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A collection of Microsoft(R) Visual Studio snippet.



Related Projects

Fast Code Eclipse Plugin

  •    Java

Fast Code Plugin is a free eclipse plugin designed to help write code faster in Java and Php applications. In Java, it has some special features for applications that uses the well known Spring Framework. It helps to generate code snippets based on fields from arbitrary pojo class or class from any package or files in folder, Generates database templates, Spring config files, Boiler plate classes, Junit test code and lote more.

sprinkles - Sprinkles is a boiler-plate-reduction-library for dealing with databases in android applications

  •    Java

Sprinkles is a boiler-plate-reduction-library for dealing with databases in android applications. Some would call it a kind of ORM but I don't see it that way. Sprinkles lets SQL do what it is good at, making complex queries. SQL however is a mess (in my opinion) when is comes to everything else. This is why sprinkles helps you with things such as inserting, updating, and destroying models. Sprinkles will also help you with the tedious task of unpacking a cursor into a model. Sprinkles actively supports version 2.3 of Android and above but it should work on older versions as well. Using gradle, add the following to your build.gradle. Just replace x.x.x with the correct version of the library (found under the releases tab).

DBFlow - A blazing fast, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library that writes database code for you

  •    Java

A robust, powerful, and very simple ORM android database library with annotation processing. The library is built on speed, performance, and approachability. It not only eliminates most boiler-plate code for dealing with databases, but also provides a powerful and simple API to manage interactions.

Fit Code Generator API


The Fit code generator is a tool that can be used to generate Fit tables and their equivalent Java classes. The generator saves time, and eliminates waste on software projects, by creating boiler plate code that would otherwise need completing manually.


  •    Javascript

PHP-O-Lait is a library that, in 2 boiler-plate lines of code, allows you to call server-side PHP code from client-side JavaScript. It's so easy, in fact, that you don't need to know how it does it (hint, it uses Ajax and JSON).

RecyclerViewTemplate - One Template which solves all frequently used RecyclerViews Code Snippets

  •    FreeMarker

The main purpose of this repo is to reduce the boiler plate code used in RecylerView's for different views and use cases. Yeah! All you have to just mark the fields in the template wizards. Now, you're good to go. This template supports RecyclerView customziations like list, grid, header, footer, header-footer, toggle, checkbox, radio, google play like RecyclerView and Section RecyclerView.

alexa-skills-kit-sdk-for-python - The Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python helps you get a skill up and running quickly, letting you focus on skill logic instead of boilerplate code

  •    Python

The ASK SDK for Python makes it easier for you to build highly engaging skills, by allowing you to spend more time on implementing features and less on writing boiler-plate code. The SDK works on model classes rather than native Alexa JSON requests and responses. These model classes are generated using the Request, Response JSON schemas from the developer docs.

deep-anpr - Using neural networks to build an automatic number plate recognition system

  •    Python

Using neural networks to build an automatic number plate recognition system. See this blog post for an explanation. Note: This is an experimental project and is incomplete in a number of ways, if you're looking for a practical number plate recognition system this project is not for you. If however you've read the above blog post and wish to tinker with the code, read on. If you're really keen you can tackle some of the enhancements on the Issues page to help make this project more practical. Please comment on the relevant issue if you plan on making an enhancement and we can talk through the potential solution.

BoilerPlate - Reusable CORBA

  •    Java

Boiler-plate code for bootstrapping CORBA 2.5+ applications. The goal is to create a set of cooperative services and components needed by CORBA apps. Essentially, a pre-fabricated CORBA infrastructure that facilitates component based software engineering

rest-layer - REST Layer, Go (golang) REST API framework

  •    Go

REST APIs made easy.REST Layer is an API framework heavily inspired by the excellent Python Eve. It helps you create a comprehensive, customizable, and secure REST (graph) API on top of pluggable backend storages with no boiler plate code so you can focus on your business logic.

faas-netes - Enable Kubernetes as a backend for OpenFaaS (Functions as a Service)

  •    Go

This is a plugin to enable Kubernetes as an OpenFaaS backend. The existing CLI and UI are fully compatible. It also opens up the possibility for other plugins to be built for orchestation frameworks such as Nomad, Mesos/Marathon or even a cloud-managed back-end such as or Azure ACI.OpenFaaS is an event-driven serverless framework for containers. Any container for Windows or Linux can be leveraged as a serverless function. OpenFaaS is quick and easy to deploy (less than 60 secs) and lets you avoid writing boiler-plate code.

django-adminplus - Easily add custom views to the Django admin.

