of the item at that index.This method is missing in swift, By extending `Array`, `Dictionary` and `Range` classes we can implement this method.By extending `Int` we can add `times` and `timeWithIndex`

The Dictionary System

The application Dictionary System (DS) is a web application designed for creation of one-way bilingual dictionaries or encyclopaedias offering a working environment for creation of a dictionary and a web page which enables the general public to search in the dictionary. It is so-called DWS application (Dictionary Writing System) or DPS (Dictionary Production / Publishing System). Aplikace Dictionary System (daacute;le DS) je webovaacute; aplikace. Je to tzv. DWS aplikace (Dictionary Writin

hermes - Collection of Metadata Utilities to read/write data to different format.

Collection of Utilities to Read/Write a Dataset's Metadata. Allows users to easily create and modify the metadata from the feature class. The data will be returned as a dictionary object for easy of use. This means users can modify values and push them back into the metadata by referencing the key names.

Sasa - Collection of Organized Extensions to the .NET framework.

Sasa is a collection of extensions to the .NET framework organized in logical, often standalone assemblies. It supports functional collections, ie. list, dictionary, queue, set, etc, Statistical and numerical functions, MIME message parsing, POP3 client, Concurrent Revisions fork-join framework, type-safe reflection, Pratt parser and lot more.


Locdic is a dictionary application / tool. - Off-line dictionary. Works fine when you don't have a connection to network. - Customizable. You can develop a new dictionary by adding new dictionary data (as utf-8 text file). See document file data/readme for more information. - Three way use. Command-line interface, GUI, and web server. This Locdic distribution is shipped with a English dictionary data, namely Wordnet 3.0, so can be used as a dictionary out of the box. See LICENSE

ircsnapshot - Tool to gather information from IRC servers

--proxy SERVER[:PORT] SOCKS4 proxy to connect through -o --output Directory Output directory (default .) -t --throttle 1.0 Seconds to sleep before sending commands (default 1) -h --help Print this message</pre>Output======The UI writes the contents of the log, but the primary output is to a json file in the executing directory.<pre>server.log.txt - Log fileserver.json - JSON encoded list of links visible to connecting user{ 'links': [], //

dictionary - An open source Dictionary based on Google's Unofficial Dictionary API

An open source Dictionary based on Google's Unofficial Dictionary API

dictionary - High-performance dictionary coding

Suppose you want to compress a large array of values with (relatively) few distinct values. For example, maybe you have 16 distinct 64-bit values. Only four bits are needed to store a value in the range [0,16) using binary packing, so if you have long arrays, it is possible to save 60 bits per value (compress the data by a factor of 16).We consider the following (simple) form of dictionary coding. We have a dictionary of 64-bit values (could be pointers) stored in an array. In the compression phase, we convert the values to indexes and binary pack them. In the decompression phase, we try to recover the dictionary-coded values as fast as possible.

ruby-dictionary - Dictionary class for ruby that allows for checking existence and finding words starting with a given prefix

ruby-dictionary provides a simple dictionary that allows for checking existence of words and finding a subset of words given a prefix.A dictionary is created by passing an array of strings to the initializer.


BibleBot for XChat. Also a collection of other useful Python scripts for XChat. Translator(TransBot), Dictionary(DictBot), Googling(GoogleBot), Relaying(RelayBot), Calculator(CalcBot), Operation(OpBot), Seen(SeenBot), Weather(WeatherBot) Platform indepen

Interval Dictionary

This specialized generic collection provides fast, efficient retrieval of values which are associated to intervals rather than keys.


Sasa is a collection of organized extensions to the .NET framework.


A parley German-italian dictionary collection


DictionaryForMIDs is an dictionary application for cell phones, tablets and PCs. The dictionary is completely installed on the device (quot;offline dictionaryquot;), i.e. after installation there is no need for an internet connection. DictionaryForMIDs can be set up for any dictionary, for any language, or for any other lookup-purpose. The DfM-Creator tool is used to set up a dictionary for use with DictionaryForMIDs.

Data Dictionary Creator

Data Dictionary Creator (DDC) is a simple application which helps you document SQL Server databases. It stores all the information in Extended Properties, so it's easier to keep the documentation in sync with the database as it changes.

iglu-utils - UNRELEASED. Contains utilities for working with JSON Schemas

```bash$ git clone$ ./iglu-utils snowplow-website-event-dictionary/schemas --dest ./$ diff -r ./sql snowplow-website-event-dictionary/sql$ diff -r ./jsonpaths snowplow-website-event-dictionary/jsonpaths```Note: any differences in the diffs should expose human error in the manual creation of the `snowplow-website-event-dictionary`, rather than bugs in iglu-utils.