MyCrypto - MyCrypto is an open-source, client-side tool for generating ether wallets, handling ERC-20 tokens, and interacting with the blockchain more easily

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*Higher versions should work fine, but may cause inconsistencies. It's suggested you run 8.9.4 using nvm. **npm is NOT supported for package management. MyCrypto uses yarn.lock to ensure sub-dependency versions are pinned, so yarn is required to install node_modules ***Python 3 is not supported, since our dependencies use node-gyp. All of these builds are output to a folder in dist/.


@parity/qr-signer : 0.3.1
@ledgerhq/hw-app-eth : 4.7.3
@ledgerhq/hw-transport-node-hid : 4.7.6
@ledgerhq/hw-transport-u2f : 4.12.0
babel-polyfill : 6.26.0
bip39 : 2.5.0
bn.js : 4.11.8
bootstrap-sass : 3.3.7
classnames : 2.2.5
electron-updater : 2.21.10
ethereum-blockies-base64 : 1.0.2
ethereumjs-abi : git://
ethereumjs-tx : 1.3.4
ethereumjs-util : 5.1.5
ethereumjs-wallet : 0.6.0
font-awesome : 4.7.0
hdkey : 0.8.0
html2canvas : 1.0.0-alpha.12
idna-uts46 : 1.1.0
jsonschema : 1.2.4
lodash : 4.17.5
moment : 2.22.1
moment-timezone : 0.5.14
mycrypto-eth-exists : 1.0.0
mycrypto-shepherd : 1.4.0
normalizr : 3.2.4
qrcode : 1.2.0
qrcode.react : 0.8.0
query-string : 6.0.0
rc-slider : 8.6.0
react : 16.3.2
react-copy-to-clipboard : 5.0.1
react-datetime : 2.14.0
react-dom : 16.3.2
react-markdown : 3.3.0
react-redux : 5.0.7
react-router-dom : 4.2.2
react-router-redux : 4.0.8
react-select : 1.2.1
react-stepper-horizontal : 1.0.9
react-transition-group : 2.3.1
redux : 3.7.2
redux-logger : 3.0.6
redux-saga : 0.16.0
rskjs-util : 1.0.3
scryptsy : 2.0.0
semver : 5.5.0
trezor.js : 6.17.5
uuid : 3.2.1
wallet-address-validator : 0.1.6
whatwg-fetch : 2.0.3
zxcvbn : 4.4.2



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