cellular-network-configs - Configurations for using LimeSDR hardware with Osmocom and OpenAirInterface etc

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This repository contains configuration files for cellular network stacks which have been confirmed to work with LimeSDR hardware. For details see the README.md file in the template directory.




Related Projects

PyCNN - Image Processing with Cellular Neural Networks in Python

  •    Python

Cellular Neural Networks (CNN) [wikipedia] [paper] are a parallel computing paradigm that was first proposed in 1988. Cellular neural networks are similar to neural networks, with the difference that communication is allowed only between neighboring units. Image Processing is one of its applications. CNN processors were designed to perform image processing; specifically, the original application of CNN processors was to perform real-time ultra-high frame-rate (>10,000 frame/s) processing unachievable by digital processors. This python library is the implementation of CNN for the application of Image Processing.

SplinterNet - A serverless, unblockable messaging system for Android.

  •    Java

SplinterNet is an Android app designed to create an unblockable Twitter like network that uses no cellular or Internet communications. All messages are transmitted over Bluetooth between users, creating a true peer-to-peer messaging system. All messages are anonymous to prevent retaliation by government authorities. During times of civil unrest, governments have recently demonstrated a willingness to completely shut down Internet connections and cellular networks as a method of disrupting the organization of citizens. Additionally many governments filter politically-sensitive content, and spy on their citizens' network activity. SplinterNet provides a way to avoid government control of communications by creating a network with no central point of control.

terra - :space_invader: JS library for simple biological simulations and cellular automata

  •    Javascript

JS library for cellular automata and simple biological simulations. Documentation and examples live here. To build terra on your machine you'll need Node.js, Bower, and gulp installed. Then...

cordova-plugin-network-information - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin network-information

  •    Objective-C

This plugin provides an implementation of an old version of the Network Information API. It provides information about the device's cellular and wifi connection, and whether the device has an internet connection.To get a few ideas how to use the plugin, check out the sample at the bottom of this page or go straight to the reference content.


  •    Java

NetAtlas is a Cytoscape plugin that uses tissue gene expression data to filter cellular signaling network. The plugin identifies of tissue-defined networks, tissue-specific network components, and components with correlated expression across tissues.

Cellular Manager

  •    Java

Manages phonebook and SMS in your mobile phone (cellular) from your own computer. Allows a user to edit and retrieve phonebook in SIM card or memory, send SMS or group SMS and view your phone configurations. Supports all kind of phones; supports unicode.


  •    C++

CAML (Cellular Automata Modelling Language) is an XML application for modelling Cellular Automata.

Cellular automata music in Basic

  •    Basic

CApieces is a compact win32 program for generating cellular automata music. It uses linear, binary CA with dependance on two previous timesteps (k=2, r=1.5) You can easily save/load any rule/state/tuning configuration you want to keep.

Automatous Monk: Cellular Automata Music

  •    Java

Automatous Monk is a Java application that maps cellular automaton evolutions into music. The resulting music is represented as jMusic scores that can be played and saved as MIDI files. A real-time version, which uses JSyn, is also available.

Procedural MIDI


Plays midi notes (or samples) based on the cell states of a board. Those states are determined by cellular automata rules. Developed in C# (Visual studio 2010, target is .NET 3.5).

UCMA Cellular Sample


The UCMA Cellular Service sample demonstrates how the Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) v2.0 can be used to publish and subscribe to the presence of users, as well as publish and subscribe to custom activities and custom presence.



The main idea of a this project - create cellular automation (CA) simulation system. We try to reduce ODE/PDE/Integral Equations models to CA-model


  •    PHP

A WAP based sistem, to show the value of the student semester by semester from computer browser or the cellular phone. Every users have login page from computer browser or the cellular phone.

SVGA Cellular Automata Program

  •    C

This is a cellular automata program for Linux using SVGALib. Users can make rule and neighbourhood files or use ones that come with the program.

esms -- send SMS to mobile phones

  •    Perl

esms is a simple program which sends SMS (short messages) to cellular phones. It splits big messages into many fragments, which are later sent with error control. Only works for cellular phones in Spain. It is currently inactive due to end of web-to-SMS

cellauto - Cellular Automata in Javascript

  •    Javascript

cellauto.js is a library for creating cellular automata simulations in Javascript. The library is tiny and is pure Javascript, requiring no third party code to run in your browser. The project is open-source and licensed under MIT.

ConvChain - Bitmap generation from a single example with convolutions and MCMC.

  •    CSharp

ConvChain passes a sample image through a 1-layer lattice of small overlapping receptive fields. It then runs an MCMC simulation with obtained weights as coefficients in the energy functional. In the language of cellular automata, ConvChain takes an input image and builds a probabilistic cellular automaton that is most likely to generate that image.

Lenia - Lenia - Mathematical Life Forms

  •    Python

Lenia is a 2D cellular automata with continuous space, time and states. It produces a huge variety of interesting life forms. There are various versions available. Python, Matlab and web (JavaScript) versions are real-time, interactive, and equipped with statistics tools. Jupyter and R versions are non-interactive and just for demonstration purposes.


  •    C

PySCeS is the Python Simulator of Cellular Systems. For a network of coupled reactions it does a stoichiometric matrix analysis, calculates the time course and steady state, and does a complete control analysis.