slow-deps - 🐌 Measure which dependencies in a project are slowest to npm install

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CLI to measure which dependencies in a project are the slowest to npm install. Run this in a directory with a package.json, and it will take all the dependencies, devDependencies, and optionalDependencies, then npm install each one in a temporary directory with a temporary cache, then measure the install times. Each dependency is then listed from slowest to fastest.


any-shell-escape : ^0.1.1
child-process-promise : ^1.1.0
denodeify : ^1.2.1
get-folder-size : ^1.0.0
js-extend : ^1.0.1
lie : ^3.1.0
math-sum : ^1.0.0
ncp : ^2.0.0
performance-now : ^0.2.0
prettier-bytes : ^1.0.3
pretty-ms : ^2.1.0
progress : ^1.1.8
tablify : ^0.1.5
temp : ^0.8.3
yargs : ^4.7.1



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