  •    Python

AdminPlus aims to be the smallest possible extension to the excellent Django admin component that lets you add admin views that are not tied to models. There are packages out there, like Nexus and django-admin-tools that replace the entire admin. Nexus supports adding completely new "modules" (the Django model admin is a default module) but there seems to be a lot of boiler plate code to do it. django-admin-tools does not, as far as I can tell, support adding custom pages.

tracklytics - ✔️ Annotation based tracking handler with aspect oriented programming

  •    Java

We all use analytics tools to provide a better user experience. (Mixpanel, Firebase, Fabric etc). I call this concept as tracking. Tracking events are cross-cutting and boiler plate most of the time. Tracklytics abstracts away all tracking events into annotations. Add the following code block to in your app/build.gradle.

wasp - Compact and easy to use, 'all-in-one' android network solution

  •    Java

#Wasp A compact and easy to use, 'all-in-one' network solution. When it comes to daily development, you need more than just a library to handle networking, you need to handle mocking calls, using multiple end points, handling certificates and cookies and many other boiler plate code. With wasp, you can easily handle everything.

Flexjson - Lightweight JSON parser

  •    Java

Flexjson is a lightweight library for serializing Java objects into JSON. What's different about Flexjson is it's control over what gets serialized allowing both deep and shallow copies of objects.

MDMCoreData - A collection of lightweight Core Data classes for iOS and OS X.

  •    Objective-C

A collection of lightweight Core Data classes for iOS and OS X as seen on NSScreencast. Support future development of this project by purchasing Core Data by Tutorials. MDMCoreData is a growing collection of classes that make working with Core Data easier. It does not try to hide Core Data but instead enforces best practices and reduces boiler plate code. It is a much better alternative to using the Xcode Core Data Template. All classes are documented and a majority are unit tested.

TZStackView - UIStackView replica for iOS 7.x and iOS 8.x

  •    Swift

A wonderful layout component called the UIStackView was introduced with iOS 9. With this component it is really easy to layout components in a row both horizontally and vertically. Apple recommends using the UIStackView wherever possible and resort to explicit NSLayoutConstraints only when there is no way to do it with UIStackView. This saves you lots of boiler plate NSLayoutConstraint creation code. UIStackView requires iOS 9, but we're not ready to make our apps require iOS 9+ just yet. In the meanwhile, we developers are eager to try this component in our apps right now! This is why I created this replica of the UIStackView, called the TZStackView (TZ = Tom van Zummeren, my initials). I created this component very carefully, tested every single corner case and matched the results against the real UIStackView with automated XCTestCases.

fast-elixir - :dash: Writing Fast Elixir :heart_eyes: -- Collect Common Elixir idioms.

  •    Elixir

There is a wonderful project in Ruby called fast-ruby, from which I got the inspiration for this repo. The idea is to collect various idioms for writing performant code when there is more than one essentially symantically identical way of computing something. There may be slight differences, so please be sure that when you're changing something that it doesn't change the correctness of your program. Each idiom has a corresponding code example that resides in code.

collenchyma - Extendable HPC-Framework for CUDA, OpenCL and common CPU

  •    Rust

Collenchyma is an extensible, pluggable, backend-agnostic framework for parallel, high-performance computations on CUDA, OpenCL and common host CPU. It is fast, easy to build and provides an extensible Rust struct to execute operations on almost any machine, even if it does not have CUDA or OpenCL capable devices. Collenchyma's abstracts over the different computation languages (Native, OpenCL, Cuda) and let's you run highly-performant code, thanks to easy parallelization, on servers, desktops or mobiles without the need to adapt your code for the machine you deploy to. Collenchyma does not require OpenCL or Cuda on the machine and automatically falls back to the native host CPU, making your application highly flexible and fast to build.


  •    C++

cppgpgpu is a compile-in library of functions designed to aide users in writing applications that make heavy use of the GPU for computing in an OpenGL environment. This cuts through the boiler plate so you don't have to.