Nektos Act - Run your GitHub Actions locally

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Nektos Act helps to run your GitHub Actions locally. ather than having to commit/push every time you want to test out the changes you are making to your .github/workflows/ files (or for any changes to embedded GitHub actions), you can use act to run the actions locally. The environment variables and filesystem are all configured to match what GitHub provide. With act, you can use the GitHub Actions defined in your .github/workflows/ to replace your Makefile!



Related Projects

create-pull-request - A GitHub action to create a pull request for changes to your repository in the actions workspace

  •    TypeScript

A GitHub action to create a pull request for changes to your repository in the actions workspace. Changes to a repository in the Actions workspace persist between steps in a workflow. This action is designed to be used in conjunction with other steps that modify or add files to your repository. The changes will be automatically committed to a new branch and a pull request created.

paths-filter - Conditionally run actions based on files modified by PR, feature branch or pushed commits

  •    TypeScript

Github Action that enables conditional execution of workflow steps and jobs, based on the files modified by pull request, on a feature branch, or by the recently pushed commits. Run slow tasks like integration tests or deployments only for changed components. It saves time and resources, especially in monorepo setups. Github workflows built-in path filters don't allow this because they don't work on a level of individual jobs or steps.

actions-workflow-samples - Help developers to easily get started with GitHub Action workflows to deploy to Azure

  •    Pug

GitHub Actions for Azure help you easily create workflows to build, test, package, release and deploy to Azure, following a push or pull request. You use Azure starter templates present in this repo to easily create GitHub CI/CD workflows targeting Azure, to deploy your apps created with popular languages and frameworks such as .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby or Python, in containers or running on any operating system.

actionlint - :octocat: Static checker for GitHub Actions workflow files

  •    Go

See the document for full list of checks done by actionlint. Install actionlint command by downloading the released binary or by Homebrew or by go install. See the installation document for more details like how to manage the command with Homebrew or run via Docker container.

actions-gh-pages - GitHub Actions for GitHub Pages πŸš€ Deploy static files and publish your site easily

  •    TypeScript

The next example step will deploy ./public directory to the remote gh-pages branch. For newbies of GitHub Actions: Note that the GITHUB_TOKEN is NOT a personal access token. A GitHub Actions runner automatically creates a GITHUB_TOKEN secret to authenticate in your workflow. So, you can start to deploy immediately without any configuration.

actionsflow - The free Zapier/IFTTT alternative for developers to automate your workflows based on Github actions

  •    TypeScript

Actionsflow helps you automate workflows - it's a free IFTTT/Zapier alternative for developers. With Actionsflow you can connect your favorite apps, data, and APIs, receive notifications of actions as they occur, sync files, collect data, and more. We implemented it based on Github actions, and you use a YAML file to build your workflows. The configuration format is the same as Github actions, which makes it easy for you to get going if you've explored Github actions before. You can also use any Github actions as your job's steps. You can learn more about the core concepts of Actionsflow here.

cibuildwheel - 🎑 Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration.

  •    Python

Python wheels are great. Building them across Mac, Linux, Windows, on multiple versions of Python, is not. cibuildwheel is here to help. cibuildwheel runs on your CI server - currently it supports GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI, AppVeyor, CircleCI, and GitLab CI - and it builds and tests your wheels across all of your platforms.

utask - µTask is an automation engine that models and executes business processes declared in yaml

  •    Go

µTask allows you to model business processes in a declarative yaml format. Describe a set of inputs and a graph of actions and their inter-dependencies: µTask will asynchronously handle the execution of each action, working its way around transient errors and keeping an encrypted, auditable trace of all intermediary states until completion. The payments API keeps a reference to the running workflow via its task ID. Operators of the payments API can follow the state of current tasks by requesting the µTask instance directly. Depending on the payments API implementation, it may allow its callers to follow a task's state.

actions - GitHub Actions for the R community

  •    Javascript

This repository stores GitHub Actions for R projects, which can be used to do a variety of CI tasks. It also has a number of example workflows which use these actions. See the r-lib/actions/examples directory for a variety of example workflows using these actions.

setup-terraform - Sets up Terraform CLI in your GitHub Actions workflow.

