antd-live-theme - Customize Ant Design specific colors dynamically on runtime

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This project is a guide to achieve live/dynamic theming related to colors. You can change theme in browser. This is basically for React app generated with create-react-app. You can use to acheive this in any project using webpack. Use antd-theme-webpack-plugin in config-overrides.js file if you have webpack config file in any kind of project with similar structure or you have ejected your create-react-app app.


antd : ^3.5.2
antd-theme-webpack-plugin : 1.1.6
babel-plugin-import : ^1.7.0
less : 2.7.2
less-loader : ^4.1.0
react : ^16.3.1
react-app-rewire-antd-theme : 1.1.3
react-app-rewired : ^1.5.0
react-color : ^2.14.1
react-dom : ^16.3.1
react-scripts : ^1.1.4



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