Migrate-WindowsUserProfile - Migrate Windows user profile to a new machine using Microsoft USMT with a PowerShell GUI

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Migrate Windows user profile to a new machine using Microsoft USMT with a PowerShell GUI. This requires that the USMT binaries are already present on the machine or a network accessible location. The easiest way to acquire these is to download and install the Windows ADK from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/windows-assessment-deployment-kit, and browse to the folder that contains scanstate.exe and loadstate.exe (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\User State Migration Tool), and make a copy. For convenience sake, I've made the binaries available in a zip file in this repo. Unzip the contents of USMT.zip into the same directory as the script or into any other directory as long as you update the config.




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This is a small powershell script to move a standalone Microsoft Dns Server to another machine. Also you can backup existing dns records with this script.

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PowerShell 2.0 script to facilitate migration of SharePoint/Folder structures to a SPS2010 document library using words in the folders to set taxonomy field values, and web services to lookup source metadata and retrieve versions. Use Case: Migrate MOSS library to SPS library.

PowerShell WPF Template

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A simple and ready to use PowerShell-Ready WPF project template. With PowerWPF, you can easely build WPF application with: - Asynchronous execution (no freezing of your GUI). - Execute PowerShell code or use embedded PowerShell script. - Create a single exe > easy to depl...

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Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell (Script Explorer) allows users to search for scripts in local and online script repositories such as the TechNet Script Center and PoshCode. Available scripts returned by searching are organized by category, and you can also sea...

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This script allows you to easily move SharePoint 2010 sites between environments. The script is GUI driven and doesn't require any alterations - just run, and move - simple! It even works with publishing sites!

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The Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK is a collection of PowerShell modules that contain cmdlets for calling Microsoft Graph.

azure-powershell - Microsoft Azure PowerShell

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This repository contains a set of PowerShell cmdlets for developers and administrators to develop, deploy and manage Microsoft Azure applications.The first step can be different for the possible environments you could be targeting. The following are detailed instructions for each supported environment.

PowerShell Symbol Store


PowerShell Symbol Store (PSSymbolStore) is a combination of Powershell cmdlets that implement the functionality of the "symstore" utility (included in the Debugging Tools for Windows) and the Symbol Store Manager - a WinForms GUI application for interacting with a symbol store.

Windows Automation Snapin for PowerShell


WASP is a PowerShell snapin for Windows Automation tasks like selecting windows and controls and sending mouse and keyboard events. We have cmdlets like Select-Window, Select-Control, Send-Keys, Send-Click, Get-WindowPosition, Set-WindowPosition, Set-WindowActive, Remove-Window

PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension


The PowerGUI Visual Studio Extension exposes PowerGUI as an editor in Visual Studio. PowerShell developers can now write scripts directly in Visual Studio.

PowerShell BitsDownloader


Building GUI for BitsTransfer module.


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An open-source GUI custom graphical host for PowerShell, using WPF (AvalonDock/AvalonEdit), written in VB.Net

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Replaces the non-existent Hyper-v Manager, vmconnect and mstsc for core server. Written in powershell it is an all GUI app to manage the VHOST and it's VM's

Microsoft App-V Server SnapIn


The Microsoft App-V Server 4.6 SP1 PowerShell Snapin enable IT administrators to manage App-V Server 4.6 SP1using Microsoft Windows PowerShell.

This PowerShell script will output details of your default organization.


This is a PowerShell script. You can save this PowerShell file 'DefaultCRMOrganization.ps1' to your server. Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrators and professionals can have a quick browse through the details for their default organization by simply running this file. Not...

MFASweep - A tool for checking if MFA is enabled on multiple Microsoft Services

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MFASweep is a PowerShell script that attempts to log in to various Microsoft services using a provided set of credentials and will attempt to identify if MFA is enabled. Depending on how conditional access policies and other multi-factor authentication settings are configured some protocols may end up being left single factor. It also has an additional check for ADFS configurations and can attempt to log in to the on-prem ADFS server if detected. WARNING: This script attempts to login to the provided account SIX (6) different times (7 if you include ADFS). If you entered an incorrect password this may lock the account out.

VMWare to Windows Azure IaaS PowerShell Migration Script


Migrate a VM running on VMWare to Windows Azure IaaS.

UI Automation PowerShell Extensions

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The UIAutomation module simplifies software testing automation when you are working on GUI tests. Based on the UI Automation library that is a part of .Net Framework since 3.0, the module is intended to make life of software engineers as easy as it may be.

Win10-Initial-Setup-Script - PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

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This is a PowerShell script for automation of routine tasks done after fresh installations of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. This is by no means any complete set of all existing Windows tweaks and neither is it another "antispying" type of script. It's simply a setting which I like to use and which in my opinion make the system less obtrusive. If you just want to run the script with default preset, simply right click on the Win10.ps1 file, choose Run with PowerShell, and confirm execution policy change. Make sure your account is a member of Administrators group as the script attempts to run with elevated privileges.

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