docs - NEO Documentation

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This project provides the source for You can learn more about NEO here.



Related Projects

neo-python - Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain

  •    Python

Python Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain. The full documentation on how to install, configure and use neo-python can be found at Read The Docs.

neo - NEO Smart Economy

  •    CSharp

NEO uses digital identity and blockchain technology to digitize assets and leverages smart contracts for autonomously managed digital assets to create a "smart economy" within a decentralized network. To learn more about NEO, please read the White Paper|白皮书.

The Neo Project

  •    Java

The NEO Project uses the NEO-c (Network Exchange Operation for Charity) platform to participate in various computing challenges and projects, and donates any winnings to the charities specified by its users.

The Open Neo Project

  •    C

Replacement firmware for the Neo Car Jukebox or Neo35. Originally forked from Rockbox by SSI America and released for the betterment of the Neo community. It is written for the SH-1 processor in standard c with c++ style comments compiled with gcc.

neo - comma neo research platform


The neo is an open source robotics research platform. It is powered by a OnePlus 3 smartphone and an STM32F205-based CAN interface board, in a 3d-printed housing with active cooling. The neo platform includes NEOS, a stripped down Android ROM designed for robustness and to get out of the way of your software. It also provides a modern linux environment for easy development.

awesome-neo - Resources for working with the NEO blockchain


A curated list of awesome NEO libraries, applications and resources. If you want to contribute to this list, please follow the contribution guidelines.


  •    CSharp

Note: When building, the project file settings must be changed from static library (lib) to dynamic linked library (dll).

neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme - A Jekyll blog theme

  •    CSS

Neo-HPSTR Jekyll is a responsive and modern blog template. The boilerplate kit is better for more drastic hacking and changes, a project that's quite different to any other and needs a lot of custom work done. Additionally you'll only be able to use this method if you want to host it on GitHub Pages, as themes can't be submitted... yet.

neo - Go Web Framework

  •    Go

Go Web Framework

vim-config - Lean mean (Neo)Vim machine, carefully crafted with :heart: Use with Neovim v0

  •    Vim

Lean mean Neo/vim machine, 30-45ms startup time. Best with Neovim or Vim 8 with +python3 extensions enabled.


  •    CSharp

A XML Generator for building quot;XML Model filesquot; for Neo Framework by analyzing existing Databases on MS SQL Server. Neo it self is a .net framework for building enterprise applications with an object-based domain model based on ADO.NET data sets.


  •    CSharp

Neo is a framework for .NET developers who want to write enterprise applications with an object-based domain model. It is well suited for domain-driven design and agile development.

neon-wallet - Light wallet for the NEO blockchain

  •    Javascript

Electron wallet for the NEO blockchain. Standalone apps can be found here, to build manually see the steps below.

neoformat - :sparkles: A (Neo)vim plugin for formatting code.

  •    Vim

A (Neo)vim plugin for formatting code. Neoformat uses a variety of formatters for many filetypes. Currently, Neoformat will run a formatter using the current buffer data, and on success it will update the current buffer with the formatted text. On a formatter failure, Neoformat will try the next formatter defined for the filetype.


  •    Python

This project aims at producing a Python version of Neo-Modus Direct Connect client, fully cross-platform and easily extendable by users.

RACE! (As In Koyote-Land)

  •    Assembly

Flavor and Thor bring you a new project based on the hard work of Judge_ on MHE (Multiple Handheld Emulator). RACE! (Rather A Cardfighter Emulator) for the GP32, GP2X, Gizmondo, DreamCast, and PC. Neo Geo Pocket Color emulation has never looked so good!

Clou! Open Source Project

  •    C

This site is dedicated to the development of The Clue!, a burglary simulation/adventure game, originally developed by ...and avoid panic by and published by neo Software. The game is OpenSource since 2000.



It's a spiritual thing! Just add all the spiritual figures you know as admins please (yeah neo counts too, he rules the matrix).

Dcon Pro

  •    VB

A file sharing client and server based on the DirectConnect protocol ( for the Windows platform. Client supports simultaneous hub connections, a refined MP3 search, and ability to download the same file from multiple users at the same time

Atom Virtual Machine

  •    Basic

Atom is a programmable, register-based virtual machine for Win32 computers. The AtomVM can be programmed using a high-level, neo-assembler language called Atom Assembler.