Microsoft Points Converter

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This applications allows the user to select from a variety of locations to correctly calculate the cost of Microsoft Points in their own currency. The application shows values for pre defined amounts as well as the ability to enter any value necessary. Developed using C#



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Just Another Rsync Front-end for Windows. Consists in a GUI front-end for the Rsync client functionality and a Windows service for the Rsync daemon. It is bundled with a minimum Cygwin-port of Rsync (rsync.exe, UTF8-patched cygwin1.dll and cygiconv-2.dll). The primary goal i...


Win32::GUI is a Win32-platform native graphical user interface toolkit for perl. basically, it's an XS implementation of most of the functions found in user32.dll and gdi32.dll, with an object oriented perl interface and an event-based dialog model.

is-procap - A DLL for use with Inno Setup to show the standard output of a process in the setup GUI.

A DLL for use with Inno Setup to show the standard output of a process in the setup GUI.


Fixing bugs and adding new features is a part of developing software applications.This sample application is developed in C# as a library with the project name “AutoUpdater”. The DLL “AutoUpdater” can be used in a C# Windows application(WinForm and WPF).

Custom Winform Styles

Winform theme,winform styles,custom styles, custom themes

koossery.MVCwin: an MVC open source framework for winform .NET applications

koossery.MVCwin is an MVC open source framework for winform .NET applications. koossery.MVCwin is an open source and fully supported Microsoft framework for building winform .NET applications that use a MVC (model-view-controller) pattern.

Maze GUIs in c#

A maze c# gdi+ game gui with a c# dll backend for all the maze stuff. i'm working now at a c# d3d gui. the backend generates random mazes of up to 3 dimensions (but it can be any number).


mUI is a 2D game GUI based on HGE, in C++, similiar to WinForm .NET.


a.EyesBaby using c# Winform developmeng project b.With an eye protection method,regularly reminded,Windows prospect of application of function such as regulator.EyesBaby hava window drag and zoom,and pictures control character,Windows foreground window fade in effect etc.Function

WebCam Library for WinForm and WPF with C# and VB.NET

Developer can add one line of code for display video from webcam and capture image from webcam. It provide dialog for resolution setting and advance setting (Flip,Rotate, Brightness etc.) by adding one line of code.

VideoLan DotNet for WinForm, WPF & Silverlight 5

Vlc.DotNet libraries provide the audio/video control of VideoLan on WinForm (.Net 2.0) or Windows Presentation Foundation (.Net 3.5)

WinForm SharePoint Web Part Manager

The SharePoint Web Part Manager is a WinForm tool using the SharePoint object model that enables developers and power users to add, update, delete, import and export (export feature too) web parts to/from SharePoint publishing and web part pages. SP 2010 version available too.

Winform Progress Trackers

Allows you to have visible progress through a series of steps. How those steps are done is up to you. This just helps display how far along the user has got.

Google Map Wpf Control

A google map control for WPF and WinForm. ?????Wpf?WinForm???

PolyMon Controls

Various .NET Windows Forms controls such as gauges, panels, rotated labels, runtime move and size controls, etc.

Lenticuprint - Winform app to help create/print lenticular 3d/animated images.

Winform app to help create/print lenticular 3d/animated images.

FreeRadical - ????MEF?WinForm Application??

????MEF?WinForm Application??

visual_designer_csharp - node based visual designer using c# on winform

node based visual designer using c# on winform