ASP.NET MVC Action Filters

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Creating a common library with ASP.NET MVC Action Filters.



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Fluent Filters for ASP.NET MVC


A small library for ASP.NET MVC, that can be use as a facility for registering global filters of ASP.NET MVC 2 and add support of criteria for global filters for ASP.NET MVC 3. - Where Geeks Eat

  •    DotNet

The Open Source ASP.NET MVC Project that runs and helps nerds and computer people plan get-togethers.

MvcContrib: an Outercurve Foundation project

  •    ASPNET

This project adds additional functionality on top of the MVC Framework. It is written in C#. Founded by Eric Hexter and Jeffrey Palermo.

ASP.NET MVC SiteMap provider

  •    ASPNET

An ASP.NET MVC SiteMapProvider implementation for the ASP.NET MVC framework.

MVC Sample Apps

  •    ASPNET

This project is for prototype and sample ASP.NET MVC Sample applications



Develop DotNetNuke modules using the ASP.Net Mvc 4 Framework. Strong typed Razor views, model binding, Html helpers, action filters, partial views...

S#arp Architecture: ASP.NET MVC with NHibernate


Pronounced "Sharp Architecture," this is a solid architectural foundation for rapidly building maintainable web applications leveraging the ASP.NET MVC framework with NHibernate. The primary advantage to be sought in using any architectural framework is to decrease the code one h



An ASP.NET MVC breadcrumbs & SiteMapPath with controller, action and routeValues implementation



Library of useful routing helpers and classes.

AttributeRouting - Define your routes using attributes on action methods in ASP.NET MVC and Web API.

  •    CSharp

Define your routes using attributes on action methods in ASP.NET MVC and Web API.

Mvc Xml Sitemap


MVC Sitemap makes it a snap for your ASP.NET MVC based web site to expose a sitemap xml file to search engine crawlers. Simply place a [Sitemap] attribute on all Actions you want crawled and create an action for the sitemap - it's that easy.


  •    Javascript

JsAction is a simple and lightweight RouteHandler for ASP.NET MVC and WebApi that will generate automatic jQuery based Javascript and provide a direct way to call MVC and WebApi Action Methods using a single data annotation. You will no longer have to write custom ajax calls ...

Pragmatic ASP.NET MVC Security


a sample application show casing usage of custom membership and role providers as well as Authorization filters using ASP.NET MVC. The membership is driven by a simple database custom database.



The e-books local exchange application, based on DDD, ASP.NET MVC with Spark View Engine (on IronPython), Unity IoC-Container, Linq2Sql (may be NHibernate), MbUnit testing

Android-Dev-Favorites - The repository is Android development favorites, It used to collect the knowledge of Android Development


The repository is Android development favorites, It used to collect the knowledge of Android Development.

Gridify for ASP.NET MVC


Easy solution for grids on top of ASP.NET MVC Make grids from your data tables in a really lightweight manner! How lightweight? Well, exactly TWO line changes. You don't have to add new action parameters or anything. Really simple!

AnyGrid for ASP.NET MVC


Which grid component should you use for your ASP.NET MVC project? How about all of them? AnyGrid makes it easy to switch between grid implementations, allowing a single action to, e.g., use two different grids for desktop and mobile views. It also supports DataAnnnotations.



A Blog Engine based on ASP.NET MVC framework. It seems several of these projects have begun, with little or no action. I would like to begin this project and make sure that it stays alive by frequent code posting (every 2 or 3 weeks) and posting to discussions (at least once...



A custom View Engine for ASP.NET MVC that allows Controller Action Methods to return dynamically generated images based on XAML markup.