.NET Core Audio APIs

  •        453

This project provides a lightweight set of .NET wrappers around each section of the Windows Core Audio APIs.




Related Projects


  •    DotNet

PowerPlaylist adds a Start Menu strip with up to five tiles to Windows Media Center in Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Each tile represents an audio, slideshow and / or visualization combination which will start when the tile is selected and is highly customizable by the consumer.

Equalizer APO

  •    C++

A system-wide parametric equalizer for Windows 7 / 8

musikcube - a cross-platform, terminal-based music player, audio engine, metadata indexer, and server in c++

  •    C++

a cross-platform, terminal-based audio engine, library, player and server written in c++. musikcube compiles and runs easily on windows, macos and linux. it also runs well on a raspberry pi with raspbian, and can be setup as a streaming audio server.

Vista Audio Changer


Vista Audio Changer is a system tray application that can change the default sound output device in Windows Vista at the click of a mouse.

Run Windows Shell Commands

  •    WPF

This is a simple WPF Application that run Windows Shell commands like the well knonw "shell:sendto". Currently supported operating systems are Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  •    CSharp

Firefox Addon Maker

FContext Tweaker

  •    CSharp

Context Tweaker is a windows utility which allows Microsoft Windows Vista reg; and Windows 7 reg; users to edit , add and delete editable items from right click context menu in Vista reg; and 7 reg; . Note : Use as administrator



An open source Windows 7 Media Center Extender written in .NET.

Windows Phone 7 - Audio Recorder


Audio Recorder Application for Windows Phone 7

Calculator 7


Calculator 7 was developed keeping in mind that the Windows XP & Windows Vista Users are not able to utilize the Advanced Calculator present in Windows 7 OS. This calculator is built using latest microsoft .net framework 4.0.

Finestra Virtual Desktops


A virtual desktop manager made for Windows Vista and 7 using the new thumbnail APIs to create a live preview of all of your desktops. It also supports Windows XP. Organize all of your open windows with a full screen interactive virtual desktop preview.

Polipo Matico

  •    Javascript

PolipoMatico is a Windows 7 and Vista sidebar gadget that allows to retrieve and show italian traffic infos from octotelematics web site (www.octotelematics.it)

Sound Mixer Project


SoundMixer project it a sound volume manger with lot of stuff, like: - change volume - catch volume change - Api for Both Vista & Xp - Credits: Vista/7 Api :: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/vista/CoreAudio.aspx XP Api :: http://pinvoke.net/

Multi File Renamer

  •    C++

MultiFileRenamer is a tool to easily rename multiple files according to multiple rules. These rulesets can be used in different directories, can be stored for later usage and the results can be previewed. Written in C++ for Windows platforms. NOTE: I recently received reports of problems on Windows 7. However I switched over to Linux since Windows XP, and have not experience whatsoever with Windows Vista or newer versions. As a result I will not be able to make any changes to this project.



With the release of Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista, applications interfaces may take a completely new approach leveraging the famed DirectX platform through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation. AeroTrax is a simple MP3 player using the new Aero Glass techn...

Multi-Touch Vista


Multi-Touch Vista is a user input management layer that handles input from various devices (touchlib, multiple mice, TUIO etc.) and normalises it against the scale and rotation of the target window. Now with multitouch driver for Windows 7.

Wallpaper Juggler

  •    DotNet

A configurable app for Windows 7, Vista and XP to download wallpapers from InterfaceLIFT.com or WallpaperStock.com and change them periodically. It's developed in C#.


  •    DotNet

Full Featured Vista Aero Glass Window Text Editor.

DriverStore Explorer [RAPR]

  •    DotNet

DriverStoreExplorer GUI makes it easier to deal with Windows Vista / Windows 7 driver store. Supported operations include enumeration, adding a driver package (stage), adding & installing, deletion, as well as force deletion from the driver store.



CustomADMX is a set of Group Policy Templates for various 3rd party software including Adobe Reader X, 7-Zip, Skype, etc. Supported operating systems: Windows Vista/7, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2