MVC Ajax Controls (MvcAjaxControls)

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The MvcAjaxControls project provides a set of html and javascript helpers for adding Ajax functionality to ASP.NET MVC applications.



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jQuery ASP.Net MVC Controls

A complete pack of ASP.Net MVC compatible controls based on jQuery and jqGrid frameworks. Among the features: *Ajax paging, Editing, Sub-grid, Batch update *Standard widgets such as datepicker And many more - all with full .Net Fluent-like configuration and intelliSense... MVC Awesome - jQuery Ajax Helpers

It contains a rich set of helpers (controls) that you can use to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax-enabled Web applications. These helpers include Autocomplete, AjaxDropdown, Lookup, MultiLookup, AjaxForm, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckBoxList, DatePicker, Confirm Dialog,...


Abstraction library which enables the authoring of Ajax ScriptControl objects which can be consumed by both WebForms and MVC applications.

ASP.NET MVC DB Editor (Entity Framework, AJAX Validation, AJAX Paging)

Simple template for ASP.NET MVC (C#) database table editor with following features: 1. Entity Framework model. 2. Data Annotations validation. 3. AJAX validation with floating-point numbers validation fix. 4. Table paging with AJAX, jQuery and browser history. 5. Authenti...

Mvc.Ajax.DataTables - ASP.NET MVC 3 AJAX helper for jQuery DataTables plugin

ASP.NET MVC 3 AJAX helper for jQuery DataTables plugin


ASP .NET MVC sample application, demonstrating the usage of RavenDB (NoSQL) and jQuery with the MVC Razor view language. Experimental theme of flying creatures (gargoyles, dragons, wraiths, etc) and reading/inserting/deleting from the NoSQL database. Software architecture includes the Repository Pattern and UnitOfWork pattern. User interface uses the jQuery flexigrid control with AJAX to display the creatures. Requires an install of ASP .NET MVC 3 RC (, RavenDB (http://www.ra

MVC Controls Toolkit

MVC Controls Toolkit is a complete set of advanced server controls for MVC ranging from a templated edit-on line datagrid to date-picker and custom formatted textboxes, supporting client validation and globalization. Controls are able to bind properly their input to the ViewModel

AutoComplete for MVC

This plugin aims to provide a simple way to add an autocomplete (jquery ui) in the MVC 3 project, using the facilities of the Razor and Lambda.

ProDinner - ASP.NET MVC Sample (EF5, N-Tier, jQuery)

ProDinner is an ASP.NET MVC demo application, it uses EF5 Code First for Data Access, SOLID principles, jQuery and MVC Awesome for Web UI

AJAX Control Toolkit to ASP.NET MVC port

This is a port of AJAX Control Toolkit client components to ASP.NET MVC framework. It allows to use familiar AJAX Control Toolkit components in newer ASP.NET MVC applications.

MVC ScriptManager

MvcScriptManager is aimed to port certain key features available in AjaxControlToolkit's ToolkitScriptManager into the current ASP.NET MVC Framework. You will be able to use it as a control in your ASP.NET MVC application.

mvc-ajax-auth - shows how to do ajax authorization redirects in mvc

shows how to do ajax authorization redirects in mvc

ASP.NET MVC Ajax Code Builder with JQuery

This project code build Client Side JavaScript Wrapper Class for each Controller Action based on reflection, and user just need to define simple Event Handler function, and then can enjoy the Ajax Feature! Example: System.IncludeJs('/Content/Controllers/EchoController.js'); ...

AjaxUpload - MVC 3 "Ajax" Upload Example

MVC 3 "Ajax" Upload Example


Diamond Shop - open source project. 1. ASP.NET MVC 3.0 2. Entity Framework 3. Jquery 4. Linq


BgEngine allow users to create a personal blog. This is a blog engine built using ASP MVC 3, jQuery and Entity Framework Code First

EditPageWithJQueryAjax - this is an example application about jquery ajax and mvc

this is an example application about jquery ajax and mvc