  •    Javascript

After you've used the action, subsequent steps in the same job can run arbitrary Terraform commands using the GitHub Actions run syntax. This allows most Terraform commands to work exactly like they do on your local command line. This action can be run on ubuntu-latest, windows-latest, and macos-latest GitHub Actions runners. When running on windows-latest the shell should be set to Bash.

goreleaser-action - :octocat: GitHub Action for GoReleaser

  •    TypeScript

IMPORTANT: note the fetch-depth: 0 input in Checkout step. It is required for the changelog to work correctly. For detailed instructions please follow GitHub Actions workflow syntax.

bors-ng - πŸ‘ A merge bot for GitHub Pull Requests

  •    Elixir

Bors-NG implements a continuous-testing workflow where the master branch never breaks. It integrates GitHub pull requests with a tool like Travis CI that runs your tests. Change the name of this function, as well as every call site that currently exists in master. I've thought of making it a method on Crab instead of on Sword, but then it would be bifurcateWithSword(), which hardly seems like an improvement.

codeql-action - Actions for running CodeQL analysis

  •    TypeScript

This action runs GitHub's industry-leading semantic code analysis engine, CodeQL, against a repository's source code to find security vulnerabilities. It then automatically uploads the results to GitHub so they can be displayed in the repository's security tab. CodeQL runs an extensible set of queries, which have been developed by the community and the GitHub Security Lab to find common vulnerabilities in your code. For a list of recent changes, see the CodeQL Action's changelog.

Dev Lake - Data lake for Dev

  •    Go

Dev Lake brings all your DevOps data into one practical, personalized, extensible view. Ingest, analyze, and visualize data from an ever-growing list of developer tools, with our free and open source product. Dev Lake is most exciting for leaders and managers looking to make better sense of their development data, though it's useful for any developer looking to bring a more data-driven approach to their own practices. With Dev Lake you can ask your process any question, just connect and query.

cml - ♾️ CML - Continuous Machine Learning | CI/CD for ML

  •    Javascript

What is CML? Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is an open-source CLI tool for implementing continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) with a focus on MLOps. Use it to automate development workflows — including machine provisioning, model training and evaluation, comparing ML experiments across project history, and monitoring changing datasets. CML can help train and evaluate models — and then generate a visual report with results and metrics — automatically on every pull request.

cyclone - A cloud native CI/CD platform built for container workflow

  •    Go

Cyclone is a cloud native CI/CD platform built for container workflow. To set up a cyclone instance, check out the setup guide in the documentation.

actions-hugo - GitHub Actions for Hugo ⚑️ Setup Hugo quickly and build your site fast

  •    TypeScript

This Hugo Setup Action can install Hugo to a virtual machine of GitHub Actions. Hugo extended version, Hugo Modules, Linux (Ubuntu), macOS, and Windows are supported. Set extended: true to use a Hugo extended version.

alfred-github-workflow - GitHub Workflow for Alfred 3

  •    PHP

You can search through GitHub (gh) and your GitHub Enterprise instance (ghe). You have to login (gh > login) before you can use the workflow. The login uses OAuth, so you do not have to enter your credentials.

webhook - webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands

  •    Go

webhook is a lightweight configurable tool written in Go, that allows you to easily create HTTP endpoints (hooks) on your server, which you can use to execute configured commands. You can also pass data from the HTTP request (such as headers, payload or query variables) to your commands. webhook also allows you to specify rules which have to be satisfied in order for the hook to be triggered.For example, if you're using Github or Bitbucket, you can use webhook to set up a hook that runs a redeploy script for your project on your staging server, whenever you push changes to the master branch of your project.

action-tmate - Debug your GitHub Actions via SSH by using tmate to get access to the runner system itself

  •    Javascript

This GitHub Action offers you a direct way to interact with the host system on which the actual scripts (Actions) will run. By using this minimal example a tmate session will be created.

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