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This is the Codeplex project for NETMF for STM32 (F4 Edition).



Related Projects


NETMF for FM3 is targeted for FUJITSU Cortex-M3 FM3 CPU. The files on the NETMF for FM3 project are delta files from the 4.2 Porting Kit (QFE2).

Razor 9DoF AHRS firmware and NETMF drivers

This is a collection of files that allows for easy NETMf integration with the Sparkfun 9DoF Razor IMU.

STM32F4 - STM32-H407 and STM32-E407

STM32-H407 and STM32-E407

Near Space Plane Project

This project aims to develop software for a high altitude UVA. Software is written in C# for .NET (ground station) and NETMF (onboard cpu).


Glide is a graphical library for .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). Glide provides a more responsive experience then NETMF's built-in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with many additional features, from buttons and lists to keyboards and message boxes.


CyberConnect is an API for working with INSTEON, X10, and Z-Wave technologies that will run on .NET 4.5, 4.0, and .NETMF 4.3 - .NETMF 4.1

NETMF Bicycle Computer

.NET Micro Framework enables .NET Developers to create compelling embedded applications for connected devices. The Bicycle Computer is a demonstration project that will contain a gesture based UI, multiple sensors, and Web Service connectivity. Companion articles on the blog.

.NET Micro Framework Toolbox

This project is a sub-framework for the .NET Micro Framework that gives support for several electronical components in the form of drivers NETMF-devices.

State Machine .netmf

StateMachineExample for .netmf C#

NETMF Web Server

this project is a simple and efficient web server that support GET and URL parameter analyze in .NET Microframework (NETMF)

RaspberryPi .NET Microframework (NETMF)

This project intend to port the main .NET Microframework (NETMF) classes to the RaspberryPi using Mono and have access to the Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware classes.

GHI's Open Source NETMF Ports

This repository contains the NETMF port sources for GHI's open source hardware (OSHW) offers. It includes the core firmware and also GHI's OSHW libraries.

Netduino Serial Monitor & NETMF Libraries

A Collection of NETMF Code, including Libraries for 4DSystems displays, a simple UI Engine and other libraries and test programs

DotCopter - A copter based on NETMF

A copter based on NETMF

olimexino-stm32 - This repository contains my developments for Olimexino-STM32 platform

This repository contains my developments for Olimexino-STM32 platform

STM32-Logger - An STM32 based datalogger with micro SD card and USB support

An STM32 based datalogger with micro SD card and USB support

STM32-IMU - IMU with STM32 F3

IMU with STM32 F3

stm32-microsdcard - Sources of my microSD driver for STM32

Sources of my microSD driver for STM32