Modular Mvc Framework

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ModularMvc framework allows you to add modules to a website (the shell) and has the same kind of structure as Visual Studio shell utilizing integration package.



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Modular Separation allows you to use modules for code organization in your application while only using a single controller per request. Instead of placing all of your controllers, models and views in the same folders you can have a “module” for each section of your site then place the MVC elements in there.

Cuyahoga - .NET web site framework

Cuyahoga is .NET web site framework. It provides content management capabilities with modular approach. It works with .NET 2.0 - 3.5 with SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL as database backend.

codeigniter-hmvc-modules - Create HMVC modules with this lightweight extension for Codeiginter 2

This extension for CodeIgniter enables the use of the Hierarchical Model View Controller(HMVC) pattern and makes your application modular. This allows easy distribution of independent components (MVC) in a single directory across other CodeIgniter applications. All modules are grouped in their own folder and can have their own controller, model, view, library, config, helper and language files.

BeeHive - :honeybee: BeeHive is a solution for iOS Application module programs, it absorbed the Spring Framework API service concept to avoid to coupling between modules

BeeHive is a modular program of implementation in iOS , it absorbed the Spring Framework API service concept to avoid to directly coupling between modules.We can get to know the architecture of BeeHive from this picture.


A helper library which allows segmenting ASP.NET MVC controllers and views by feature rather than type

AVR-MOS - An AVR modular operating system. Massively WIP and does not currently work!

The AVR MOS is an operating system for Atmel AVR microcontrollers designed to function with compileable modules that update on each execution loop, or can register for interrupts. It is uses buffers to which the user writes to control each module; the kernel then executes the various actions required by those modules with the data and parameters from the buffers.

Module-Modular - Plugins for your Perl 5 Modules

Plugins for your Perl 5 Modules

exitmap - A fast and modular scanner for Tor exit relays.

Exitmap is a fast and modular Python-based scanner for Tor exit relays. Exitmap modules implement tasks that are run over (a subset of) all exit relays. If you have a background in functional programming, think of exitmap as a map() interface for Tor exit relays: Modules can perform any TCP-based networking task like fetching a web page, uploading a file, connecting to an SSH server, or joining an IRC channel.In practice, exitmap is useful to monitor the reliability and trustworthiness of exit relays. The Tor Project uses exitmap to check for false negatives on the Tor Project's check service and to find malicious exit relays. It is easy to develop new modules for exitmap; just have a look at the file HACKING in the doc/ directory or check out one of the existing modules.

helios-kernel - Include-style dependency manager and module loader

Helios Kernelprovides the necessary features intended to make dependency managementsimple and straightforward. Syntax of a module and dependencydeclaration is implemented in the classic include-style:```js// list of dependenciesinclude('path/to/someLibrary.js');include('../path/to/anotherLibrary.js');init = function() { // module code, // objects declared in the included modules are available at this point LIB.someLibrary.sayHello();}```A set of dependencies is listed in the module head

Mighty-Modules - A collection of modular modules for distribution across the intertubes.

A collection of modular modules for distribution across the intertubes.

pride - Manages a pride of Gradle modules

Pride works with the concept of modules: Git or Subversion repositories that contain individual Gradle projects that depend on each other. You can build large applications of such modules, but while working on the application in your local development environment, you rarely need to work on all of the modules at the same time.If you only want to work on one module at a time, it's no problem, as Gradle will load the module's dependencies from whatever artifact repository you are deploying your bu

Azuacute;car CMS

Azuacute;car (pronunced a-ZOO-car) is a modular content management system designed to be extremely user friendly. It uses postgreSQL, php, PEAR and Phrame MVC . Some of its modules are: users, content, menu, products, events, photo album, contacts, surveys..

Beego - Web Framework for Go

Beego is an open-source, high-performance, modular, full-stack web framework. Its feature include Restful support, MVC model, With powerful built-in modules including session control, caching, logging, configuration parsing, performance supervising, context handling, ORM supporting, and requests simulating and lot more.


Drupal module that allows you to run Zend Framework MVC applications as Drupal modules.

spaghetti - Type-safe APIs for compile-to-JavaScript modules

Spaghetti modules are written in compile-to-JS languages like [TypeScript]( and [Haxe]( Each module's API is defined in a [Spaghetti Interface Definition file](/../../wiki/Spaghetti Syntax). Here's an example of a typical API definition:```module com.example.greeterinterface Greeter { string sayHello(string user)}Greeter createGreeter()```Based on this abstract definition, Spaghetti ensures type safety on both the implementor and the caller side of a

Modular MVC

Modular MVC framework written in PHP

Jazz - Jazz Modular MVC PHP Framework

Jazz Modular MVC PHP Framework

Meshop - Modular Eshop in ASP.NET MVC 3 - Diploma Thesis

Modular Eshop in ASP.NET MVC 3 - Diploma Thesis

v-zero - Modular MVC Framework for PHP

Modular MVC Framework for PHP