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NeonMika.Webserver is easy to set up and easy to extend. With minimal code you can achieve great results controlling and accessing your Netduino+. It is easy to run this on your .Net MF device, as long as it has an ethernet port. It's espacially created for the Netduino, bu...



Related Projects


Netduino Plus Woot-Off Detector. Utilizes the Netduino Plus to query for Woot-Offs. When a Woot-Off is detected, the Netduino will enable a pin that will be used to trigger a gate which will turn on a set of Woot lights.


Control your Netduino powered RGB LEDs using this Windows Phone 8 app and Netduino .NET Microframework code.

Netduino Library

Various useful classes to help develop for netduino.

NetDuino Solar Monitor

Netduino embedded web server that exposes the charge status of a Midnite Solar charge controller. The status page can be viewed by any browser on the local WiFi

Netduino+ data logger

Netduino data logger for race motorcycle based on Netduino + programmed using C# and .NetMF. Logger to record GPS, 3 axis accelerometers, 2 axis gyro, TPS, EGT, Lambda, engine and air box temps, rpm, etc. PC data analysis code using C#


Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework.

Netduino Console

Netduino Console is an interface with built in messaging layers that allows you as a developer to dynamically create plugins following a provided interface to i

Christoc's Netduino Samples

This project is a simple collection of Netduino code samples that I'm using in my Netduino development. Samples are currently released under the Ms-PL license which is pretty darn liberal, so have at it! No warranty is expressed or implied! I don't claim this is good code, ...

netduino Helpers

The 'netduino Helpers' is a C# driver set for common hardware components and features convenient wrappers around complex .Net Micro Framework features such as: Analog joysticks, Real-time clock, 8*8 LED matrix, Shift register, runtime assembly & resource loader, bitmaps, etc.


(Yet Another Ambient Munny) Yaam uses an Arduino or Netduino to light a LED in a Munny to glow the same color as your Microsoft Lync status. The project uses C for the Arduino, .NET Micro Framework for the Netduino, and WPF (C#/XAML) for the Lync status daemon.


SlotDuino is a slot car racing controller for Netduino Plus. Build on top of .NET Micro Framework (C#).

NetDuino-MorseCode - My little take on a NetDuino Morse Code display

My little take on a NetDuino Morse Code display

Netduino - Personal projects with the Netduino

Personal projects with the Netduino

timmattison-netduino-drivers - A collection of drivers I've written for the Netduino platform

A collection of drivers I've written for the Netduino platform

netduino-stuff - Netduino related projects.

Netduino related projects.

Netduino Mazer

A simple set of apps. One to create basic mazes and display them in WPF, the other (for the netduino) to solve the mazes passed to it.

Morse Code for Netduino

A simple Morse code emitter library using the onboard LED of the Netduino.

Netduino Device Library

My repository of code for the Netduino line of NETMF controllers.